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Simagic Q1S Sequential Shifter

These days, Simagic can't be left out of the world of sim racing. The Chinese manufacturer gained fast and widespread brand awareness with the introduction of the hugely popular Simagic Sequential Shifter Q1. Since a few months, the company has added a smaller and cheaper variant: the Simagic Q1S.

I have been using the Q1S for several months now. So a good time to share my experiences with you. In this article, I will take you through my findings step by step. Among other things, I tell you why I chose the Simagic Q1S. Is this one of the best sequential shifters on the market? In this article, we will answer that question. Are you curious? Then read on quickly!

Who is Simagic?

Simagic is a Chinese manufacturer of sim racing hardware founded in 2018. The company developed its first product and founded the company over a three-year period. It then spent another three years developing a full ecosystem. During this period, the company grew rapidly and introduced many innovations, such as wireless power supply and quick release, which is now the industry standard.

Simagic focuses on providing a great user experience. With a wide range of high-end sim racing products, the company has now become a full-fledged ecosystem and is a serious competitor of, among others Moza and Fanatec.

With premium and high-end products such as Alpha Mini Direct Drive wheelbases, FX Pro Formula Xtreme Pro, the P2000-R pedal set and the new Simagic shifter DS-8X shifter, they have an ever-expanding range of premium sim racing hardware.

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Simagic Q1S review

The Simagic Q1S is the smaller version of the well-known Q1. This lightweight model offers all the essential functions of a sequential gear lever, including the neutral position. Designed specifically for use in racing simulators, the Q1S allows you to experience the full sensation of a sequential mechanical gearbox. In this, they have absolutely succeeded!

This gear lever has a mechanical "dog-box" style mechanism. This innovative system gives you a solid feeling that lets you know the gear lever has done its job. This feeling and sound can be called sublime!


The gear lever has an adjustable spring tension. This adjustable cam system allows you to adjust the mechanical feel of the shifter to your preferences. The Simagic Q1S sequential gear lever is made of strong 5mm machined aluminium and has a solid 78mm long handle. The design looks simple and sleek. The finish and choice of materials are fantastic. You can clearly see from the finish that you are dealing with a premium product and high-quality materials here.

There is a USB port on both sides so cables can be laid on the left or right side. I personally find this very convenient and cleverly thought out! Another great advantage of this shifter is that it is plug-and-play. So it does not require any software to work.

It comes with a 78mm handle as standard. Personally, I find this one a bit on the small side. For around ? 30, an extra long 120mm handle can be ordered separately.

Key features:

  • Full aluminium frame and handle
  • Button lever for neutral gear
  • Adjustable resistance system
  • USB cable connection
Simagic Q1S sequential shifter

Montage and use

We featured the Simagic Sequential Shifter Q1S on our Sim-Lab P1-X simrig mounted using the montagem material provided. Mounting is very easy with the included t-lock nuts and M6 bolts. Getting rid of the included USB cable was easy and quick as the Q1S is equipped with two crystal sockets. Then all we had to do was plug in the USB cable and we were ready-to-roll! My PC running Windows 11 recognised the shifter automatically, which is nice because you don't need any software packages or drivers.

What is the difference between the Simagic Q1 and the Q1S?

The difference between the Simagic Q1 and the Q1S sequential shifter is minimal. The Q1S costs ? 279 euros while for the Simagic Q1 you pay ? 399 euros. The only big difference between the Q1S and the Q1 are the dimensions and that the bigger brother has an LED shift indicator and three map-able buttons.

Why I chose the Q1S

After reading the necessary reviews on the internet, my choice still fell on the Simagic Q1S. The reason for this is the cheaper price on the one hand, but on the other hand the many stories I read about the LED display not functioning properly. This is because it does not sync in-game, so there is a chance that the shift indicator runs out-of-sync. I personally found this a huge disappointment and a missed opportunity by Simagic.

The map-able buttons have icons (light, neutral, wiper and a triangle) that are not customisable. Again, I personally find this a shame and a missed opportunity. These two cons made me decide to go for the Q1S and I haven't regretted this for a moment! I don't miss the LED switching indicator, as I use flag spotters. And buttons I also have more than enough since I use a homemade button box ?

Final verdict Simagic Q1S

The Simagic Q1S is a great product and gives a lot of extra experience to racing in your simulator. I must honestly admit that I don't use it very often. This is not because I don't like the product. On the contrary! I mainly race in open-wheel, endurance or GT3 cars using the flippers on my car. Fanatec Mclaren GT3 steering wheel.

Every now and then, I start up Automobilista 2, one of my favourite sims, and pick a car with sequential shifter to go for a spin or the track! This puts a giant smile on my face every time. The throw and punch of the Simagic Q1S are fantastic, and the sound is also a treat for your ears. Using a this sequential shifter gives you an immensely powerful feeling that keeps all the brute force and horsepower on the track. This is truly a fantastic experience.

In terms of design, the Simagic is one of the nicest shifters on the market. Unfortunately, I cannot compare the Q1S to other shifters (yet). Another plus point of the Q1S is the dual USB port, so you can easily mount it on the left or right. And with the included allen key, you can adjust the shifter in terms of sound and power to your personal preference. This system works very intuitively and pleasantly! As far as we are concerned, the Simagic Q1S is therefore an absolute top!


  • Plug & Play
  • Simplistic and strong design
  • Dual USB port
  • Price
  • Switch sound


  • Relatively expensive

Buy Simagic Q1S

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