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simagic gt neo review

Simagic GT NEO Review: Exceedingly Good. This Is Why!

| Hardware, Review, Wheel | No Comments
That Simagic is pushing hard is obvious. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer surprised the sim racing community met de introductie van onder andere de zeer goed uitziende…
Le Mans ultimate

Le Mans Ultimate (Early Access) Is Here. Here's What You Need to Know!

| Games | No Comments
De langverwachte game Le Mans Ultimate is eindelijk uit! Als je een fervent racegame fan bent, dan is de kans groot dat Le Mans Ultimate al op je radar staat.…
Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme

Fanatec Reveals The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme

| Hardware, News, Wheel | No Comments
Fanatec recently made an exciting announcement that once again brought ecstasy to the sim racing community. In collaboration with Polyphony Digital, the creator of Gran Turismo, Fanatec has announced the...
box one racing x1 button box

Box One Racing X1 Button Box Review: Ultimate Control

| Accessories, Hardware, Review | No Comments
Box One Racing (BOR) is inmiddels geen onbekende naam meer binnen de sim racing community. Een tijd terug hebben we al de GT-T2 Button Box mogen testen en reviewen. Dit…
GSI Hyper P1 Review

GSI Hyper P1 Review: An Unprecedented Experience!

| Hardware, Review, Wheel | No Comments
In a previous article, we mentioned that the GSI Hyper P1 was an impressive choice. Now, several months later, we finally had the chance to see this masterpiece...

These Are The 6 Best Sim Racing Apps!

| Games, Tips | No Comments
In the fantastic world of sim racing, there are several apps that you absolutely need to take your racing experience to new heights. Whether you are a seasoned sim racer...
gsi formula pro elite v2

GSI Introduces the Formula Pro Elite V2

| Hardware, News, Wheel | No Comments
Gomes Sim Industries continues to amaze and surprise the sim racing community. Following the recent introduction of the GSI Hyper LS, GSI once again comes with exciting news of a new product:...
DIY Sim racing safety nets

Make Your Own DIY Sim Racing Safety Nets In 4 Steps!

| DIY | No Comments
Sim racing is becoming more and more realistic and people are becoming more fanatical in their quest for realism and experience. You can do this through good hardware from Fanatec, for example, but...
best assetto corsa mods

The Best Assetto Corsa Mods: This Is Our Top 10!

| Games | No Comments
Assetto Corsa is one of the most popular racing simulators in the world. The game offers a wide range of cars, tracks and gameplay options, but with mods you can take it even further...
Automobilista December 2 Update

Automobilista December 2 Update: New Prototypes, GT3s and More!

| Games | No Comments
Just after the recent additions Automobilista 2 released a Le Mans update. Iconic Endurance races are already present in Automobilista 2, but Le Mans probably surpasses them all. The legendary Circuit...
leoxz xgt pro

The Leoxz XGT Pro Revealed: Discover 'M Now!

| Hardware, News, Wheel | No Comments
Leoxz is a manufacturer of sim racing hardware and is now no stranger to the industry. The company was founded in 2020 by Leo Evans. Leoxz has spent the past...
simagic gt neo

This is the New Simagic GT Neo Steering Wheel!

| News, Wheel | No Comments
Simagic recently released the new Simagic GT Neo introduced to the general public. The Simagic GT Neo sets a new standard in the world of sim racing. This advanced wheel...
sim racing vr headset

What Are The Best Sim Racing VR Headsets In 2024?

| Hardware | No Comments
In the world of sim racing, the right equipment is essential for an immersive experience. Do you opt for a single-, triple-monitor setup or do you go for the VR...
assetto corsa competizione gt2 dlc pack

Assetto Corsa Competizione GT2 DLC Pack & Crossplay Coming to ACC!

| Games, News | No Comments
It has been a little quieter around the popular game Assetto Corsa Competizione for a while now, but the silence has finally been broken with the announcement of a new DLC Pack and the...
pokornyi engineering hyp-r

Easily Build Your DIY Sim Racing Wheel With The Pokornyi Engineering HYP-R DIY Files. This Is How!

| DIY, Hardware, Wheel | No Comments
Not long ago, I announced an exciting collaboration with Pokornyi Engineering, stemming from our shared passion for (DIY) DIY sim-racing projects. As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality DIY...
iRacing Season 1 2024

iRacing Season 1 2024 Is Here With The New Audi R8 LMS Evo II GT3 AND More!

