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The time has come! The long-awaited official game of the Le Mans 24-hour race and the FIA World Endurance Championship is in development. Le Mans Ultimate belooft een ongeëvenaarde ervaring te bieden aan racefans over de hele wereld. In dit artikel vertellen we je alles wat jij moet weten en wat wij weten 😉

Developed by Studio 397, part of Motorsport Games and known for rFactor 2, this PC simulation will be the current grid of the Le Mans 24-hour event as well as the entire WEC season. We personally think this is very cool! Studio 397 jumps into an increasingly popular niche with this. With planned release in December 2023, Le Mans Ultimate offers not only a revamped game engine, but also a new structure, game modes and online functionality.

Le mans ultimate ferrari

Le Mans Ultimate: All Teams and Classes Playable

Le Mans Ultimate will feature all classes of the 2023 season, including LMH, LMDh, LMP2 and GTE. Several Hypercars and Le Mans Daytona hybrid vehicles have already appeared on various platforms, including iRacing, rFactor 2 and Gran Turismo 7. But Le Mans Ultimate will bring all these vehicles together, including the Ferrari 499P, Porsche 963 and Peugeot 9X8.

Currently, only the Porsche LMDh and Ferrari 488 GTE have been shown, but more vehicles will undoubtedly follow. The GTE championship will be replaced by the new 'LMGT3′ category after 2023. Therefore, this is your chance to enjoy the GTE cars before they disappear from the scene.

Famous Circuit de la Sarthe and More

One of the highlights of Le Mans Ultimate is the famous Circuit de la Sarthe, which will be experienced in both dry and wet conditions and at different times of the day. But that's not all. The game will also feature other tracks from the World Endurance Championship, such as Monza, Fuji and Spa-Francorchamps. So you can experience the excitement and challenge of these iconic circuits for yourself.

Le mans ultimate

RaceControl: Online Multiplayer and Co-op

Online multiplayer will be an important aspect of Le Mans Ultimate, with a new system called 'RaceControl'. Here, you can take part in competitive online races and even host private lobbies. The development team at Studio 397 is looking for online alpha testers to optimise the multiplayer part.

But there is something else interesting: an asynchronous cooperative mode is in the works, where drivers can drive stints at different times. For example, you can complete part of an endurance race and hand over the wheel to a friend who can complete his stint at a later time. This promises to be a unique multiplayer experience and something we are very much looking forward to!

Playable at the Le Mans 24-hour race

An early version of Le Mans Ultimate will be playable during the real Le Mans 24-hour race, which takes place from 7 to 11 June. This offers a unique opportunity to try out the game and provide feedback via on-site surveys. The Porsche 963 and Ferrari 488 will be available for testing. The development team hopes to be present at other events throughout 2023 to give more people the chance to experience Le Mans Ultimate.

Le mans ultimate porsche 963

A New Platform for Le Mans Virtual Series Esports

Le Mans Ultimate will also serve as the platform for the Le Mans Virtual Series esports competition. Although the exact date of the return of the esports competition is not yet known, this new game will be used. Moreover, the way drivers and teams participate in the competition may possibly change. There is talk of a 'ladder of possibilities', likely using the online RaceControl system.

Release date Le Mans Ultimate

Le Mans Ultimate is expected to arrive in December 2023 to come out for PC and will receive support for an extended period. While there is no guarantee for console versions yet, this is being evaluated. Motorsport Games and Studio 397 aim to give gamers and motorsport fans the ultimate experience, continuously sharing updates and exclusive background information via their social media channels.

Le Mans Ultimate: Immerse yourself in the World of Endurance Racing

Immerse yourself in the world of Le Mans Ultimate and enjoy the excitement and realism of the Le Mans 24-hour race and the World Endurance Championship. Add the game to your wish list at Steam. This will be a racing experience you don't want to miss!

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