LMP Sim Racing Wheel (LMPH Hypercar Wheel)


Meet the LMPH Hypercar Wheel from Pokornyi Engineering, the first and most realistic LMP sim racing steering wheel. Designed with precision and realism in mind, this unique steering wheel will take your sim racing experience to unprecedented heights!


LMP Sim Racing Wheel

Take sim racing realism and immersion to the next level with the first LMP Sim Racing Wheel and Hypercar sim racing steering wheel! Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, the LMPH Hypercar Wheel from Pokornyi Engineering features a 6mm thick carbon fibre front plate with 6061 aluminium components, and moulded UV-resistant silicone grips with specifications based on real racing cars.

The magnetic shift paddles with dual ignition switches and the dual clutch system, equipped with automotive hall sensors, ensure lightning-fast reaction times and seamless control of the car. With the integrated multi-bitepoint adjustment, you can not only fine-tune the clutch on the track, but also quickly switch between preset bitepoints.

The backlit buttons, with 2 telemetry-controllable buttons, the additional rear buttons, the six CTS encoders and the 7-way "funky" switch allow you to effortlessly access key functions while keeping your focus on the race.


LMPH Hypercar Wheel

Below is more information on the main features, contents and comptability of this LMP Sim Racing Wheel from Pokornyi Engineering.


? Front plate made of 6 mm thick carbon fibre
? Moulded UV-resistant silicone handles
? 6061 aluminium components
? Diameter of 300 mm, including HUB 1700 g
? 5-inch LCD VoCore display with Gorilla Glass protection
? 16x RGB LEDs
? Backlit buttons with 2 telemetry-controllable buttons
? Automotive Hall sensor double clutches
? Magnetic gearshift flippers with double ignition switches
? 6x CTS High-Detent encoders with aluminium knobs
? 7-way "Funky" switch
? 2x rear push buttons
? Secure-Conn Power Injector Box
? SimHub compatibility


? LMPH Sim Racing Steering Wheel
? Secure-Conn Power Injector Box
? Complicated USB cable
? 2x USB-B cable
? Sticker sheets
? Quick start guide
? Accessories (mon1TP3Equipment and tools)


? Fanatec (with Stage HUB or SRM emulator)
? Simucube (with SQR)
? Simagic (with Simagic QR)
? MOZA (with Moza QR)
? VRS DirectForce Pro
? Asetek Direct Drive wheelbases
? All other bases with 70 mm or 50.8 mm PCD-montagesystem