GRID Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel


The officially licensed Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel uses the highest quality parts available. This replica of the Porsche 911 RSR is an officially licensed product and is based on the infamous Porsche 911 RSR (991.2) steering wheel, which is best in class.

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GRID Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel

The pinnacle of sim racing steering wheels has arrived! The officially licensed Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel uses the highest quality parts available in a sim racing wheel. When every thousandth of a second counts, being able to retrieve data in the blink of an eye is essential. Using our 80 telemetry controllable RGB LEDs, our technology will be the first in the industry to constantly provide the data you need while keeping your eyes on the track!

Officially licensed Porsche product

The Legendary 911 RSR The most spectacular 911 ever made has won many victories on legendary tracks around the world. The RSR's steering wheel is known for its quality and ergonomics, and now you get the chance to experience it in your simulator.

Attention to every detail

By working with manufacturers and suppliers, we can custom order encoders, knobs and other parts to our industry-leading specifications. In-house testing and selection are performed by testing a wide range of samples with different pressure and rotational forces. With the incredible precision and effort we put into every detail of our steers, you will benefit and enjoy it every moment it is used.

80 Programmable LEDs

Using our industry-first technology, you can customize your wheel with any of 16.7 million colors. Each encoder and knob has 4 LEDs that are individually controlled. Set your desired RGB effect, such as multi-color spin, fade or flash, to provide visual confirmation for settings such as flags or pit-limiters. This allows each customer to set their own specific individual color preferences.

Full aluminum construction

The Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel is built with the highest quality control, construction and FEA testing to save weight while maintaining superior rigidity and meeting the highest standards. The housing, switches, clutches, paddles, hub adapter and other parts are all manufactured from high quality 6061 aluminum. Our anodized surface treatment was selected based on rigorous internal testing for durability, longevity and ease of cleaning.

5″ high-quality LCD screen

Sharp, clear and high resolution. Even the smallest displayed text is legible and easy to read. A vivid 300-lumen backlit panel provides brilliant color while offering full ability to adjust brightness levels.

RaceDirector® Software

Included with all compatible Grid products, users can download and set up our easy-to-use software within minutes to control and adjust the LEDs and LCD screen on your Porsche 911 RSR Sim Racing Steering Wheel.