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TrueBrake Mod From AXC Sim

Every sim racer who has a Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / G923 knows it: the enormous frustration around braking. The Logitech braking system is "progressive," meaning you experience more tension toward the end. As a result, you experience more control over the force of braking. The downside of this system is that over time - and with heavy use - the brake pedal loses its power, reducing braking performance. This is partly due to the huge pedal travel that the system has as standard. This means that you have to press the brake pedal enormously hard and far with your foot to brake "harder. Over time, you can't fully rely on your brakes, missing momentum in a race and not being consistent in your braking zone. One solution to provide a more realistic experience that comes close to a load cell system is the TrueBrake Logitech mod from AXC Sim.

What is TrueBrake?

TrueBrake is an upgrade for your Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / G923 brake pedal. TrueBrake provides a more realistic braking feel. You feel the brake load / load and not the small pedal movements. This provides a very realistic experience that comes close to a load cell brake pedal, such as the Fanatec. It is the most convenient and cost-effective brake pedal Logitech mod available for your Logitech brake pedal. TrueBrake fits perfectly into your Logitech pedal set and all at a very reasonable price! This Logitech mod costs £49.99 (about ?56). So a very nice upgrade, just like this cool Logitech racing wheel mod.

TrueBrake Logitech mod

What does TrueBrake do to my brake pedal?

  • It changes the feeling with the brake pedal based on brake load
  • It increases the brake load required to fully brake
  • It reduces the impression stroke of the brake pedal to several millimeters
TrueBrake vs. Logitech

The TrueBrake system allows you to apply more load (pressure in kg) to your brake pedal, reducing your pedal travel. Below you can see the difference between the standard Logitech brake pedal and the TrueBrake system. So with a TrueBrake system, you need less brake force and pedal travel to generate more load.

TrueBrake vs. Logitech

What does TrueBrake look like on the inside?

  • Cylinder and housing: CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Piston: has a spring travel of up to 4 mm in the cylinder
  • Main spring: The heavy spring resists the movement of the piston
  • Lock ring: keeps the piston in the cylinder
  • Linear motion potentiometer: high-performance component that detects piston movement
TrueBrake system inside

Is TrueBrake comparable to a load cell brake pedal?

Well, no. Although it does come pretty close to a load cell brake pedal. TrueBrake is considered an "electromechanical load cell," according to the manufacturer. In any case, it is not a strain gauge load cell, as these use an electric strain gauge to measure the small flex of a spring element. Using TrueBrake in your Logitech brake pedal gives similar results to using a load cell system but much cheaper!

I am very impressed with this innovative technology and state-of-the-art engineering. As far as I am concerned, the TrueBrake mod an absolute must-have For every Logitech user!

Review TrueBrake Mod

I have been in the process of using the TrueBrake Mod from AXC sim for several months now. And wow, what a fantastic mod for my Logitech G29! Admittedly, it took several days before I really got used to the new system. This was mostly due to "trusting" it to adopt. This required a slightly different technique than I was used to before. But once mastered, my lap times shot up!

One of the key features of the product is a more consistent (and later) braking motion. You notice that braking is much more precise and the "bite" is harder. This includes less pedal movement.


AXC's TrueBrake Mod is a fantastic and innovative addition to your standard Logitech pedals. This mod allows you to apply the brakes much later, more accurately ánd harder. This results in many more consistent lap times and more confidence on the track. Yes, it takes some patience to get used to this new way of braking. And also in-game (Assetto Corse Competitione) I had to do the necessary tweaks in my settings.

I am very impressed with this innovative technology and state-of-the-art engineering. As far as I am concerned, the TrueBrake mod an absolute must-have For every Logitech user!

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