About us

Welcome to SimRacingHub.nl! My name is Wilco Verhaegh, founder and owner of this platform. Three years ago I started this platform out of a pure passion for sim racing. In this I have more than 15 years of experience! From a young age, I was fascinated by motorsports and the feeling of speed. My love for motorsports, combined with my passion for gaming, led me to the world of sim racing. As a sim racer, I constantly challenged myself to improve my skills and beat my competitors.

Passion for (sim) racing

In addition to racing myself, I am also an avid motorsports photographer at Motorsport-Pictures.com, always looking for the perfect photo that captures the energy and excitement of the race. My passion for sim racing and motorsports has also inspired me to share my knowledge with others.

Writer and Author

As a writer and author, I have published book 'Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing' written, in which I share my experiences and techniques to help others take their sim racing skills to the next level. I am determined to continue to combine my love of motorsports and gaming and inspire others to do the same.

We are the place from and by sim racers

We are therefore the place for the real and fanatic sim racing enthusiasts. You can find the latest news here, hardware information, reviews and more! We are a new and growing platform of sim racers and by sim racers.

We are here to bring together sim racers from around the world and provide them with the most complete information on all things sim racing. Whether it is the latest news, the best hardware, the latest games or inspiring DIY projects - with us you will find it all!

We share the passion for sim racing and want to share it with each other. Our goal is to become the largest and most inspiring community for sim racers, where everyone can learn, grow and enjoy this fantastic hobby!

Dallara 217 iracing

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world where sim racers of all levels come together to share their passion and inspire each other. With us, you will find not only the most complete information on sim racing, but also a community of passionate sim racers who are all out to better themselves.

Whether you're a novice racer looking for tips and tricks or an experienced professional looking to improve your skills, our platform offers something for everyone. With our platform, we aim to become the largest, most inspiring and innovative community for sim racers in the world. We are committed to encouraging the growth and development of this amazing sport and to creating a place where sim racers feel at home and where their passion is shared and celebrated!