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Retrieved from friday, november 24 it's Black Friday again! And that's the day when you can find lollygagging super good sim racing deals you can find! Well-known brands, such as Fanatec, offer special discounts and gigantically competitive prices for sim racing gear every year on Black Friday. In particular, the Fanatec Black Friday 2023 deals are always something special to look forward to all year.

Don't want to wait until Friday, Nov. 24? No problem!!! Because most brands are unpacking fantastic Black Friday Deals throughout the month of November. So don't wait too long and score your best sim racing black friday deal today! In this article we take you through all the current promotions. Let's go!

Fanatec Black Friday 2023 (THEY ARE THERE!)

Fanatec has just released its new Fanatec Black Friday 2023 deals announced! And they are huge this year. From Friday, November 17 through Friday, November 24, you have new deals every day! Stay tuned and keep an eye on us! But one thing is for sure, also this year the Fanatec big time again with her Fanatec Black Friday deals! So you definitely don't want to miss this!

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

fanatec black friday 2023

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #1

On Friday, Nov. 17, Fanatec announced its first three day deals. And what a deal! Today you will score no less than 3 fantastic deals that you absolutely don't want to miss. You can find today's deals below!

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #2

A new day, a new Fanatec Black Friday Deal! Today you will receive no less than €100 discount on the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2! The CSL Elite Pedals V2, equipped with Hall sensors on the accelerator and clutch pedal and an all-new load cell braking system, deliver impressive performance. The pedal arms, pedal surfaces and heel rest are made of cast and machined aluminum, ensuring durability.

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

fanatec csl elite v2 black friday

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #3

Day 3 of the Fanatec Black Friday Deals! And today you'll receive a whopping 43% discount on the Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5! The ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5 is an essential part of the Fanatec ecosystem, thanks to its excellent H-pattern shifting feel, fast switching to sequential mode and overall ease of use, making it an incredibly popular product. The ClubSport USB adapter is free added as part of this special Black Friday Deal! So shift gears quickly and grab this deal!

Fanatec ClubSport Shifter Black Friday

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #4

A fresh Fanatec Black Friday offer announces itself with Monday, Nov. 20's deals! After last Friday's impressive Podium DD deal, Fanatec today introduces the exclusive Limited Edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 23 Edition. Being quick is the message, because there are but 2023 copies available! Also, the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 hugely discounted. This Ultimate Bundle is now available for only $299.95.

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Fanatec ClubSport F1 23 Limited Edition

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #5

It's already the fifth day of the Fanatec Black Friday Deals! Today you will receive the Fanatec CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro Upgrade Kit for only € 169.95! That's a whopping 49% discount!

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Fanatec CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro Upgrade Kit Black Friday

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #6

Fanatec has again announced some very attractive Black Friday deals on the sixth day of its Fanatec Black Friday Deals, with discounts as high as no less than 80%! In the spotlight today are the new Quick Release 2 (QR2) products.

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Fanatec QR2 Black Friday

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #7

Day 7 of the Fanatec Black Friday Deals promises a lot of good things with some very interesting offers and discounts today as high as 75%. This is the time to invest in top quality racing accessories and take your racing experience to the next level! Today's deals are:

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Fanatec Black Friday Deals #8

On the eighth day of the Fanatec Black Friday Deals, coinciding with the official Black Friday, Fanatec once again presents a series of very attractive offers. This day marks a culmination of their series of spectacular discounts and special promotions that today are especially focused on steering wheels. Here are today's actions!

Fanatec Regions: Fanatec EU | Fanatec USA | Fanatec Japan | Fanatec Australia

Other Sim Racing Black Friday 2023 Deals!

In addition to Fanatec, there are plenty of other sim racing hardware manufacturers who are going big during Black Friday 2023. They offer fun discounts and great promotions, allowing you sim racing enthusiasts to find great deals! We list most of them for you.

Trak Racer Black Friday 2023 Deals

Trak Racer was one of the first to announce its Black Friday 2023 deals. For the entire month of November, you get as much as 15% discount On all Trak Racer products!

The Motor Racing Checklist

Good sim racing hardware is of course essential for setting good lap times on the track and winning. But what is even more important is good technique. Therefore, in addition to hardware, invest in coaching! This is guaranteed to make your lap times 5 tenths faster. The course 'The Motor Racing Checklist' by Suellio Almeida is undoubtedly the best sim racing course out there. If you buy The Motor Racing Checklist 1.0 containing more than 60 videos now you will get from November 24, 2023 FREE an upgrade to The Motor Racing Checklist 2.0.

As an exclusive partner, we may offer as many as 30% discount give on this fantastic must-have course. To do so, use the code 'SIMRACINGHUB30' during checkout.

TREQ Black Friday 2023 Deals

At TREQ score from November 20 10% discount on all products! So now is the time to make your move. Oh yeah, did you know that as a partner of TREQ throughout the year we have 5% discount may give on all their products? That way, in addition to Black Friday, you'll always score a good deal at TREQ. Just use the code 'simracinghub' during checkout!

Sim Lab Black Friday 2023 Deals

Besides Fanatec also picks up Sim Lab out with discounts of 10% on the whole range. This applies to cockpits, accessories and controls such as the Sim Lab XB1 Handbrake that we recently released as a best sim racing handbrake have tested.

EPLAB Sim Racing Black Friday 2023 Deals

A new and relatively unknown player in the sim racing market is EPLAB. This fanatical Italian makes premium sim racing accessories including button boxes, displays and lap timers. He does this with passion using only the best materials for a premium look. Also with Black Friday you get with the code ''BF15%' no less than 15% discount on the entire range!

GSI Black Friday 2023 Deals

Our friends from Gomez Sim Industries (GSI) are also packing huge punch this year with as many as 15% discount on all their guns! If you choose GSI then you are choosing unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Would you like the GSI Hyper P1, the new Hyper SL or at least the X-29 as a weapon? Now is the time to grab these deals.

GSI Black Friday Deals

In the meantime...

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Can't wait? Fanatec also currently has very interesting ready-2-race bundles that are very competitively priced. Want to hit a good deal right now? Then be sure to check out Fanatec's current promotions.

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