Sim Racing Rally Wheel DIY Files


Rally, rallycross, GT, or Cup cars? This Rally Button Box from Pokornyi Engineering is a perfect choice for all these disciplines! The DIY manual included in the package explains each process step by step, from getting the parts to the final montage.


Pokornyi Engineering Rally DIY Files

This advanced Rally DIY Button Box from Pokornyi Engineering is perfect for all rally, rallycross or cup cars. With this handy button box for the steering wheel, you have all the necessary buttons at your fingertips!


? Front panel of 4 mm carbon fibre

? Dimensions: 178×114 mm

? RGB button and dial lighting (SimHub control)

? 2x Funky (7-way) switch

? 3x rotary encoders with pressure function

? Optional magnetic paddle shifter (design included)

? Support for double clutch (clutch design not included)

? Compatible with 70mm PCD Quick-Releases


? Detailed step-by-step DIY manual (43 pages)

? Full BOM (component list with links)

? Files for 3D printing (.stl)

? Files for the production of carbon fibre parts (.step)

? Design of carbon shifter with shifter plate

? Ready to order manufacturing files for custom PCB

? Firmware for the PCB (binary only)

? Sticker designs (printable .pdf and vector included)


? Fanatec (with Podium HUB or SRM emulator)

? Simucube (with SQR)

? Simagic (with Simagic QR)

? MOZA (with Moza QR)

? Asetek SimSports (with Asetek QR)

? VRS DirectForce Pro

? Thrustmaster (with 70mm adapter)

? All other bases with a montagesystem of 70mm PCD

Sim Racing Rally Wheel DIY Files