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The latest addition from Gomez Sim Industries is the X-29, a rugged looking, formula-style sim racing steering wheel with the trusted top-notch build quality. Gomez Sim Industries recently announced their newest weapon and entry-level model, the GSI X-29. And wow, what an incredibly beautiful steering wheel! We are raving about this new entry-level steering wheel from GSI. Want to know more? Then read on quickly!

GSI does not compromise with the X-29

The GSI X-29 steering wheel is ideal for any (semi) professional sim racer. With only the best materials and construction, it feels just like rock solid immersion without any flex or compromise. With this, GSI has, as with their top product the GSI Hyper P1, made no compromises in quality and materials. Indeed, GSI has suddenly become a serious competitor with the X-29 to the popular GRID MPX Sim Racing Steering Wheel.

Material and finishing

The steering wheel is made with two main materials: 6061 aluminum and direct-injected silicone rubber grips for maximum grip and comfort while racing. In terms of finish in materials, you can choose from aluminum or carbon fiber.

The handlebar features no less than 10 illuminated LED pushbuttons, a pair of multi-switches, three rotary knobs, and a pair of manual switches on the back of the base model. More than enough options to quickly customize on your handlebars! A big plus as far as we're concerned.

GSI X-29

The perfect steering wheel with impeccable quality

Without a doubt the perfect steering wheel for the unyielding sim racer at an affordable price. Just by looking at the X-29 you will be overwhelmed by the impeccable quality and new standard that GSI sets with it. The X-29 is a joy to behold!

Price of the GSI X-29

With a price tag starting at ? 601.95 ($650 USD), the X-29 seems to be on the expensive side and the higher price segment. However, by GSI standards, where quality is paramount, this is their cheapest entry-level model to date. Marketing wise an interesting move by the American manufacturer to include a cheaper model in their range. By doing so, they lower the threshold for potential customers to experience GSI's quality.

Additional options

The X-29 steering wheel from Gomez Sim Industries is a Formula style steering wheel with a button pattern. The "entry-level" model still comes with many of the usual GSI options and features. For an additional cost of just under ? 180 euros you have a total of 4 pedals on the back with two additional (dual clutch) shifters. If you opt for the carbon fiber finish, you pay another good ? 50 euros extra.

Features of the GSI X-29

Below are briefly the main features of the new GSI X-29 steering wheel.

  • Steering wheel diameter of 290 mm
  • Silicone overmolded direct injected handles
  • 6061 aluminum body/components
  • 10 white LED momentary push buttons (500g)
  • 3 rotatable push-button encoders
  • 2 seven-way Funky switches
  • Laser engraved functions of the steering wheel
  • GSI "CEMS N52" V2 gear shifters
  • GSI "HSE" dual clutches (optional)
  • GSI "Spec 3" wound cable
  • 6×70 mm tick pattern
  • Total weight: 1.13 - 1.25 kg


The new X-29 is compatible with most wheel bases on PC if equipped with the appropriate (optional) hub adapter. Below is an overview:

  • MOZA R5/R9/R16/R21
  • ASETEK Forte / Invicta
  • Simucube
  • VRS Direct Force Pro
  • Simagic
  • Cammus DDWB15
  • Qubic System QS-DD-20
  • Accuforce (with the Accuforce QR)
  • Fanatec DD Bases (with the Fanatec Podium Hub)

GSI X-29 pre-order

Fortunately, we won't have to wait much longer. Pre-orders for the GSI X-29 steering wheel start as early as May 1, 2023! Pre-order you do on the GSI website. We are very curious about your opinion! What do you think of the new X-29 and do you think that with the introduction of the X-29, GSI is a serious competitor of the GRID MPX become? Let us know!

Wilco Verhaegh

Over 18 years ago, my passion for sim racing began with Grand Prix 4. My passion for racing, motorsport photography and gaming knows no bounds. With, I capture race cars on film. In addition, I am proud of my book "Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing," in which I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring sim racers worldwide!


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