Box One Racing GT-T1 Sim Racing Button Box




Box One Racing GT-T1 Button Box

Improve Your Simulator Experience

Upgrade your racing simulator with the GT-T1 Button Box, designed for seamless control and faster lap times. No more fumbling with a mouse and keyboard - our button box puts all essential functions right at your fingertips!

Features GT-T1 Button Box

  • 12 freely assignable functions
  • 1 illuminated Starter Button
  • 2 Momentary switches with safety valve
  • 9 additional buttons (LED optional)
  • Compatible with a wide range of simulators (see compatibility list)
  • Custom montage solutions available for most sim rigs
  • More economical than a handbrake, dashboard or gear lever

Control Your Simulator

Get instant access to all important settings and leave the competition behind. Upgrade your racing experience today with the Box One Racing GT-T1 Button Box!

Quality Construction

Our button boxes are made using the DFM printing process, which may result in minor unevenness on the side surfaces. This does not affect the functionality or stability of the box. Note: Not compatible with game consoles.

Contents GT-T1 Button Box

  • GT-T1 Button Box


  • 40×40 aluminium profile bracket or table clamp