My Sim Rig!

My own sim rig is a continuous evolution that develops step by step. I, too, started "small. When I started with sim racing I settled for a simple handlebar that I clamped onto my desk.

From experience I can tell you that the growth and expansion of your sim rig and need for even more experience is huge! This journey went faster than expected. And yes, there is still a lot to plan. Below is an impression of what my sim rig currently looks like.

Sim Rig Hardware

I get a lot of questions which hardware I use and what such a sim rig setup costs (approximately). Below is an overview of all sim racing hardware with a cost indication ?

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Sim Rig parts list

CategoryDescriptionCost (EUR)
SimulatorSim Lab P1? 699,00
SimulatorSim Lab Speed 1 chair + bracket ? 368,00
SimulatorSparco seat slider? 39,00
SimulatorSim Lab Integrated monitor? 179,00
SimulatorSim Lab Podium Bracket Set? 75,65
SimulatorSim Lab Pedal slider? 105,40
SimulatorMiscellaneous (shipping)? 76,47
SimulatorSim Lab Integrated monitor upgrade to triple? 116,10
SimulatorSim Lab pedal very rest? 39,46
SimulatorSim Lab Vario vesa? 97,04
PC3 MSI 32″ curved monitors ? 1.070,77
PCGame PC? 2.200,00
PCSteelseries keyboard ? 52,90
PCSteelseries headphones ? 148,99
PCTrust mouse? 29,99
Button BoxStreamDeck? 142,90
AccessoriesUSB hub? 54,51
AccessoriesMantles cable management? 22,98
Accessories3d printing cable holders? 50,08
ShifterSimagic Q1S? 318,95
PedalsHeusinkveld ? 550,00
WheelFanatec Quick Release Adapter ? 112,00
WheelFanatec DD2? 1.514,00
WheelFanatec Mclaren GT3 V2? 200,00
Button BoxButton Box DIY? 150,00
AccessoriesPhilips Hue? 121,00
AccessoriesSim racing gloves? 40,00
AccessoriesSimRacingAddict Laptop Timer? 125,67
AccessoriesSimRacingAddict DDU Dashboard? 265,87
AccessoriesSimRacingAddict 2x Lap Timers? 160,67
AccessoriesSpeedy Rugs Pit Lane Carpet? 55,00
Safety NetDIY Safety nets ? 50,00
Wind simulator 2x pc fans? 53,17
Wind simulator Auto Tubes? 33,73
Wind simulator Arduino board? 44,09
Wind simulator Motoshield Arduino? 42,95
Bass Shaker Setup4x Dayton BST-1 Bass Shakers? 210,00
Bass Shaker Setup2x Nobsound incl. audio cables? 100,00
Sim Racing RoofMDF wood and Carbon Wrap Foil? 50,00
Other MaterialsFoamboard? 40,00
Total (rounded)? 11 K

Starting sim racing

Are you new to sim racing? Then also read this item In which we explain step by step what you need and need to know about sim racing.

Fun DIY projects

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