Simagic Q1 Shifter


The Simagic Q1 Shifter allows you to accurately mimic the sensations of a mechanical sequential gearbox. Thanks to the adjustable cam system, you can adjust the mechanical feel of shifting. The shifter is also equipped with a gear display and four configurable backlit buttons.


Simagic Q1 Sequential Shifter

Have you ever dreamed of a driving experience that seems so real you almost forget you are at home? The Simagic Q1 Sequential Shifter makes this possible. This shifter, born out of intensive research and development, is a masterpiece created especially for driving simulators. But what makes the Simagic Q1 so special?

The Heart of Innovation: The Simagic Q1 Closer Look

What immediately stands out about the SIMAGIC Q1 is its unique adjustable cam system. This system allows you to completely customise the feedback of shifting. So you can adjust the shifting feel until it suits your style perfectly.

A Step Forward in Realism

The SIMAGIC Q1 is not just another shifter. It is a step forward in the world of sim racing. This device mimics the experience of a real mechanical sequential gearbox. The result? An unparalleled realistic driving experience.

Why choose the Simagic Q1 Sequential Shifter?

  1. Adaptability: Set the mechanical feedback exactly how you want it.
  2. Realism: Experience the feel of a real race car.
  3. Sustainability: Built to last, even under heavy use.

For whom is the Simagic Q1 intended?

Whether you are a novice sim racer or have been racing for years, the Simagic Q1 Shifter is for anyone who wants to take their racing experience to the next level. This shifter offers something for every racing enthusiast. The Simagic Q1 Sequential Shifter is a gamechanger in the world of sim-racing. With its customisable feedback and realistic experience, it is the perfect addition to any setup. Want to experience the feel of a real race car from the comfort of your own home AND an LED display? Then the Simagic Q1 is the choice for you. Would you prefer a more stripped-down version without LED display? Then opt for the Simagic Q1S Shifter.