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With season 4 coming up, iRacing has served us a tasty bit of news that you definitely don't want to miss. What could be better than a good old-fashioned teaser to build the excitement? iRacing did not disappoint us this time. Last month, they sent a mysterious image into the world that fired up our imagination with some interesting teasers.

iRacing is pushing forward Season 4 with the addition of the Porsche 963 LMDh and the enchanting Lédenon circuit. These new additions are heading to iRacing's virtual race track as part of the highly anticipated Season 4 update, scheduled to launch in September. In this article, we briefly take you through these two new additions.

iracing porsche 963 lmdh

Experience the Porsche 963 GTP LMDh

With the Porsche 963 as the new star in iRacing's GTP line-up, the stage is set for an unrivalled virtual driving experience. Its powerful engine, aerodynamics and realistic gameplay make this car a must-have for any sim racer looking for thrills on the virtual track. Prepare to rewrite history as you take your seat behind the wheel of the legendary Porsche 963 LMDh in iRacing.

Spinning its rounds in the GTP class of the IMSA series, this impressive prototype car is undoubtedly a welcome addition to iRacing's extensive fleet of cars. As the third LMDh car to make its appearance on the platform, the Porsche 963 joins the previously released BMW M Hybrid V8 and Cadillac V-Series.R models.

iracing porsche 963 lmdh

Discover the enchanting Circuit de Lédenon

In the world of motorsport, there are some tracks that have their own unique charm and challenges. One such hidden gem is the Circuit de Lédenon, located next to the picturesque town of Lédenon, Gard, France. With its spectacular location, challenging design and interesting history, this circuit is a must-see for any true racing enthusiast.

An overview of Circuit de Lédenon

At 3,151 kilometres long and located just about 25 kilometres northeast of Nîmes, the Circuit de Lédenon is a jewel hidden among the French countryside. The circuit is the scene of exciting races such as the FFSA GT Championship and the French F4 Championship, highlighting the track's versatility and challenge.

A Unique Geographical Feature

What really sets the Circuit de Lédenon apart from other circuits is the unique geographical feature in which it is embedded. Located in a natural bowl, the circuit exhibits significant elevation changes that make it the most undulating and challenging circuit in France. Drivers face constant changes in elevation as they manoeuvre through the corners, adding an extra element of complexity to the driving experience.

A Challenging and Curvy Design

The twisty design of the Circuit de Lédenon is a real test of any driver's skills. The many turns and twists require not only precision, but also strategy to find the optimal racing line. It is this challenging nature that ensures only the most skilled drivers can excel on this track.

An Anticlockwise Adventure

Another notable feature of the Circuit de Lédenon is that it is one of the few major racing circuits in France that is driven in a counter-clockwise direction. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the experience, as most drivers are used to circuits that turn in an opposite direction. This creates a fresh challenge that tests drivers' skills and adaptability.

Hidden treasure for race fans

For those looking for a unique and challenging racing experience, the Circuit de Lédenon is undoubtedly a hidden treasure. With its enchanting geography, challenging curves and unique counterclockwise direction of rotation, this circuit offers an unforgettable experience for drivers and spectators alike.

So, if you are ready to experience the excitement and challenges of the Circuit de Lédenon, get ready to put your skills to the test on one of the most distinctive and enchanting racing circuits France has to offer.

Ready for Action: iRacing Season 4

While we look forward to the arrival of the Porsche 963 LMDh and its fellow GTP colleagues, we can only speculate about the excitement and competition that awaits us in Season 4 and beyond. iRacing proves once again that it has its finger on the pulse of what sim racing enthusiasts want and need. So get ready to grab the wheel firmly and push your virtual racing skills to new heights as you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

iracing porsche 963 lmdh

The Future of iRacing

After the exciting Porsche unveiling, we can't help but wonder what else the future holds. Another emerging gem about to make its debut is the Acura ARX-06. With the unveiling of the Porsche behind us, we now eagerly await the official confirmation of the Acura ARX-06, which will be the latest addition to the 2023 fleet.

But that's not all - for fans of the exotic and powerful Lamborghinis, there is good news. The Lamborghini SC63 LMDh has its sights set on next year's WEC and IMSA race tracks. This could just be a potential challenger in iRacing's GTP class.

iracing season 4 porsche 963

Conclusion: A New Era in Simulation Racing

In the world of simulation racing, iRacing is undoubtedly a name to remember. With the announcement of the Porsche 963 GTP LMDh and the Lédanon circuit, Season 4 offers promise and iRacing is firmly in the spotlight. The future looks bright for all fans who crave realistic racing sensations and exciting competitions on the virtual asphalt.

So, racing fans, get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the iRacing universe. The Porsche 963 LMDh is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is so much more to discover as iRacing continues to innovate and inspire. Strap yourself in and get ready to feel the speed - this will be a ride to remember.

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