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My simulator was – dacht ik – zo goed als compleet. Althans, dat dacht ik. Toen ik laatst trots m’n rig deelde op mijn social kanalen moest ik toch concluderen dat ik iets miste. Het voelde niet ‘af’. Gelukkig wist ik wat ik miste: een Speedy Rugs sim racing tapijt 😉 M’n sim voelt nu compleet en wat ben ik onwijs blij met het eindresultaat! Bekijk de transitie hieronder en oordeel zelf.

If you are active in the world of sim racing, it cannot have escaped your notice that many simulators feature these super cool carpets. I had to have these, I thought! And I don't regret that for a moment. The guys at Speedy Rug sent me one to test and asked me to write an honest review of their products.

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Speedy Rugs: who are they and what do they do?

Speedy Rugs is a relatively young company from Germany. It is a company born out of pure passion: motorsport. The company specialises in selling high-quality and handmade sim racing carpets. With this, it offers people an easy way to bring motorsport into their homes. And that, of course, includes your sim racing simulator!

Sim Racing 'Teppich'

Tobias and Fabian's young German company has mostly gained fame for their super cool sim racing 'Pit Lane' and Nürburgring carpets. All carpets, or 'Teppich' as it is so nicely called in German, are designed in Germany and produced in Belgium. With this, they deliver high-quality and varying styles, colours, patterns and sizes. Get inspired with the images below!

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Speedy Rugs makes a variety of products:

  • Doormats
  • Sim racing carpets / mats
  • Play mats
  • PC mats

Material and quality

The carpets are designed in Germany and are thus characterised by 'Deutsche gründlichkeit'. In other words: good and solid quality. And it is. The material feels very fine, soft and comfortable. The carpet is quite thin, but that does not detract from the quality. The super nice designs give your simulator a great look.

The carpets are all made in Belgium and consist of 100% polyamides. I had to look up exactly what this means myself, but this material ensures the highest quality and means that even after intensive use, the carpets will show no signs of weartage. A sim racing mat from Speedy Rugs is therefore a long-lasting investment. Some features:

  • 100% polyamide, which feels like soft velour
  • The back is made of robust grippy rubber
  • Tested according to the latest standards
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Suitable for underfloor heating (!)
  • Easy to clean with warm water
  • Fire resistance class: Cfl-s1 (low flammability)

Het grote voordeel, de robuuste gripvaste rubber, is ook direct het grote nadeel. Het koste mij enorm veel moeite om mijn simulator hier op te positioneren. Mijn sim rig is vrij zwaar en niet voorzien van wieltjes. Dit was dan ook een – frustrerende – uitdaging. Zorg er dan ook voor dat jouw Speedy Rugs sim racing tapijt meteen goed op staat. Schuiven en verschuiven is enorm lastig. Gelukkig is en was het eindresultaat het meer dan waard! 😉

Maintenance and cleaning

I myself have no experience with it yet, but Speedy Rugs itself says that the carpet is easy to clean. All you need for this is warm water. So don't use any aggressive cleaning agents. Regular vacuuming will keep it in top condition.

Discount Speedy Rugs

Want one of those super cool sim racing carpets under your simulator now? You can! As proud partner After all, from Speedy Rugs, we are allowed to offer only sweet 10% discount Give away on every order! What do you have to do for that? Nothing! Just use the discount code when ordering and you will immediately receive your benefit. Nice touch, right?

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Final verdict Speedy Rugs

The sim racing carpets from Speedy Rugs are a real eye-catcher for your sim. And in my sim, too, these are an absolute delight. The quality of the rugs and the soft fabric are super. Thanks to the non-slip underside, the mat stays firmly and securely in place. We are extremely enthusiastic! Are you too? Then race to the finish line now with your Speedy Rugs Sim Racing Carpet.


  • Wide range of cool designs
  • Premium materials
  • Price-quality ratio


  • Placement is very difficult due to the non-slip
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