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For a while, I was looking for a new handlebar that is a bit more versatile and next to my Fanatec McLaren GT3 can be used. After all, I'm also a fan of rally games, and that's obviously not possible with that McLaren steering wheel. So I was looking for a wheel suitable for rally games, but also authentic enough for other types of racing cars, such as GT or Touring Cars. While looking for a more versatile and authentic wheel, I quickly arrived at the Fanatec BMW GT2 Wheel. This wheel is an official replica of a real BMW GT2 wheel. So it was time to test this wheel thoroughly and share my experiences with you in a detailed review. In this article, I will take you through my honest review. And I can already reveal that my first impression is absolutely stunning! Why that is, you can read below.

Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 Wheel Review

Imagine yourself as if you were in a real BMW GT2 and get ready for a journey into the heart of racing and perfection with the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2. This simulation racing wonder brings the spirit of high-speed competition to your fingertips, offering an unrivalled and stunning experience for seasoned drivers and newcomers alike.

The Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 is available for €349.95. In this comprehensive guide, we dive deep into the features, benefits and unique aspects that make the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 a standout choice in the world of racing simulators.

What's in the box of the Fanatec BMW GT2 Wheel

When you purchase the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 Wheel V2, you will receive both the steering wheel and the Quick Release QR adapter. The BMW GT2 steering wheel is packed in a nice black case, so you can keep and store it in good conditions.

Here are the accessories that come with the ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2:

  • ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module with aluminium paddle plates (pre-installed): This module adds extra functionality to the steering wheel with aluminium paddle plates for improved gearshift performance.
  • QR1 Wheel-Side (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter), packaged separately: A Quick Release Adapter for easy and quick attachment of the steering wheel to the wheelbase. Packaged as a separate part.
  • Safety pin for long-term storage: A safety pin to safely store the steering wheel during extended periods of non-use.
  • Safety screw for permanent montage on the wheelbase: A screw to fix the steering wheel permanently and securely to the wheel base.
  • Quick start guide: A concise manual that will quickly get you started with the installation and basic functions of the steering wheel. This manual can also be found online on Fanatec's website.

Additional Accessories

The BMW GT2 comes with the pre-installed ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module. However, you can expand this with the more advanced Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module and cost €179.99.

Simple configuration

Now that we have unpacked the Fanatec BMW GT2 and installed the QR adapter, it is time to attach the steering wheel to the wheelbase. One of the biggest strengths of the Fanatec eco-system is its ease of configuration and installation. Again, no additional configuration is needed once the steering wheel is connected to the wheelbase. It is completely plug-and-play!

fanatec bmw gt2

Compatibility Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 Wheel

The Fanatec BMW GT2 steering wheel offers extensive compatibility with all Fanatec bases, such as the Fanatec DD1/DD2 and the newer Fanatec CSL DD Pro. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Playstation and PC systems, meaning you can enjoy a seamless racing experience on your computer. However, the Fanatec BMW GT2 steering wheel is not compatible with Xbox systems. And I personally think that's a big omission.

Fanatec Best Buy Guide

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It is always advisable to use the most recent firmware updates check and install to ensure the best possible compatibility and functionality during your racing experience with the Fanatec BMW GT2 steering wheel.

Design of the Fanatec BMW GT2

The ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2 has been designed with the highest attention to ergonomics and comfort. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure you can race for hours without any fatigue. With its advanced materials and texture, this steering wheel offers excellent grip and control, accurately transferring every movement of your hand to the virtual track. The Fanatec BMW GT2 has stunning ergonomics, making the steering wheel super fine in your hands ensuring unparalleled comfort during your racing sessions.

Realistic Format

The realistic 320 mm diameter and ergonomic grip ensure precise driving and smooth inputs required in GT racing. I must admit, the size takes some getting used to, but the wheel feels very comfortable. The completely revised internal structure of this steering wheel not only increases strength, but also reduces weight.

This steering wheel features an interchangeable aluminium quick release, allowing you to change steering wheels quickly and effortlessly. The steering wheel itself weighs around 1661g (including QR1 Wheel-Side), offering a good balance between comfort and stability. However, this wheel can feel a bit heavy at times, which is still a missed opportunity.

High-quality materials

Crafted with attention to detail, the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 features a sturdy and durable construction that can withstand even the most intense racing sessions. The sleek design reflects the aesthetics of a real GT2 car and adds a touch of authenticity to your racing setup.

Alcantara Leather

Fanatec uses genuine Alcantara from Italy, just like in real cars, and this will absolutely enhance your driving experience. This material not only offers sensational grip, but is also easy to clean and feels very soft. To prolong the durability of this material, I do recommend using good sim racing gloves to use. This will keep your steering wheel in absolute top shape.

Improved Performance and Weight Saving

The wheel is very well built, with the front of the wheel made of metal. The metal structure is now much stronger and lighter at the same time. The back is made of plastic. This has obviously been done with a view to saving weight. This may look a little less attractive, but is anything but distracting as you are not looking at the back of the steering wheel anyway.

A revised internal design results in a weight saving of 30% compared to the original BMW M3 GT2 steering wheel. As a result, you experience improved acceleration and more precise force feedback of your wheelbase, which translates to an immersive racing experience with unparalleled precision.

Enhanced Electronics

This steering wheel - unlike the V1 - is equipped with improved electronics, allowing firmware updates via Fanalab perform. As a result, you are always equipped with the latest features and improvements, constantly optimising your driving experience.

Advanced Functionality and Adaptability

With no less than 11 buttons and two paddle shifter knobs equipped with ultra-reliable switches, this steering wheel offers extensive functionality. The 7-way FunkySwitch adds directional input, knob and rotary encoder functionality. In addition, an analogue joystick is present for even more adaptability. Due to the size of the wheel, button accessibility is sometimes a challenge. As a result, you often have to take your hands off the wheel, which I sometimes find unpleasant.

In addition, the RevLEDs provide insight into engine RPM (depending on the game), while the LED display shows telemetry functions such as speed or acceleration. The LED lights are very bright and give off stunningly beautiful and bright colours.

The pre-installed switch paddles are made entirely of metal and feel very nice. The feel and precision is amazing. They are both removable and adjustable in terms of angle and distance from the steering wheel.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Fanatec BMW GT2

The Fanatec BMW GT2 has a range of impressive advantages that make it an excellent choice for any serious gamer. However, as with any product, there are also some drawbacks. You'll find them below!


  • Realistic BMW M3 GT2 replica
  • High-quality materials used
  • Ergonomic grip and comfort
  • Very bright Rev lights and LED display


  • Steering Wheel Weight
  • Reach the Buttons
  • Not Compatible on Xbox


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to actually be behind the wheel of a race car? With this wheel, you no longer have to ask yourself that question. The Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Wheel offers an unparalleled racing experience for newcomers and seasoned sim racers alike.

With its stunningly realistic design and incredible functionality, this wheel meets all the needs of serious gamers. Its ergonomic design, durable construction and sublime comfort make this steering wheel a valuable addition to any racing setup. Indeed, this steering wheel impresses on all fronts, making it not only an indispensable addition, but also an absolute masterpiece! If you aim for the ultimate racing simulation experience, this steering wheel is simply indispensable.

fanatec clubsport bmw gt2 v2

Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2

  • Our rating: 8.4
  • Buy directly from Fanatec
  • Fast and reliable delivery
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