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Sim Racing Dashboard

A sim racing dashboard adds a new dimension to sim racing on your sim rig. This piece of hardware is great for displaying telemetry, lap times, positions, tire pressure and much more! Purchasing an off-the-shelf sim racing dashboard can add up pretty quickly. Prices range between ? 150 and ? 350 euros.

Another option is to make your own sim dashboard. This is much cheaper and easier than you think. All you need is an old tablet or cell phone, your sim-pc and Simhub. In this article, I will take you step by step how to convert your old iPhone or tablet into a sim racing dashboard yourself.

Sim Racing Dashboard from SimRacingAddict.


SimHub is a clever piece of software that lets you add external hardware to your simulator. From dashboards to bass shakers and a whole lot more with homemade hardware controlled by an Arduino board. It's amazing to see how powerful this software is, how many problems it solves and how much realism it adds to your sim rig.

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Here's how to create your own sim racing dashboard in 5 steps

Fortunately, to convert your old mobile device into a sim racing dashboard, you don't need to have a programming background. It is really child's play and super fast!

Step 1: Download and install SimHub

To create a sim racing dashboard for your old tablet or mobile, you must first install SimHub. This software is free, but you can make a small donation for premium features. Once you install this software, go to "Games" and choose your simulation game. SimHub automatically detects when you start this game.


Step 2: Go to Dash Studio and choose a sim racing dashboard

Then on the left side of the menu, go to "Dash Studio. Here you will find tons of free dashboards you can start with. Choose one and click on it to get started.

Sim Racing Dashboard

Step 3: Select the "To a phone or tablet" option.

Once you have made a choice and clicked on a dashboard, choose the option "To a phone or tablet" in the drop down. You will then see the pop-up below:

SimHub Sim Racing Dashboard

Step 4: Connect with your cell phone or tablet

Select or type the IP address (including the port number at the end) and open it in the browser on your phone or tablet. Don't want to manually type the address? Then scan the QR code with the camera of your cell phone or tablet.

Next, select the dashboard of your choice on your mobile device and click on the 'full screen' option. Your sim racing dash is now ready to use and comes to life as soon as you start your favorite sim, such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione or Automobilista 2, for example!

Step 5: Attach and race away!

The final step, of course, is to attach your new sim dash to or on your sim rig. A common option to do this is to purchase a (Fanatec) phone mount. This allows you to attach your old mobile device to your wheelbase.

Tip: check out Etsy. Here are many relatively inexpensive options for connecting your phone to your Fanatec wheelbase confirm!

Wilco Verhaegh

For over 15 years I have been a passionate sim racer. My love for racing, motorsport photography and gaming are boundless. I am also proud of my book "Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing," in which I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring sim racers worldwide!