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Pokornyi Engineering is now a fairly well-known name within the sim racing community. The Hungarian manufacturer of do-it-yourself (DIY) sim racing projects now has a wide range of fantastic DIY kits. Pokornyi Engineering has now established itself as a renowned manufacturer of high-quality DIY kits in the industry. In addition to the previously made Pokornyi Engineering HYP-R I recently had the opportunity to build another popular product: the Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box. In this article I'll take you step by step and show you exactly how I built this Rally Button Box!

Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box

It is no secret that the Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box geïnspireerd is op de Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally. Deze officiële gelicenseerde rally button box is door Fanatec ontworpen in samenwerking met het M-Sport WRC team en werd in de 2022 en 2023 Ford Puma Hybrid Rally WRC auto gebruikt. Pokornyi Engineering heeft op basis van deze rally button box een eigen versie gemaakt die je zelf kunt bouwen met de Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box DIY Kit.

Je zou denken dat je de PE Rally Button Box alleen voor rally kunt gebruiken, maar eigenlijk is deze button box ook perfect voor rally cross, GT racing en zelfs cup racing. Dat maakt ‘m zo veelzijdig en ideaal voor verschillende doeleinden!

This amazing carbon front panel features super strong build quality with an elegant front plate made of 4mm thick carbon fiber. It not only looks great, but also offers ultimate control and flexibility. You can customize the RGB-lit buttons and rotary knobs however you want via SimHub. With two cool Funky (7-way) switches and three push-function rotary knobs. It supports dual clutch, although the design itself is not included. And best of all, it's easy to install on your existing setup with the 70mm PCD quick connectors. Game on!

Rally DIY Files

Voor maar € 28 (excl. BTW) krijg je de Rally DIY files van de Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box . Wat zit er allemaal bij? Nou, een super uitgebreide handleiding van wel 43 pagina’s met stap-voor-stap instructies. Daarnaast krijg je een complete BOM-lijst met alle benodigde onderdelen en handige links om ze te bestellen. Maar dat is nog niet alles! Je ontvangt ook de 3D-printbestanden (.stl) en de carbon fiber productiebestanden (.step). Kortom, je krijgt het volgende:

  • Sticker designs (printable .pdf and vector included)
  • Firmware for the PCB (binaries only)
  • Files for the production of carbon fiber parts (.step)
  • Complete BOM (component list with links)
  • Files for 3D printing (.stl)
  • Ready to order production files for custom PCB
  • Gedetailleerde stap-voor-stap doe-het-zelf handleiding (43 pagina’s)
  • Carbon fiber switch design with switch plate


The Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box has the following features:

  • 4 mm carbon fiber front panel
  • Dimensions: 178 x 114 mm
  • RGB button and backlit rotary knob (SimHub compatible)
  • 2x 7 Way Funky switch
  • 3x Rotary knobs with pressure function
  • Optional magnetic paddle shifters (design included, but we do not cover in this article)
  • Support for dual clutch (design for clutch not included)
  • Compatible with 70mm PCD quick connectors

Build The Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box In X Steps

Are you new to the world of DIY sim racing projects? Then the Rally Button Box from Pokornyi Engineering is perfect to begin with! Building this button box is super cute and easy, suitable for everyone. It is much simpler and straightforward than the HYP-R, the GTE Button Box or a homemade button box. So what are you waiting for? Get started and have a great racing experience!

Step 1: Preparation

Of course, the first step for this project is obvious. Before you begin this project and build your own rally button box, it is important that you have the digital Rally DIY Files hebt gekocht. Deze uitgebreide digitale handleiding is verkrijgbaar voor, zoals eerder benoemd, slechts € 28 euro exclusief BTW.

Once you have purchased the DIY files, I recommend that you read all the documents carefully so that you can start this project well prepared. Read and review the included BOM list and order all the parts you need. This excel list is clearly laid out and categorized by parts: electronics, hardware parts, carbon, 3D printing, decals and others. An example of what to expect can be found below.

Pokornyi engineering rally bomb

On Pokornyi Engineering's website, you can buy some parts so that you don't have to assemble them yourself. This saves time and effort. If you are a die-hard do-it-yourselfer then you can always choose the more advanced option by, for example, making the PCB yourself. The following parts are for sale:

Planning and Research

Read the manual thoroughly before you start building. When purchasing parts, such as through AliExpress, you should expect longer shipping times. Carefully check all ordered parts and check them off in the BOM list. A tip: You can never have enough screws and bolts, as you will lose them quickly. Therefore, always have a sufficient amount of extra stock to avoid frustrations during the construction process. After all, nothing is more annoying than finding out during construction that you have too few parts.

Do you have your own 3D printer and plan to print all the parts yourself? Or would you rather outsource this? The manual lists a number of options of recommended 3D printing services. It is good to research and weigh what is the best choice for you.

