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Moza Racing has just launched the new Moza FSR Formula Wheel and the R5 Direct Drive Wheel Bundle announced. With this, Moza is well on its way to further expanding its position in the sim-racing world!

Recently, the company already launched the successful and innovative Direct Drive R9 and GS GT Wheel and they are now building on this. You may therefore conclude that Moza has now become a serious competitor to Fanatec, among others. In this article, we briefly take you through Moza's new products: the Moza FSR Formula Wheel and the new R5 Direct Drive Wheel bundle.

Moza FSR Formula Wheel

The absolute highlight during Moza's live event is of course the new premium wheel the Moza FSR Formula Wheel. With this, Moza builds on the success of the GS GT Wheel introduced not so long ago. This wheel was received extremely enthusiastically and positively in the sim-racing world and is seen as a serious attempt to compete with Fanatec and Simucube.

The new Moza FSR has a fame made entirely of carbon fibre and features a 4.3-inch HD display with no less than 15 different user interfaces. This puts you as a sim racer in full control of the information provision on your steering wheel. The handles of the wheel are made of perforated leather and the wheel has a width of 280 mm.

Another notable feature is the (optional) USB connector at the back of the steering wheel. This should ensure more compatibility. The additional buttons on the steering wheel make it faster and easier for users to make the right adjustments. The new handlebar is compatible with all Moza wheelbases and accessories from the Moza eco-system.

Price Moza FSR Formula Wheel

The new Moza FSR Formula Wheel costs $ 649 USD. Euro prices are not yet known, but this is expected to be ? 649 euros.

Moza R5 Direct Drive Wheel bundle

Like Fanatec Moza Racing is also betting on ready-made sim racing bundles to prepare newcomers to the sim racing world. For many, this is an ideal way to score a high-end sim racing bundle at an attractive price to get introduced to the world of sim racing.

With the arrival of the new R5 Direct Drive Wheel bundle, Moza is capitalising on this trend and making it interesting for new users to get acquainted with the Moza eco-system. However, this bundle is not only for the newcomers, also for the more advanced sim racers, the new R5 bundle is an absolute top choice.

The R5 wheelbase is, like the Fanatec CSL DD PRO, a direct drive wheelbase with 5.5 Nm of torque. It has and similar design to the R9 with 9 Nm, only in a smaller and more compact case.

Moza's new bundle comes with the new ES Steering Wheel. The new ES handlebar features leather and the distinctive Moza Flow Shift Light design. The steering wheel has no less than 22 fully customisable buttons. This allows racers to make all the adjustments they need in the heat of battle.

Finally, the new R5 bundle also includes a new set of pedals: the SR-P Lite. This is an all-steel lightweight revision of Moza's existing SR-P pedals. Still just as flexible and adjustable, just without the load cell braking system. And that is definitely a missed opportunity as far as we are concerned. Although from a marketing perspective, I can certainly understand this choice.

Price Moza R5 bundle

Moza is visibly aware of the fact that to include new people in the Moza eco-system, you have to entice them with an attractive package or bundle. In this respect, Moza Racing succeeds flawlessly. For $599 USD (or ?599), you get a lot of value for money: a direct drive wheelbase, a steering wheel, pedals and a desk clamp. On the other hand, I also think it's a missed opportunity. Personally, I think for that price you should expect a direct drive system with more than 5.5 Nm and load cell pedals.