Simagic FX-C Wheel


The Simagic FX Wheel will race you to the limit! The Simagic FX Wheel is designed to provide the ultimate formula racing experience. This wheel was co-developed by formula racers and engineers, resulting in a top-notch product. The combination of advanced technology, quality materials and collaboration with professionals makes the Simagic FX Wheel a must-have for any formula racing enthusiast.


Simagic FX-C Wheel

The Simagic FX-C Wheel is a groundbreaking product in the world of sim racing and is specifically designed to deliver the ultimate formula racing experience. Born out of a collaboration between formula racers and engineers, this wheel is a model of precision and innovation.

Core features of the Simagic FX-C Wheel:

  • Formula-inspired Design: With a diameter of 290mm, the wheel is designed to the exact specifications of formula racing cars. This provides an authentic and immersive driving experience, as if you were actually in a formula car.
  • Advanced Materials: The handlebar is made of high-quality carbon fiber, known for its strength and lightness. The 5mm thick carbon fiber plate not only makes the handlebars durable and rigid, but also surprisingly lightweight at only 1500 grams. This contributes to responsive and precise steering control.
  • Next Gen Software: SimPro Manager: This software platform takes your racing experience to the next level. SimPro Manager allows you to customize various aspects of the wheel to your liking, creating a personal and unique racing experience. Whether it's configuring buttons or tuning feedback, everything is possible.
  • Formula Button layout: The wheel features a professional button layout inspired by the layout of real formula cars. This layout allows drivers to make adjustments quickly and efficiently while racing, without losing focus on the track.

Why Choose The Simagic FX Steering Wheel?

  • Realistic Experience: The combination of formula-inspired design and advanced materials provides an unprecedented realistic racing experience.
  • Customization options: Thanks to the extensive customization options in SimPro Manager, you can fully adjust the wheel to your liking.
  • Quality and Sustainability: Carbon fiber construction ensures long life and resistance to heavy use.