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Sim racing is fun. It is satisfying, relaxing and a great way to continuously improve and challenge yourself to that one perfect lap. Besides getting behind the wheel yourself, building and dressing up your dream rig may be just as much fun as the racing itself. And with the right sim racing accessories, you can make your sim rig even more realistic and beautiful! I personally get a lot of satisfaction out of this. It makes you proud to show your sim rig to others. I think every avid sim racer would agree with me. It is - regardless of your level - a wonderful way to relax and compete.

Op Etsy staan enorm veel sim racing accessoires die jouw sim rig helemaal compleet maken. Wil je weten welke dat zijn? In dit artikel geef ik mijn persoonlijke top 8 van onmisbare accessoires voor jouw sim rig! Let’s go 🙂

What is Etsy?

Before I give my personal top eight, I need to explain what Etsy is. Do you already know this? Then skip this paragraph and go straight to my personal list of sim racing accessories.

Etsy is a global platform where you can buy and sell stuff. It is a platform where people come together for unique products made by people themselves. You can compare this a bit to marketplace, but for new and self-made products.

A world opened up to me when I discovered this platform. Etsy is full of accessories and mods die je wil hebben voor jouw sim rig. In dit artikel neem ik je mee in mijn top 7 van onmisbare sim racing accessoires op Etsy! Deze staan overigens in willekeurige volgorde 😉

1. Sim Racing Cable Clips

My personal and absolute number one accessory are cable clips. Deze zijn absoluut onmisbaar op iedere simulator! Niets is zo vervelend als een sim waarbij alle kabels – en ja, dat zijn er veel – in het zicht liggen óf in de knoop raken. Een zeer vervelende klus. Kabelmanagement vind ik persoonlijk een van de meest vervelende dingen om te doen. Maar als het je lukt om alle kabels netjes weg te werken geeft dit een uitermate bevredigend gevoel 🙂

At least with these sim racing cable clips, you are assured of a super 'clean' and organised sim rig. They are available in different colours and sizes to fit any type of cockpit.

2. Sim Racing Button Box

Button boxes are indispensable in any sim rig. This is something that needs no convincing. You can choose to own a button box to make, as I did, but you can also choose to buy ready-made button boxes. Etsy is the right place to go for these too. The platform is full of them! Do you opt for a button box with lighting, or without? With rotary switches or just buttons? With or without stream deck integration or still one with an integrated flag spotter? Believe me, there really is something for everyone!

3. Button Box Stickers

At number three in my personal list are button box stickers. After number two, this one obviously cannot be missing from this list. These stickers are indispensable in a sim rig full of button boxes. I myself have several button boxes installed along with a huge number of buttons, encoders and switches that all have a function. Sometimes it is difficult to remember what all the buttons are for. With these button box stickers, this is a thing of the past and you can see the function of your buttons at a glance. These stickers come in different types, colours and sizes. Of course, you can also use them on your steering wheel, such as the Fanatec Mclaren GT3.

4. ASUS Bezel Free Extension Kit

Number four on my list is the ASUS bezel free extension kit. This mod allows the ASUS bezel free kit fits larger screens than the 27″ it was originally made for. This extension kit works on screens between 28 and 32 inches. Do you have a triple screen setup with screens larger than 27 inches? Then this accessories Indispensable in your setup!

5. Pedal Rumble Motor Kit

One of the absolute bestsellers On Etsy is the pedal rumble motor kit from Sim3D Racing. This mod is available for almost any set of pedals and the feedback has been rave! Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with this myself yet, as I'm working on a bass shaker setup. But this mod is definitely one I'm keeping an eye on.

What is it and what does it do? The pedal rumble motor kit adds an extra dimension and immense experience to your sim racing experience through vibrations in your pedals. This way, you can feel every bump, kerbstone or slipping tyre through these vibrations and you can race even more at the limit With the help of free software Simhub, you can fully adjust and tune the pedal vibration to your personal driving style and experience.

6. Stream Deck Mount & Icons

Stream Deck Icons

Besides a button box, an Elegato Stream Deck is an incredibly cool add-on for your sim rig. This product is initially not intended for sim racing, but it is definitely a good alternative to a button box or ideal to use next to it. I myself use both a Stream Deck and a button box. A Stream Deck is fully programmable and customisable to your needs. It can even start applications with one finger on the button. Ideal!

Fortunately, creative designers have discovered this device and fitted it with beautiful sim racing icons. This gives your sim rig the look and feel as if you were in a real racing car. For just a few euros, you can get a set of icons in different colours.

Not so familiar with the Elegato Stream Deck? No worries! Then take a look at the video below and get inspired about the possibilities.

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Stream Deck Mount

OK, such a Stream Deck was originally designed for streamers and to be placed on a desk but it is also an ideal product for sim racing. With a stream deck mount Easily attach your Stream Deck to your sim rig.

7. Sim Racing Display

Another indispensable accessory for your simulator is a sim racing display. This display displays all the necessary telemetry and information you need while racing. Don't want to pay hundreds of euros for a sim racing display, such as the Grid Engineering DDU 5-inch sim racing dash, then there are a huge number of alternatives on Etsy for good value for money. Absolutely worth a look!

8. Wheel supports

If you have multiple (Fanatec) steering wheels then you'll also want to store them well and within easy reach. One of the most simple and indispensable accessories is therefore a wheel support. With this wheel support, you can neatly store and display your favourite steering wheel on, for example, the wall or directly on your aluminium rig. Absolutely indispensable!

Final verdict Etsy sim racing accessories

The possibilities of accessories and sim racing mods are endless. Creative and passionate designers are constantly looking for new add-ons and mods to take sim racing to the next level. My personal top 8 is therefore only temporary in nature. My advice: check Etsy or other platforms regularly to get new ideas and inspiration.

Do you have a sim racing accessory or mod that is absolutely indispensable and is not on this list? Then feel free to let us know and help other sim racers with new ideas!

Wilco Verhaegh

Author Wilco Verhaegh

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