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Fanatec has a clear mission. And that is to make the Fanatec ecosystem more sustainable AND more affordable. And all this without sacrificing anything that makes Fanatec so popular. High Quality sim racing equipment where innovation is key. The German company now comes to the market with something very special. New revolutionary Fanatec CSL pedals. What exactly that means, you can read below!

Fanatec CSL pedals

Fanatec CSL pedals are a set of high-quality racing pedals designed for use with racing simulators and other simulation games. The pedals are designed to be used with Fanatec's racing wheels and provide a realistic racing experience for gamers.

The CSL pedals feature three pedals - an accelerator pedal, brake pedal and clutch pedal - each with adjustable resistance and all-metal construction for maximum durability. The pedals also feature advanced technologies, such as Hall-effect sensors and Load Cell technology, that provide precise and responsive operation.

In addition, CSL pedals are compatible with various gaming platforms and systems, including PC, PlayStation and Xbox, giving gamers a wide choice of games to play.

Overall, the Fanatec CSL pedals are an excellent choice for gamers looking for a realistic and accurate racing experience. The pedals offer high-quality construction, advanced technology and compatibility with a wide range of gaming platforms.

Creating the ultimate load cell pedals

With this mission in mind, the designers at Fanatec went to the drawing board for the ultimate goal. To make affordable load cell pedals with the same durability, precision and quality as the pedals from the higher price segment. In other words, without compromises at a lower price point. This finally resulted in the new Fanatec CSL pedals. No shortcuts. No forgery. But with Pure performance. Exactly as you have come to expect from Fanatec.

Specifications of new Fanatec CSL pedals

Some specifications and USPs at a glance:

  • All-metal construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Very low entry price with multiple options to upgrade
  • Contactless Hall sensors with high resolution (12-bit!)
  • Load Cell Kit for professional braking feel (optional)
  • Optional clutch kit
  • Optional Tuning Kit with aluminum pedal plates

Two versions of the CSL Pedals

Fanatec is launching no less than two variants of the new CSL pedals. Starting at only ? 79,95 you have the standard version. These are a perfect addition to the new CSL DD and a great way to get started with sim racing! Fanatec has not yet announced prices for the optional version with load cell technology and tuning kit but this is expected to cost around ?200.

What makes the Fanatec CSL pedals unique?

There are several factors that make the Fanatec CSL pedals unique:

  1. Advanced technologies:
    The CSL pedals feature advanced technologies such as Hall-effect sensors and Load Cell technology, which provide precise and responsive operation. For example, Load Cell technology makes the brake pedal much more sensitive, making it possible to control braking very precisely and regulate brake pressure in detail.
  2. Adjustable Resistance: The pedals have adjustable resistance for each pedal, allowing you to adjust the resistance to your personal preference. This allows you to adjust the pedals to your playing style and provides a realistic experience.
  3. All-metal construction: The CSL pedals are built with all-metal construction for maximum durability and quality. This means the pedals can withstand frequent use and abrasiontage, and will last for years.
  4. Compatibility: The CSL pedals are compatible with a variety of gaming platforms and systems, including PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This means you can use the pedals with a wide range of games and simulators.

All these factors make the Fanatec CSL pedals unique and an excellent choice for gamers looking for a realistic and accurate racing experience.

More to come!

The CEO of Fanatec, Thomas Jackermeier, gives a very clear hint, by the way ('We are not done yet') that much more news awaits us. I can hardly wait! Are you also curious what new innovations Fanatec will soon come up with? For now there is nothing else to do but wait. In the meantime I am enjoying the TrueBrake Load Cell Mod on my Logitech G29 ?

UPDATE: Fanatec is holding firm and coming out with a very cool new product: the Bentley GT3.

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