GTE Button Box DIY Files


Make your own button box? Here's your chance! Build your own GTE button box with this do-it-yourself kit. Complete construction manual and files included. With this comprehensive manual you can build your own DIY button box in no time. This GTE inspired Button Box will provide you with plenty of extra buttons and add an extra dimension of realism to your sim rig. Featuring real carbon fiber, backlit buttons and rotary coders. Compatible with PC and ideal for racing simulators.


GTE Button Box

Want to make your own button box? Then this is your chance! With this comprehensive step by step tutorial from Pokorny Engineering build you a realistic GTE button box for your sim rig in no time.

Tip: also check out these button box diy video!


? 4 mm real carbon fiber front and back plate
? Inclined swivel plate
? 22 illuminated push buttons
? 3 CTS288 rotary encoders
? 1 switch with 12 positions (with strong clicks) used as an encoder for brake balance adjustment
? 1 button lighting switch
? 100×100 VESA M5 mount
? Ali profile attachment: adjustable M5 slotted nut
? Based on a generic STM32F103C8T6 development board from eBay/AliExpress or other stores


? Detailed construction manual (28 pages)
? Complete BOM (parts list with links)
? Files for 3D printing (.stl, printable on a 200×200 mm bed)
? Files for manufacturing carbon fiber/aluminum parts (.dxf and .step)
? Fabrication files for the daughter board ($2 at JLCPCB)
? Firmware for the board (Total of 27 inputs + 2 analog, RGB LED control, backlight control, dual coupling system with calibration mode, ...)
? Stickers in pdf and vector formats (printable)


The GTE button box is compatible only with a PC. It functions as a standard game controller, allowing input assignment in any game simulator, including racing and flight simulators.