Slip-Angle Isolators & Mounting Kit


The Slip-Angle Isolators & Mounting Kit is one of the most innovative inventions in sim racing and is revolutionizing the field. With the Slip-Angle Isolators, you place four haptic transducers over four springs (isolators) that attach to your aluminum profile sim racing setup.

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Slip-Angle Directional Feedback

Vibrations are generated in several places in the car; the engine and shifting movements provide great immersion, but the feedback through the tires is paramount, as it provides information about the track.

The mounts orient the transducers in the correct direction and location to provide both general chassis vibration and directional circuit feedback. Just like a car.

Isolate Your Races

Vibration is a repetitive cyclic motion, therefore your plant must move freely to use the force generated by the transducers. Rubber can be used as an insulator, but it has a much higher modulus of elasticity than springs, which limits any movement. And it is a natural damper, reducing the effects.

Without the freedom to move, your rig either has very limited movement or is forced off the ground, creating noise and vibration transmitted through the floor. Springs suspend the rig in tension, allowing it to move freely, and have very little cushioning, harnessing most of the force generated by the transducers.

Place the Road Under Your Simulator

Easy Installation

  • The hardware you need to put your converters on 8020 installations

Varied Output

  • By combining springs and transducers, a wider range of feedback is possible

Directional Feedback

  • External affirmations provide a mix of directional and overall feedback

Vibration isolation

  • Keeps your rig off the ground so you, and everyone else, can race in peace and quiet

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