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The world of simulation racing is all about the details, precision and excitement of racing. And if you are looking for a way to take that excitement to the next level, there is one product you should not miss: the SIMPUSH Lumirank Display. This super cool gadget is not just another accessory; it is the key to an immersive and realistic simulation racing experience you will never want to miss.

SIMPUSH has been kind enough to send us a copy so that we can test it extensively and share our findings with you. This review is completely objective and my personal opinion is in no way influenced by SIMPUSH.

Curious about what this innovative gadget has to offer and why it is an indispensable addition to any sim racing setup? Read on and find out why the SIMPUSH Lumirank Display will make your sim racing experience sensational!

SimPush Lumirank display

What is a Lumirank LED Display?

Let's first briefly explain what a Lumirank Display is for those not yet familiar with it. The SAS Lumirank DID_V 20 LED display, as it is officially called, was developed by German company SAS Technologies. A Lumirank display is an LED display designed specifically for use in racing sports, such as car racing or even simulation racing. The Lumirank LED Display is, like the Racelogic, perhaps the most popular and most important accessory in a real and virtual cockpit.

These displays are often used to display crucial race information such as lap times, positions, speeds and other relevant data such as flags on the track. They add to the racing experience by presenting real-time information in a clear and dynamic way. This allows drivers to know exactly if there is any danger on the track, such as a yellow flag in sector one, two or three, but also if they are on the last lap or if there is a 'Double Yellow'.

SimPush Lumirank Display

SIMPUSH Lumirank Display

The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display Unit is a high-quality replica of the famous Lumirank display used in professional racing. Vibrant and customisable, this LCD screen provides you with crucial information such as flags, lap times and fuel levels. With its sleek design and realistic look, it adds an immersive element to your sim racing setup.

As a dedicated sim racer, you are always looking for ways to improve your experience. The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display meets that need. This high-quality replica of the SAS Lumirank DID_V 20 is designed specifically for simracing. The advanced Lumirank LED display works seamlessly with SimHub and offers a range of impressive features to take your simulations to the next level.

What does the SimPush Lumirank Display cost?

The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display is available exclusively at AliExpress or eBay and offers impressive value for money. Priced at over €150, this advanced display is affordable and accessible to keen sim racers looking for a realistic racing experience.

SIMPUSH Lumirank Display

SimPush Lumirank display
  • CNC Aluminium Housing
  • Sharp and beautiful Colour Display
  • Superior build quality
  • Easy installation

What's in the Box?

The SIMPUSH Lumirank is carefully packed, firmly encased in bubble wrap to ensure optimal protection. Upon opening the box, you will find the SimPush Lumirank display, as well as a USB stick with the corresponding dashboard that you can import into SimHub. In addition, a mounting screw is included for easy installation.

This is what you can expect:

  • SIMPUSH Lumirank Display
  • USB stick with software
  • Fastening screw

SIMPUSH Lumirank Display Features

The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display is an impressive technological addition that makes all the difference in the world of simulation racing. With its advanced features and functionalities, this display offers an unparalleled experience for serious sim racers. From vivid visuals to crucial real-time information, the SIMPUSH Lumirank Display takes simulations to the next level. Let's take a closer look at the features that make this display so remarkable.

Durable CNC-milled aluminium design

The appearance of the SIMPUSH Lumirank LED Display is as impressive as its performance. This device is precision CNC-machined from high-quality automotive aluminium, making it not only durable, but also a beautiful piece of engineering to add to your sim racing setup. Its sleek design perfectly matches the aesthetics of serious sim racing.

The aluminium design is definitely one of the main advantages of this Lumirank replica from SIMPUSH. There are some alternatives of the Lumirank available, but they are all 3D printed. The quality of the SIMPUSH Lumirank is outstanding and impressive.

Easy installation and connection with just one USB cable

Installing the SIMPUSH Lumirank display is easy and can be done with the screw provided. There is a thread on the back of the display that allows you to effortlessly attach the Lumirank display to your favourite location in your sim rig.

