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In the amazing world of sim racing, there are several apps that you absolutely need to take your racing experience to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned sim racer or just starting out, the right apps can make all the difference in honing your skills, optimizing your setup AND adding an extra layer of fun to sim racing. In this article, we explore the six best sim racing apps that can help any racer get the most out of your simulation experience. Discover how these apps vary in functionality and application, and learn why they are considered indispensable within the exciting world of simulation racing. Ready for our top six? Let's go!

#1 SimHub

SimHub is an absolute must-have app! If you race on a PC, then you simply cannot do without this app. SimHub is a versatile software application designed specifically for gamers and simulation racing enthusiasts. The goal of SimHub is to enhance the racing experience by adding additional information and functionality to various simulation games.

Among other things, SimHub allows you to create custom dashboards create, both on their monitor and physically with external devices such as Arduino-based displays. For example, with SimHub you configure your (home-made) wind simulator, button box, flag spotters or bass shaker setup. It offers vastly advanced settings and capabilities to fine-tune your favorite game and hardware for an optimal racing experience. With the ability to work with various simulation platforms, SimHub is an essential addition for anyone looking to personalize and optimize their sim racing experience.

SimHub is a (free) tool, but also offers the option to become Premium for a donation. SimHub's goal is to keep sim racing affordable and fun. As a result, you have the freedom to choose the license price. This makes the software accessible to a wider audience. This approach helps promote the community and encourage people to enjoy the benefits of SimHub. As far as we are concerned, this is absolutely worth the money and in doing so, you are supporting the developers who have created an absolute killer app!

#2 Racelab Apps

At number two on our list is Racelab. Do you race a lot in iRacing? Then this app is really for you. Racelab is a handy application with tools designed to enhance your simulation racing experience. It includes many different overlays to fine-tune your driving, intelligent layouts that adapt to the cars you race, an extensive community-driven setup library, rich data for iRacing series, dedicated streaming tools and more.

Racelab App

The overlays in Racelab are beautiful, with a simple and minimal design and easy to scan. With plenty of customization options to use your data effectively and adjust it to your personal preference and style. Some popular overlays include:

  • Stands
  • Fuel Calculator
  • Input telemetry
  • Flags
  • Track Map
  • Blind spot indicator
  • Session timer
  • Radar

The basic variant of the app is free and limits you to using up to 10 overlays and limited features, among other things. For the Professional variant, you pay about ? 3.90 per month and gives you access to all features.

#3 CrewChief

CrewChief is a very popular and indispensable app into the world of sim racing. It acts as a virtual race engineer, providing drivers with important information and assistance while racing. Thus, in the heat of battle you get very useful information from your own race engineer. If you do well then your engineer motivates you. If you do less on the track and make a lot of mistakes, you will be told that too.

The application provides drivers with vital information during racing, such as lap times, position, fuel level and tire weartage. What sets CrewChief apart is the strategy advice it offers, including recommendations for pit stops based on race conditions and car performance. The app also informs about the technical condition of the car, such as engine problems, brakes and more. Voice recognition allows drivers to give voice commands without taking their hands off the wheel. CrewChief supports several simulation platforms, including iRacing, Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2, and offers customizable settings to configure the app according to personal preferences. The emphasis on realism, with natural and human conversations, adds to the overall immersion and enhances the driving experience in simulation racing.

#4 Track Titan

Track Titan is the tool for sim racers who want to improve their performance. This innovative app takes your driving experience to new heights through detailed data analysis and personalized coaching. With Track Titan, you can significantly improve your performance as a sim racer. It not only offers speed improvements of at least 5 tenths, but also a community platform for sharing tips and participating in online competitions. Track Titan is more than a sim racing tool; it is an indispensable companion for every serious racer.

The app provides detailed data analysis, giving you insight into specific areas where you can improve. The benefit of Track Titan lies not only in increasing your speed, with improvements of at least 5 tenths, but also in personalized coaching based on your driving style and performance. In addition, it acts as a community platform, allowing you to connect with other racers, share tips and participate in online competitions. Track Titan is a must-have app for serious racers because of its versatility and ability to transform the overall driving experience.

As a partner of Track Titan we have a special offer for all our readers. Use the code ?SIMRACINGHUB? and you not only get the standard 14 days, but even 30 days FREE access to Track Titan. In addition, you will also receive 30% discount! That's nice, right!

Track Titan

#5 Lovely Dashboard

When you think of sim racing dashboards, you quickly come up with Lovely Dashboard. This is one of the most popular and best sim racing dashboards right now. It is a free, versatile and richly featured SimHub dashboard (DDU) and ecosystem. In SimHub, you can assign Lovely Dashboard to any digital screen or as an overlay. The dashboard is used by thousands of simracers around the world. That makes Lovely Dashboard an indispensable part of any sim racing setup. From professionals like Tony Kanaan to beginners, Lovely Dashboard provides the best and most consistent information for all simulators.

The Lovely Dashboard provides standard support for many sim racing games, but will work with ANY simulator that provides standard data to SimHub. At least the following games are supported: Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Automobilista 2, rFactor 2 and Formula 1.

lovely dashboard

#6 Trading Paints

Trading Paints is a fantastic platform that allows drivers to fully customize and add unique livery designs to their virtual race cars. The platform acts as a community where sim racers can share their creations and discover other custom designs during online races.

trading paints

Trading Paints allows users to create an account for free and use basic features, such as creating personalized livery designs for their virtual race cars. The platform is exclusive and exclusive to iRacing. For more advanced features and capabilities, Trading Paints also offers a paid premium version. With a premium account, users gain access to additional tools and options, including the ability to save unlimited livery designs, view advanced statistics and participate in exclusive competitions.

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All in all, Trading Paints is a versatile platform that enhances the visual experience of sim racing by providing the ability to create unique livery's, to share and explore. Whether you are a casual racer who uses basic features for free or an avid driver who wants access to more advanced features, Trading Paints has something to offer every sim racer and - if you are an avid user of iRacing - is a must-have application!

Last Word: Best Sim Racing Apps

These six top-notch apps put the virtual racing world at your feet. Want to tweak and improve your lap times? Track Titan is standing by. Prefer to give your car a trendy look? Trading Paints is your go-to. And for cozy pit chat and helpful tips while racing? CrewChief is your virtual racing buddy.

Whether you are a novice driver or have already covered a lot of virtual miles, these apps are sure to take your racing experience to the next level. So download these best sim racing apps today. Do you think I forgot something in this list? Then feel free to let me know via any of our social media channels!


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