Box One Racing GT Masters M4 ST Sim Racing Button Box

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Box One Racing GT Masters-M4-ST Button Box

  • 17 freely assignable functions:
    • 8 buttons (LED optional)
    • 3 buttons with 3 functions each (Turn L+R + Press)
  • Plug and Play - Quick and easy installation carbon look
  • Easy installation of the Stream Deck
  • Easy connection via USB 2.0 cable (1.8 m)
  • Threaded inserts (for M4 screws) in VESA 75×75 dimensions
  • Optional 40×40 or 80×40 aluminium profile montagebracket
  • Plug and Play

Advantages GT Masters-M4-ST Button Box

  • Attractive price
  • Carbon look
  • No additional software required**, plug and play
  • Simple montage with threaded inserts
  • Free shipping within Germany*

All our button boxes are manufactured using the DFM printing process, which may result in small bumps on the side surfaces. This does not affect the function and stability of the box. Not compatible with gaming consoles.

Compatible with the Mk1 Stream Deck

Delivery contents


Please note that the aluminium profile shown in the demonstration image is for illustration purposes only and is not included. The bracket is intended for montage, for example on a Simrig.

GT Master M4 ST Button Box


  • 40×40 aluminium profile bracket
  • 4x M4x20 screws
  • 2x M4x10 slotted disc screws
  • 4x spacers