Build your own GTE PRO V2 steering wheel! Upon successful completion of your purchase, a download link for the wheel will be automatically sent to your email address.


Pokornyi Engineering GTE PRO V2

The GTE PRO V2 from Pokornyi Engineering is a realistic replica of a GTE PRO steering wheel. With this DIY kit, you will receive a digital file with which you can make this steering wheel step by step.


? 300mm diameter
? Full metal and carbon fibre structure
? 16x RGB LEDs
? 5″ 800×480 VoCore LCD display
? 8x rotary encoders (4 front + 4 side)
? Funky (7-way) switch (optional)
? 12x Backlight buttons
? Hall-sensor analog paddles with dual-clutch function (bite-point adjustable)
? Compatible with 70mm PCD QRs


? Step-by-step DIY build manual (53 pages)
? Full BOM (component list with links and recommendations)
? 3D printing files (.stl format, printable on min. 200x200mm bed)
? Carbon fibre plate machining files
? Plexiglass fabrication files (laser cut and UV printing)
? Ready to order files for PCB manufacturing (with instructions)
? Firmware for PCB (binary only)
? Sticker designs (printable, vector format)
? 2 different side rotary knob design


? Fanatec (with Podium HUB or SRM emulator)
? Simucube (with SQR)
? Simagic (with Simagic QR)
? MOZA (with Moza QR)
? Thrustmaster (with 70mm adapter)
? Any other bases with 70mm PCD mounting system