| Games, News | No Comments
Just in time for the holidays, iRacing presents the iRacing Season 1 2024 build. From new cars and tracks to major updates in art and damage modeling, 3D sidewalk, vegetation and AI unlocks....
New Fanatec and Sparco Steering Wheels

Fanatec and Sparco Launch New Set of Steering Wheels

| News | No Comments
In a groundbreaking collaboration, Sparco - manufacturer of real-world race track equipment - and Fanatec, known for simulation racing, have joined forces to release a series of new sim racing...

These are the Fanatec Black Friday 2023 Deals!

| Hardware, Accessories, News, Pedals, Wheel | No Comments
On Friday, November 24, it's Black Friday again! And that's the day you can again find lol, super good sim racing deals! Well-known brands, such as...
VNM Lite Pedals

Review: The VNM Lite Pedals with 200kg Load Cell are Unexpectedly Good!

| Hardware, Pedals, Review | No Comments
In the world of simulation racing, precision in braking is key, and one of the fundamental components to achieve that precision is undoubtedly the pedals. Hoan from VNM Simulation...
Track Titan

Improve Your Sim's Racing Skills With Track Titan

| Gaming, Tips | No Comments
Sim racing has been revolutionized in recent years with the introduction of advanced telemetry tools that help players improve their skills and achieve faster lap times. The...
trak racer black friday

Trak Racer Black Friday Deals 2023!

| News | No Comments
Trak Racer is a brand known for its high-quality simulation racing products, including racing seats, cockpits and accessories. During Trak Racer Black Friday, you can often find great discounts and deals on...
Conspit CPP Lite

Conspit CPP Lite Pedals Review: How Good Are These Hydraulic Pedals? We Tested Them!

| Hardware, Pedals, Review | No Comments
The world of sim racing continues to evolve rapidly and more and more manufacturers are entering this market. As passionate sim racing enthusiasts, we are always looking for the...
GSI Hyper SL

GSI Reveals the New GSI Hyper SL!

| Hardware, News, Wheel | No Comments
Gomez Sim Industries has lifted the curtain on their latest creation: the GSI Hyper SL. With the Hyper SL, Gomez Sim Industries adds yet another new weapon to their...
sim rig

Review: How good is the Sim-Lab XB1 Handbrake?

| Accessories, Hardware, Review | No Comments
As avid sim racers, we are always looking for the latest sim racing gear to take our sim racing experience to an even higher level. Recently, we introduced the Sim-Lab XB1...
fanatec clubsport dd

Fanatec unveils the new Fanatec ClubSport DD with 12Nm

| Hardware, News, Wheel | No Comments
Fanatec has just unveiled a brand new wheelbase, namely the new Fanatec ClubSport DD. It's always exciting when Fanatec comes out with a new innovation, and this time it's not...
slip angle bass shaker kit sim racing

Slip Angle Review: This Experience Is Sensational!

| Hardware, Review | No Comments
In the world of sim racing, there has always been room for innovation and new technologies that take gamers' experience to the next level. One of the most...
Fanatec QR2

Finally: the Fanatec QR2 is Now Available. Discover it now!

| Accessories, Hardware, News | No Comments
Finally!!! Fanatec recently released the long-awaited QR2 (Quick Release) adapter in several versions to improve the compatibility and flexibility of their product line. In this article, we take you...
sim racing handbrake

Sim Racing Handbrake: This Is Our Ultimate Top 8! (2024)

| Accessories, Hardware | No Comments
In the world of simulation racing, choosing the right steering wheel and pedals is crucial for an immersive and authentic racing experience. An essential part of this setup is...
SimPush Lumirank Display

The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display Makes Your Sim Experience Sensational!

| Accessories, Hardware, Review | No Comments
The world of simulation racing is all about the details, precision and excitement of racing. And if you're looking for a way to get that excitement...
Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2

Fanatec Introduces The New CSL Universal Hub V2

| Accessories, Hardware | No Comments
Fanatec, known for its high-quality sim racing products, has once again impressed with the CSL Universal Hub V2. Fanatec recently introduced the CSL Universal Hub V2 to the market....