The TREQ One, your ultimate partner in simracing. With robust construction, universal compatibility and versatile customisation options, this cockpit provides the perfect foundation for an immersive racing experience.

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TREQ ONE: The ultimate Simrace cockpit

The TREQ One is not just another sim racing cockpit; it is the embodiment of dedication to the art of racing. Whether you are a seasoned sim racer or just starting your virtual racing adventure, this cockpit is designed to meet all your expectations and take your racing experience to new heights.

TREQ ONE: Robust Construction for Durability

The TREQ One is built like a fortress, ready to withstand the most demanding racing sessions. With a solid base and high-quality materials, this cockpit is designed to last a lifetime, no matter what forces you put on it. No compromises when it comes to stability.

Universal Compatibility

One of the TREQ One's most striking features is its universal compatibility. Whether you already have a favourite set of racing wheel, pedals and accessories, or you plan to expand your racing equipment in the future, this cockpit adapts seamlessly. It doesn't matter if it's Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster, Simucube, or any other brand; the TREQ One welcomes them all.

Adjustable Pedal Deck for Optimal Comfort

The pedal deck of the TREQ One is not only universally compatible, but also designed with ergonomics in mind. Adjustable pedal spacings allow you to position your pedals exactly as you want, for optimal comfort and performance. No compromises when it comes to your pedal set-up.

TREQ ONE Adjustable Wheel montageoptions

Whether you have a Fanatec-, Thrustmaster-, Simucube- or any other steering wheel, the TREQ One has several montagem options to suit your needs. From standard wheel decks to specific montagem options for different steering wheels, this cockpit offers flexibility without equal.

TREQ ONE compatibility

Whether you are a PC-based racer or prefer to play on a gaming console, the TREQ One is ready for you. It is compatible with a range of gaming platforms, so you can play your favourite racing games regardless of your preference. However, keep in mind that compatibility may vary depending on the wheel and pedal set used.

Cable management and cover slats

To make your racing experience even more streamlined, the TREQ One comes with handy cable management tools and pre-installed cover slats to keep everything neat and tidy.