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To keep this website up and running, we depend on advertising and affiliate revenue. You therefore help us tremendously by using all the affiliate links on this website. This way, we earn a small percentage commission. This allows us to cover the fixed costs of the website. This way, you help and support us! We are therefore a proud partner of the following sim racing manufacturers:

Sim Racing

Sim racing is the digital version of professional motorsport. It combines car racing with the excitement of video games. The aim of sim racing is to race through a virtual world, where you need fast reflexes, good technical skills and powerful hardware to win.

Pure passion and emotion

Sim racing is about emotion and is pure passion. It is about constantly challenging yourself to that one perfect lap and constantly perfecting your skills on the race track. It is about excitement and emotion. Sim racers use leading hardware from, for example Fanatec, such as pedals, handlebars and shifters to get a realistic experience in their racing.

The place for the avid sim racer

We understand this passion and love all too well. That is why SimRacingHub is the place for fanatical sim racers. Whether you are new to the world of sim racing or a professional esporter: we are here for you. SimRacingHub is a new and growing platform. We like to share our experiences on everything related to sim racing. Think hardware, news, games, product reviews, diy projects and much more! In other words: everything about sim racing find it here!

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