Step 2: Gather All Parts And Tools

Voordat we beginnen met bouwen, is het raadzaam om alle onderdelen te verzamelen. Dubbelcheck aan de hand van de handleiding of je alle onderdelen hebt. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je geen tijd verspilt tijdens het bouwproces door ontbrekende onderdelen te moeten zoeken. Verzamelen van alle onderdelen bevordert ook de efficiëntie en nauwkeurigheid van het bouwproces, omdat je alles bij de hand hebt. Het minimaliseert ook de kans op fouten en vermindert de frustratie die kan ontstaan als er onderdelen ontbreken tijdens het bouwen. Kortom, het verzamelen van alle onderdelen is een belangrijke stap om een soepel en succesvol bouwproces te garanderen.

Required Tools

For this DIY project, we will need the following tools:

  • A soldering iron
  • Allen screws

Step 3: Assembling the Housing

Well, now that we have gathered all the parts it is time to start assembling the rally button box. As a first step, we are going to insert the fifteen M3x6mm threaded tubes into the holes of the body, to which we will later mount and screw the PCB, among other things. Using a soldering iron, easily press the threaded inserts into the holes of the body. Be careful not to get the soldering iron too hot. Too high a temperature can melt the plastic too much, causing the threaded tubes to not be tight enough or to sit incorrectly. So start with a slightly lower temperature!

Second, we are going to attach the GX12 connector. Push the nut of the GX12 connector into the socket. Then tighten the GX12 connector to the part. It is now recommended to solder the JST cable to the connector. There is a clear diagram in the detailed manual explaining which cables to solder where. This is not very much to do. The housing is now ready, time for the next step!

Step 4: PCB Mounting

Pak de PCB (Printed Circuit Board) erbij en plaats deze voorzichtig in de behuizing. Vergeet niet om de JST connector van de GX12-connector aan te sluiten. Monteer vervolgens de witte lichtgeleiders voor de rotarty knoppen aan het PCB met de 9 M3x8mm inbusschroeven. Klik vervolgens de transparante button caps op de 8 omron knoppen. Als het goed is ziet je rally button box er nu zo uit 😉

Step 5: Assemble and Attach the Front Panel

The heart of the Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box is now officially complete! It is now time to assemble the front panel. Place the round transparent inserts into the notches on the front of the carbon fiber panel. Next, place the decal on the front of the panel and attach the front panel to the housing. Now attach the printed button plates to the top at the 8 omon buttons and screw them in place with the screws.

The rally button box is now almost finished and all we need to do as a final step is to mount the rotary buttons and the two funky switches. Easy! Personalize your rally button box with the stickers and choose the function you want to use. Do you ever want to exchange the stickers? No problem! You can easily snap off the transparent button caps and then place them in another one. We are now done assembling the Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box. Time for the next and final step in this building process.

Step 6: Mounting On The Steering Wheel And Hardware Testing

Take your favorite rally, GT or Cup steering wheel and mount the button box with three M5 screws. The button box is compatible with almost all wheelbases. So without too much effort and in no time at all you can attach this button box to your favorite steering wheel.

Connect the button box to your PC and check that all inputs are working. You do this by going to Control Panel > Devices and Printers go. Then right-click on the controller and go to Game Controller Settings. Select the PE Rally and click on Properties. Gelukkig kan er weinig fout gaan, dus grote kans dat alle inputs naar behoren werken! Laatste stap: stel de RGB LED’s in via SimHub.

Step 7: Race But!

Congratulations! It's now time to get your favorite racing game start up and enjoy your home-made rally button box. And say honestly. Didn't the end result turn out fantastically beautiful? In any case, I am super happy with this new addition to my sim racing setup!

Sim Racing Rally Wheel DIY


As you can see, making the Pokornyi Engineer Rally Button Box is a super fun and easy DIY project. Are you new to the world of sim racing DIY projecten en wil je relatief goedkoop een eigen button box maken? Dan is dit project én de Pokornyi Engineering Rally Button Box echt iets voor jou! Het is simpel, laagdrempelig en bovendien erg leuk. Door het bouwen van je eigen button box heb je – hopelijk – nieuwe skills opgedaan, je creativiteit laten stromen en het zelfvertrouwen gekregen om te experimenteren, te innoveren en zelf iets te maken. Ik hoop wederom dat dit leuke DIY project je heeft geïnspireerd. Het is juist leuk om zelf iets unieks te maken en te bouwen in plaats van dat je voor standaard oplossingen gaat. Dit soort projecten, hoe klein of groot ze ook zijn, geven veel voldoening en plezier. En dat is toch waar we het voor doen?

Now do you enjoy making your own sim racing DIY projects? Then check out our wide range of inspiring articles Or check out the website of Pokornyi Engineering for more cool DIY projects.

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