The TREQ ACE is the ultimate simulation racing cockpit. With a base made of 160 x 40 mm profiles, a reinforced steering bridge and an incredibly strong pedal deck, this frame will last a lifetime, no matter what forces you put on it.

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Meet the TREQ ACE, the ultimate sim racing rig for dedicated racers. With a 160 x 40 mm profile base, a reinforced steering bridge and an incredibly sturdy pedal deck designed for durability, this rig will serve you for a lifetime, no matter what forces you apply to it.

TREQ ACE Sim Racing Cockpit

The TREQ ACE, not just a racing cockpit, but a versatile partner. It integrates seamlessly with various brands, from Logitech to Fanatec and Simucube, and many more. This cockpit makes no distinction when it comes to pedals. With a universally compatible pedal deck, you can install any pedal set of your choice. This sim racing platform opens up a world of possibilities for drivers.

TREQ ACE compatibility

Maar dat is nog niet alles! De TREQ ACE functioneert feilloos met zowel pc’s als spelconsoles. Of je nu iRacing op je pc speelt of liever Gran Turismo op je PlayStation, deze cockpit is je betrouwbare metgezel. Houd er echter rekening mee dat de compatibiliteit met gamingplatforms en games kan variëren, afhankelijk van je gekozen stuur- en pedaalset.

The design of the pedal deck makes this rig compatible with all common pedal units on the market, and no matter how hard you hit the brake, the rig will not flex. This means you can mount anything from Logitech to Heusinkveld and more. The pedal deck features convenient levers for easy and quick adjustment of pedal distance.

TREQ ACE montage options

We offer multiple options for the montage of your handlebars.

  • The Standard Steering Wheel Cover is designed to accommodate the most popular handlebars on the market. It is made of 5mm thick powder-coated steel and we supply the bolts to attach your base to it. The deck's drilling pattern is compatible with the following handlebars:
    • Logitech: G25, G27, G29, G920, G923
    • Thrustmaster: T150, T300, T500, TX, TMX, TS-XW
    • Fanatec: DD1, DD2, CSL DD, CSW v1, v2 and v2.5, Elite, CSL DD GT Pro
    • AccuForce: V1, V2
    • Moza: R9, R16
  • The drilling pattern of the Front Mount Steering Wheel montage is compatible with:
    • Simucube: Sport, Pro, Ultimate
    • Simagic: Alpha, Alpha Mini
  • The drilling pattern of the Fanatec DD Side Mount Steering Wheel montage is compatible with:
  • The drill pattern of the Fanatec CSL DD Side Mount Steering Wheel montage is compatible with:

Bij dit rig zijn kabelbeheertools en vooraf geïnstalleerde blauwe afdeklatten inbegrepen.