Installing the SIMPUSH Lumirank is also a piece of cake. With just one USB cable, you connect it to your PC effortlessly. This minimises the hassle of cables and ensures you can quickly get started with your sim racing adventures.

Download SimHub and Install Dashboard

Downloading and installing the Lumirank dashboard is very easy. Import the Lumirank dashboard, which is on the USB stick provided, with one simple click. You can choose from two dashboards:

  • SIMPUSH Racing Lumirank V2 - this is the default dashboard containing all supported flags.
  • Lumirank by FullPace Sim Racing (Beta) - this beta dashboard has some very interesting additions, including fuel level or changes you make to your car's traction control or brake balance, for example.

Import both dashboards by clicking on them. These will now be displayed in SimHub loaded. Next, install the included Vocore screen drivers that are also on the included USB stick. Then open SimHub, and on the left-hand side in the navigation, click on 'Devices', click on the + and add a new device. Choose and select 'Vocore' from the list and assign the imported dashboard to the new display.

Razor-sharp display

One of the most striking features of the SIMPUSH Lumirank is its razor-sharp 800×480 pixel colour display. This display delivers stunningly realistic and sharp images and ensures that you can see every detail of your virtual races. The colour contrast of the display is also very nice.

Whether you are about to cross the finish line or take a corner at high speed, this display makes sure you don't miss a thing from the action on track. The sharp image with stunning contrast colours takes your sim racing experience to sensational heights. The fine and compact display stimulates your senses in a way that lets you experience the right information from the track in an immersive way.

The Complete Series of Flags

Whether you take part in a virtual Formula 1 race or any other form of simracing, the SIMPUSH Lumirank has all the flags you need to keep abreast of your racing status favourite SIM. From the green flag indicating the start to the black-and-white checkered flag marking the end of the race, you will never miss an important moment again. It's worth noting that which flags are supported varies from game to game. Below is a list of flags supported in all games.

Compact and space-saving design

Measuring just 103mm x 61mm x 20mm, the Replica Lumirank takes up little space in your sim racing cockpit. The SIMPUSH Lumirank has a compact design, but the screen is still large enough to display all information clearly.

SIMPUSH Lumirank: The pros and cons

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the SIMPUSH Lumirank Display to get a complete picture of this eye-catching gadget.


  • CNC Aluminium Housing
  • Sharp and beautiful Colour Display
  • Superior build quality
  • Easy Installation


  • Limited Sales Locations

Conclusion SIMPUSH Lumirank

If you are serious about simracing and looking for an accessory that can enhance your performance, the Lumirank replica from SIMPUSH is a must-have. Its strengths speak for themselves: with a robust aluminium casing, it offers durability and a stylish look. Its compact design fits perfectly into any setup without taking up much space. Moreover, its superior build quality demonstrates craftsmanship and precision. With its impressive 800×480 pixel colour display, durable aluminium housing and easy USB connection, it is the perfect addition to your sim racing setup.

I am very impressed with the exceptional quality that the Chinese manufacturer, SIMPUSH, has delivered with their Lumirank display. This is actually contrary to the usual image we have of buying products on AliExpress, which often has a negative image attached to it. However, SIMPUSH has proved otherwise with this superior quality product.

As a serious sim racer, I can confidently say that the SIMPUSH Lumirank is a valuable and wonderful addition Is to my racing setup. You will be amazed at the immersion and realism the SAS Lumirank DID_V 20 replica can offer to your sim racing adventures. The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display is without doubt the ultimate choice for your sim rig. Not for nothing, then, do we give this Lumirank replica a 4,5/5!

SIMPUSH Lumirank Display

Our verdict

Top Pick
SimPush Lumirank display

SIMPUSH Lumirank Display

The SIMPUSH Lumirank Display is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for your sim rig. With a robust aluminium casing, it offers a durable and stylish look. The compact design fits perfectly into any rig and the superior build quality is a testament to craftsmanship and precision.

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