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The Fanatec ecosystem offers a wide range of high-quality hardware, designed with attention to detail and functionality. But what if you want the freedom to use other manufacturers' steering wheels? This is where the Fanatec Podium Hub comes in. This revolutionary solution opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect your Fanatec wheelbase to any steering wheel you want. In this article, you can read why the Fanatec Podium Hub is absolutely essential.

The Fanatec eco-system

The Fanatec ecosystem includes wheelbases, steering wheels, pedals, switches, and much more. Each product in the Fanatec ecosystem is carefully designed with attention to detail, durability and functionality, making it the preferred choice of professional sim racers and enthusiast gamers alike. The Fanatec ecosystem allows sim racers to customise and upgrade their setup according to their own preferences and needs, creating a realistic and immersive racing experience.

The advantage of the Fanatec eco-system

The advantage of this eco-system is that it is modular. This means that all Fanatec hardware is compatible with each other. For example, all steering wheels are compatible with Fanatec wheelbases. The big advantage of this is that the hardware always works and communicates with each other and everything is plug-and-play.

The downside of the Fanatec eco-system

One potential drawback of an ecosystem like Fanatec's is that it is usually designed for compatibility with its own products. This means it could potentially have limitations when it comes to using external or non-Fanatec components. Because the hub connector is unique to Fanatec products, the Fanatec software will not recognise or detect third-party equipment as 'official Fanatec' equipment. As a result, the Force feedback is not activated.

Sim racers who already own specific hardware from other brands may not be able to seamlessly integrate all their existing equipment into the Fanatec ecosystem. This can lead to limited choices and potentially higher costs when upgrading the setup. It is therefore important for potential users to carefully research and weigh the compatibility and requirements of the ecosystem against their individual needs and existing equipment.

The Fanatec Podium Hub offers the solution

The Fanatec Podium Hub is the solution to connect any third-party steering wheel to your Fanatec wheelbase. This allows you to keep the benefit of the Fanatec eco-system, but with the freedom to use the steering wheel you like and enjoy on your trusted Fanatec wheelbase. For example, do you have a GSI, Grid Engineering, Cube Controls or Simagic handlebars? No problem! With the Podium Hub, you enjoy flexibility and freedom to race with the wheel you want. For this extra freedom, though, you'll have to shell out quite a bit. The Podium Hub is quite pricey, costing a whopping € 199.95.

Seamless Connectivity

With the Podium Hub, you enjoy seamless connectivity with all compatible steering wheels. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Podium Hub easily connects to different steering wheels from Fanatec or other manufacturers. The integrated Quick Release allows you to switch steering wheels easily and quickly. This allows you to effortlessly switch between different steering wheels depending on your personal (racing) preference and needs.

Easy Installation and Wide Compatibility

Installing the Podium Hub is simple and intuitive. Using the included manual and plug-and-play functionality, you can be up and running within minutes. The Podium Hub is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This makes the Hub the ideal choice for sim racers of all levels and with different gaming preferences. Whether you are an avid PC gamer or a console enthusiast, the Podium Hub offers seamless integration with all your favourite sim games.

Advantages of the Fanatec Podium Hub

  1. Universal Compatibility:
    The Fanatec Podium Hub offers universal compatibility with Fanatec and external steering wheels. This allows users to mount a wide range of steering wheels from different manufacturers to their Fanatec wheelbases. This allows simracers to increase their steering wheel choice and customise their setup according to their personal preferences.
  2. Quick coupling system:
    The Podium Hub uses a quick-release system, making it easy to change steering wheels quickly without much hassle. The included ClubSport Quick Release Adapter allows sim racers to attach and detach steering wheels effortlessly, allowing them to quickly switch between different racing experiences.
  3. Quality construction:
    Fanatec is known for its high-quality products, and the Podium Hub is no exception. It is built with durable materials and careful craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting performance. The solid construction and robust spring mechanisms ensure a firm connection and stability during racing.
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Do you like plug-and-play and want to stay within the Fanatec eco-system in terms of steering wheel? Then the Podium Hub is not for you. However, if you want to connect steering wheels from other Manufacturers, then the Fanatec Podium Hub indispensable! With its universal compatibility, quick-connect system and quality construction, the Podium Hub offers a range of benefits that make it an essential part of any Fanatec wheelbase setup.

The Podium Hub's universal compatibility allows users to mount steering wheels from both Fanatec and third-party manufacturers. This opens the door to a wide selection of steering wheels, giving you the freedom to connect any steering wheel to your Fanatec wheelbase.

Order the Fanatec Podium Hub today

Fanatec Podium Hub

Fanatec Podium Hub

  • Universal Compability
  • Quick coupling system
  • Durable and solid construction

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