Trak Racer TR80


The Trak Racer TR80 is an impressive gaming cockpit that takes your gaming experience to the next level. With a thoughtful design and high-quality materials, the TR80 provides a solid and comfortable base for all your gaming sessions. Discover the world of gaming in a whole new way with the Trak Racer TR80.


Trak Racer TR80

The Trak Racer TR80 MK5 is an extraordinary racing simulator with a hybrid pedal plate and has been developed with the knowledge gained since Trak Racer was founded in 2008. The basic structure consists of a high-quality aluminium T-Slot extruded profile measuring 80 × 40 mm, which has a black anodisation. The choice of wheel attachment is supported by the same high-quality aluminium T-Slot extruded profile posts of 80 × 40 mm, also black anodised. These are reinforced with the signature Trak Racer Corner Brackets, which are mounted on the side for additional support.

Robust, anodised black 90-degree brackets connect the frame, and laser-cut carbon steel plates allow you to securely attach your peripherals. The TR80 MK5 offers support for the most powerful Direct Drive Force Feedback systems on the market, and is of course also Belt Drive Wheel ready.

TR80 MK5 Race simulator

The TR80 MK5 features pre-drilled holes for all popular steering wheels, pedals and switches on the market. Moreover, it comes with 5 reinforced wheel mounts of your choice for a flex-free racing experience, as well as options for the pedal deck, switch mount and more.

The range of Trak Racer accessories is constantly growing and offers more than 30 additional options, including speaker mounts, monitor stands, bass shaker mounts, keyboard mounts and more. These products are designed and developed in Australia.

Advantages of the TR80 MK5

The TR80 MK5 has a number of notable advantages that contribute to an optimal gaming experience:

  • The rigid 80 mm x 40 mm aluminium extrusion profile is black anodised and guarantees durability and stability.
  • The hybrid formula and GT pedal plate offer a versatile experience.
  • The wheel posts are side-mounted and supported by 80 x 40 mm heavy-duty brackets.
  • The shifter mount and extra-large support profile add to its versatility.
  • More than 30 optional accessories are available to customise the simulator to your needs.
  • The TR80 MK5 is compatible with TR One Wheel and Shifter montages systems.
  • The racing simulator comes with a seat slide, coloured fabric strips and stronger brackets and fixings.

Frame/Chassis features

The frame of the TR80 MK5 is manufactured from high-quality extruded aluminium and has the following features:

  • The dimensions of the frame are 660 mm wide and 1445 mm long.
  • The low ground clearance is combined with rubber hardwood floor protectors.
  • The frame has a finish in black anodised high-quality aluminium.
  • The pedal attachment features are adjustable and you can choose your favourite montageplate.
  • You have a choice between a thick, non-flexible carbon steel construction or an aluminium profile with heel support.
  • There are pre-drilled mounting points for all major brands of pedals, or you can mount your pedals directly to the profile.

The TR One Wheelmontagesystem

The TR One Wheel system allows you to buy exactly the parts you need when you change wheelbases. The basic kit includes 2 high-quality 80 x 40 mm aluminium profiles and 4 anodised aluminium plates (in red or black). Optional wheel mounts include a wheel deck and a montageplate for direct drive at the front. The plates themselves are extremely rigid and offer numerous adjustment options for angle and forward/rear fine-tuning, so you can find the perfect position!

The system is designed to provide adjustable pedal mounts and is compatible with a hybrid pedal system. Furthermore, a universal Gen 2 gear lever mount and an extra-large gear lever bracket are included, along with rubber feet to protect your floor, a set of 10 cable ties, coloured strips and all the necessary montag screws, brackets and fittings. A montagool kit is also included, along with premium seat slide rails.

Difference Trak Racer TR80 vs TR80 Lite

The difference between the Trak Racer TR80 and the TR80 Lite lies mainly in the features, performance and customisation options. While both gaming setups from Trak Racer offer quality and comfort, there are some key differences to consider when choosing between these two models.

1. Building quality and durability:

The Trak Racer TR80 is praised for its solid construction and durability. It is designed to withstand long-term use and offers excellent stability even during intense gaming sessions. The TR80 Lite is lighter and more compact, which can be useful if you have limited space, but it may not be able to offer the same robust durability as the TR80.

2. Movement System and Realism:

The TR80 is equipped with an advanced motion system that provides an immersive and realistic gaming experience. The motion system responds to in-game events, enhancing immersion. The TR80 Lite may have less advanced motion capabilities compared to the TR80, which may affect the level of realism you can experience.

3. Customisation options:

The Trak Racer TR80 offers extensive customisation options, such as adjustable seats and motion settings that you can tailor to different gaming genres. This allows you to fine-tune your gaming experience to your preferences. The TR80 Lite may have more limited customisation options compared to the TR80.

4. Price and Budget:

Since the TR80 offers more extensive features and customisation options, its price tag may be higher than that of the TR80 Lite. If budget is an important factor, the TR80 Lite may be a more affordable option.

In short, if you are looking for a gaming setup with advanced features, extensive customisation options and a high level of realism, the Trak Racer TR80 probably the better choice. On the other hand, if you want a more compact and budget-friendly option, the TR80 Lite may suit your needs. It is important to consider your own preferences, space and budget when making your choice between these two models.


The TR80 MK5 Race simulator, with its unique hybrid pedal plate and high-quality construction, offers an unparalleled racing experience. With a multitude of customisation options and optional accessories, this racing simulator is designed to meet the needs of any gamer. Made from high-quality materials and developed in Australia, the TR80 MK5 embodies Trak Racer's commitment to quality and innovation in the world of simulation gaming.