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Logitech G29 Mods

Ik ben al een aantal jaren een fanatieke sim racer. Gierend en driftend over de baan, continu op zoek naar verbetering, perfectie en snellere rondetijden. Dit deed ik vele jaren met mijn vertrouwde Logitech G29 stuur op mijn Playstation voordat ik de overstap maakte naar de Fanatec DD2.

I was always very happy with my Logitech sim racing wheel. However, it did look somewhat 'boring'. And that's where I found something really cool: G29 Logitech Mods!

In dit artikel vind je enkele super gave – en betaalbare – Logitech G29 mods voor jouw Logitech G29. Denk hierbij aan:

  1. GT Wheel
  2. F1 wheel
  3. Gear shifter mod
  4. Brake pedal mod

Logitech G29

logitech g29
Het beste low budget racestuur
  • Voor PC, Playstation & Xbox

1. Logitech G29 GT wheel

As mentioned, I am quite satisfied with my G29. Although this one feels a bit 'boring'. And since I love DIY projects, I knew there would be a market for DIY projects and mods for this wheel.

I therefore started looking pretty quickly for a more realistic look with better grips for a better driving experience and grip. This without immediately having to switch to a more hardcore sim racing wheel, such as a Fanatec, for example.

Soon I came across MVHstudios, an avid industrial designer, that transforms your Logitech G29 (or Logitech G920 or G923) wheel into a super cool and realistic F1 or GT wheel. And all while retaining the original warranty. Wow, I must have this I thought! ?

This sim racing wheel is completely handmade and printed of exceptionally good quality. And all at a very reasonable price. For just £93.00 you will receive an insane upgrade for your Logitech wheel!

Zelf ben ik voor de Logitech G29 GT wheel gegaan, aangezien ik zelf meer race in GT wagens ben ik voor de Logitech G29 GT wheel gegaan. Een keuze waar ik tot op de dag van vandaag geen spijt van heb gehad en erg van geniet! Zeker in combinatie met de magnetische schifters (zelf gemaakt en geprint) maakt dit tot een zeer solide en gave race ervaring.

GT edition

There are several editions (manufacturers) to choose from, each with corresponding stickers, logos in the centre and button labels that you can apply yourself to suit your needs. For instance, you can choose from: Mercedes, Mclaren, Ferrari, RedBull, Audi, Porsche and the standard or unbranded (red or black) edition. I personally went for the Porsche variant, which I am very happy with!

logitech g29 mods

Standard Red or Black Editions do not include logos, emblems or labels. Red and Black are standard at no extra cost to the base price. All other editions add GBP 10 to the base price.

Design and functionalities

The wheel and grips are designed to closely match the look and feel of GT steering wheels, while retaining the full functionality of the Logitech buttons, dials and D-pad. The grips are ergonomically shaped and work well with and without gloves. The back of the wheel has an extra bracket that contributes ??to the overall stiffness and rigidity, making it about as stiff but lighter than the original rim (290mm). The wheel comes complete and fully assembled, all you have to do is mount it to your Logitech handlebars. The handlebar is fully customisable. So you can choose between:


Finally, you can also customise the handlebar grips yourself. For instance, you can choose from three grip options:

  • Hand-covered, black, class A goat suede with a thickness of 0.9 mm
  • Hand-covered, black, class A smooth sheepskin leather with a thickness of 0.9 mm
  • Black, PLA with a highly grippy wood grain pattern (included in base price)

2. Logitech G29 F1 wheel

F1 edition

If you play more open wheel / formula games, like F1 22 for example, then the F1 edition is more suited to you. As with the GT Edition, there are several editions to choose from, each with their corresponding stickers, logos in the centre and button labels that you can apply yourself to suit your needs. Again, the standard Red or Black Editions do not include logos, emblems or labels and come at no extra cost.

If you opt for the F1 edition, you can choose from: standard (red/black), Mercedes AMG, Mercedes Hamilton, RedBull, Ferrari & Mclaren.

logitech g29 f1 wheel

Installation and other requirements

The install of racing wheels is very easy and only takes a few minutes. The big advantage of this Logitech G29 wheel mod is that you keep the original warranty.

Should you have other wishes, for both the GT and F1 editions. Everything is possible and fully customisable the way you want! All you have to do is indicate it and Mark (MVH Studios) will make it for you.

This is how to turn your 'boring' Logitech wheel into your own and unique F1 or GT variant! Check out his Instagram account for the possibilities. It's really, really cool!

3. Logitech G29 Mods: Gear Shifter Mod (3D print)

Another great addition to your G29 handlebar is a 3D printed magnetic gear/paddle shifter mod. Like the GT or F1 wheel, you can also buy this mod from MVHstudios or 3DRAP. Another option - which I myself chose - is to make them myself using a 3D printer. At Thingiverse are a number of free downloadable 3D models!

mods logitech g29
Logitech G29 Shifter Mod

This DIY magnetic gear shifter mod is a great addition for your Logitech racing wheel and provides a better and more realistic shifting feel with more tactical feedback while shifting up or down. This is an easy upgrade to install and fully reversible.

4. Logitech G29 Pedal Mod

This is personally one of my favourite mods. Any Logitech user will recognise the frustration around braking. The Logitech braking system is progressive, meaning you experience more tension towards the end. The downside of this system is that you have to apply extra force at the end to brake harder. This is because the spring that is standard in the brake pedal is quite hefty and long, resulting in a longer 'pedal travel'. You want to keep this distance as small as possible so that you can apply maximum force to your brake pedal with as little movement as possible. To solve this issue, there are two different mods:

  • The first option is to get a new spring and rubber (from, say, a 3DRAP) to add
  • A second, slightly more expensive option, is the TrueBrake Mod upgrade

TrueBrake Load Cell Mod

TrueBrake is an upgrade for your Logitech brake pedal that provides a more realistic braking feel. You feel the brake load / load and not the small pedal movements. This provides a very realistic experience that comes close to a load cell brake pedal, such as the Fanatec. It is the most convenient and cost-effective brake pedal Logitech mod available for your Logitech brake pedal. TrueBrake fits perfectly into your Logitech pedal set and all at a very reasonable price! 

TrueBrake vs Logitech

Pedal Rumble Mod

Want even more experience while braking? Then check out the pedal rumble mod on Etsy. This mod creates extra vibrations in your pedal for even more experience! This mod is also an absolute must for your Logitech ?

Logitech G29 mods: a smart and low-budget choice

Ik hoop dat ik je heb kunnen enthousiasmeren met bovenstaande mods. De upgrade mogelijkheden van een standaard Logitech G29 zijn oneindig en tijdloos.

Want to go low-budget sim racing? Then a Logitech steering wheel with some mods is an excellent choice for years of sim racing fun! Do you want more of a high-end and professional racing wheel? Then choose, for example Fanatec or Moza Racing.