CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle


The Fanatec CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle for pc consists of:

  • 1x Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports
  • 1x Fanatec CSL DD (8Nm)
  • 1x Fanatec CSL Pedals
  • 1x Fanatec CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit


CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle

When the wheel is mounted directly to the motor shaft, there is no belt or gear drive to reduce force feedback effects. The clear choice of all professional drivers and avid sim racers is now available to a wider audience. The strong relationship with game developers means that the CSL DD has broad compatibility and consistent behavior for many popular titles. The Standard Tuning Menu has been simplified so beginners can get started quickly without worrying about settings. The Advanced Tuning Menu remains for enthusiasts.

Fanatec CSL DD with 8 NM Peak Torque

Using the included Boost Kit 180, the CSL DD operates in its 8 Nm mode. This provides much stronger feedback, and as a result, you'll also feel the subtle signals more clearly. This high torque can be sustained without the need for active cooling, with the extruded and CNC-machined aluminum housing acting as the structural chassis and heat sink.

Technical Specifications CSL DD F1 Esports Premium Bundle

ClubSport Steer F1® Esports V2:

  • Officially licensed by Formula One?
  • Replica of a steering wheel as used in formula cars. The compact diameter of 270 mm allows fast movements and reactions
  • Durable metal construction
  • Genuine Alcantara® handles
  • Magnetic shift paddles (CSL Elite Magnetic Paddle Module, pre-installed)
    • 3 mm thick, black anodized aluminum paddle plates
    • Paddle module cage made of polymer composite
    • Neodymium magnets
    • Easily upgrade to ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module or Podium Advanced Paddle Module (sold separately)
  • 11 buttons
  • Analog joystick
  • 7-way FunkySwitch?: left, right, up and down directional inputs, push button and rotary encoder functionality
  • Two vibration motors integrated into the grips, controllable via the Wheel Tuning Menu (SHO) or on a per-game basis via Fanatec SDK
  • RevLEDs with nine multicolor RGB LEDs to indicate engine speed and optimal shift point, programmable by the user through FanaLab and by game developers through the Fanatec SDK
  • Two FlagLEDs each with three multicolor RGB LEDs for indication of tire slip, flag warnings, pit limit and more, programmable by the user via FanaLab and by game developers via the Fanatec SDK
  • Vivid blue LED display for displaying telemetry data such as speed or gear selection (in supported games)
  • Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independently of the game and while gaming (see description of compatible wheelbase/race wheel for details)
  • Improved electronics means the wheel is firmware adaptable
  • Interchangeable aluminum quick release clamp
  • Steering wheel weight: approx. 1255 g (including QR1 wheel side)


  • Direct-Drive system delivers direct, detailed force feedback
  • Boost kit 180 included
  • Linear, consistent performance (8 Nm peak torque)
  • Patented, exclusive FluxBarrier technology optimizes motor efficiency and smoothness
  • Full Fanatec SDK support ensures game compatibility out of the box for all major racing games
  • The standard tuning menu allows beginners to get started quickly without worrying about settings
  • The advanced tuning menu allows enthusiasts to tailor force-feedback features to their driving preferences
  • High resolution (non-contact) Hall position sensor, same as Podium Series
  • Steering shaft made of carbon fiber reinforced composite
  • Fanless: wheel base housing is made of aluminum (passive heat sink, structural core component) with composite end caps
  • Rotation: 2520 degrees (electronically limited, adjustable)
  • Slip-ring system (lifetime tested for thousands of hours) ensures cable-free delivery of power and data to steering wheels
  • Automotive grade quick-release tensioner, interchangeable
  • T-nut rail system on sides and bottom for easily adjustable hard montage
  • Optional table clamp (sold separately), supports table thickness from 5 to 60 mm
  • Ports:
    • Power supply
    • USB-C to PC / console
    • Fanatec DataPort-C
    • Shifter 1
    • Shifter 2 (sequential only)
    • Pedal
    • Handbrake
  • Front-mounted threaded inserts for Fanatec accessories (e.g. ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles, sold separately). Not intended for front montage of the wheelbase on a simracing chassis/cockpit.

CSL Pedals + CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit:

  • Set with three pedals (clutch, brake, gas)
  • All-metal construction (except pedal surfaces)
  • Optional anodized aluminum pedal plates (CSL Pedals Tuning Kit, sold separately)
  • Non-contact Hall sensors (12-bit) on both clutch and gas pedal for high precision and durability
  • Clutch pedal spring is stiffer than accelerator pedal spring
  • Pedal position can be adjusted laterally along the heel support
  • Height adjustable pedal surfaces
  • Modular design means reverse montage on a rig is possible
  • Vertical back plates allow pedals to be easily braced against a wall or other vertical surface
  • Beading on pedal bases and arms
  • Black powder coating on heel support
  • Custom designed load cell sensor
    • 12-bit precision
    • Load cell sensitivity (approx. 10 kg minimum) adjustable via Tuning Menu (or Fanatec Control Panel on PC)
  • Heavy-duty elastomer stack with 65 Shore hardness
  • Enhanced electronics
    • USB or RJ12 connection (USB means you can use the CSL pedals as a standalone USB device on PC)
    • Manual calibration of Min and Max values possible, settings stored in internal memory
  • Pedals are connected directly to CSL DD
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