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Simagic recently released the new Simagic GT Neo introduced to the general public. The Simagic GT Neo sets a new standard in the world of sim racing. This advanced wheel is designed to offer exceptional performance and realism, providing an unparalleled driving experience. With its high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, the GT Neo is a must-have for any serious sim racer. In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about Simagic's new flagship; the GT Neo!

Simagic GT Neo

The stylish GT Neo is an advanced 300mm diameter lightweight Formula/GT racing wheel made from premium materials, including a carbon fiber shell and leather-clad grips. The wheel is equipped with a wide range of features, including 2 aluminum thumb encoders, 4x 12-bit rotary encoders, 2 7-way switches, 10 customizable RGB buttons and a 15-part LED speed display.

At the rear are 2 or 4 Hall Effect shift/clutch paddles. The handlebars are optionally available with Maglink, allowing the use of 3rd party wheelbase units with 50mm and 70mm quick disconnects.

The recently launched GT Neo is available for ? 359. Patience is being tested, however, as the launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024! Meanwhile, take a look at the image below and get convinced of the splendor of this Simagic steering wheel.

Specifications of the GT Neo

  • Lightweight ? Fast and Agile The GT Neo is designed for speed and agility, thanks to its lightweight design. This makes it a perfect choice for sim racers who make every millisecond count.
  • Carbon Fiber Composites ? High Strength The use of carbon fiber composites ensures high strength and durability of the handlebars while keeping the weight down. This material is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the handlebars during intense racing sessions.
  • Ergonomic Design ? Exceptional Handling The GT Neo's ergonomic design provides exceptional handling. This means you can race comfortably for hours without fatigue, with full control of your vehicle.
  • 2 Aluminum Thumb Encoders Equipped with two aluminum thumb coders, the GT Neo provides additional functionality at your fingertips, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and efficiently while racing.
  • 4 Rotary Encoders The four rotary encoders on the GT Neo offer advanced control over your vehicle settings, allowing you to further refine your performance.
  • 2 7-Way Switches With two 7-way switches, you have even more options to customize and optimize your racing experience.
  • 10 Customizable RGB Buttons The GT Neo is equipped with ten customizable RGB buttons, which not only allow you to set functions to your liking, but also personalize your handlebars.

Features of Maglink

  • Seamless Software Connection! Maglink provides a seamless connection between your handlebars and the base, making software integration flawless.
  • Expand Your Ecosystem With Maglink, you can easily expand your racing ecosystem by effortlessly connecting different handlebars and accessories.
  • Revolutionary Patent Magnetic Connection Design Maglink's revolutionary magnetic connection design makes it easy and instantaneous to connect your handlebars and wheelbase.
  • Plug & Play Maglink is designed for ease of use with plug-and-play functionality so you can start racing quickly and easily.
  • Better Data Transfer Thanks to Maglink, you have better data transfer capability, essential for tracking real-time telemetry and adjusting settings.
  • Supports Modular Wheel Display Telemetry Expand your racing experience with modular wheel view telemetry supported by Maglink's advanced capabilities.
  • Better Stability than Type-C Connection Maglink offers better stability than a Type-C connection, ensuring a reliable and constant connection during every race.


The Simagic GT Neo steering wheel exceeds the standard and offers many interesting features, functionalities and fantastic design. Thanks to its advanced technology, robust materials and perfect integration with various racing platforms, the GT Neo is at the top for dedicated sim racers. Get ready to take the lead with the Simagic GT Neo! Place your pre-order now for the new Simagic GT Neo.

Wilco Verhaegh

Over 18 years ago, my passion for sim racing began with Grand Prix 4. My passion for racing, motorsport photography and gaming knows no bounds. With, I capture race cars on film. In addition, I am proud of my book "Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing," in which I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring sim racers worldwide!


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