Fanatec DD Pro


The Fanatec DD Pro is a revolutionary racing wheel that puts serious simulation racers in ecstasy. With its direct drive technology and unparalleled precision, this steering wheel offers an incredibly realistic racing experience. The Fanatec GD DD Pro has a peak torque of 8 Nm and is available in different versions.

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Fanatec DD Pro: The ultimate choice for serious simulation racers

Are you a passionate simulation racer looking for a racing wheel that will take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than the Fanatec DD Pro. This advanced steering wheel is designed for serious gamers who strive for realism and precision in every turn. But what makes the Fanatec DD Pro so special? And why do so many sim racers swear by this steering wheel? Read on to find out.

Fanatec has launched the official Direct Drive wheelbase for Gran Turismo. This system combines the power of the PlayStation®5 system with advanced Fanatec Direct Drive technology to give you the smoothest and most dynamic force feedback experience.

Unrivalled racing experience

The Fanatec DD Pro offers an unrivalled racing experience. With its direct drive technology, you feel every steering movement and unevenness in the road. The wheel responds instantly and accurately, giving you complete control over your virtual car. Whether you are about to enter a sharp turn or want to make a quick acceleration, the Fanatec DD Pro gives you the feedback you need to make the right decisions.

But this is not all. The Fanatec DD Pro is also highly customisable. With its modular design, you can personalise the steering wheel and adapt it to your own preferences. From the size and material of the steering wheel rim to the strength of the force feedback, everything can be adjusted. This allows you to create the perfect setup to suit your driving style and preferences.

Are you ready to take your racing experience to new heights? Find out why the Fanatec DD Pro is the favourite choice of professional drivers and simulation racing enthusiasts around the world. Remember that only the best is good enough when it comes to your gaming adventures.

A technological revolution in gaming

In 2001, Gran Turismo 3 brought revolutionary force feedback technology to PlayStation®. Now, in conjunction with the development of the CSL DD, Gran Turismo brings another ground-breaking wheelbase to the mass market: the Direct Drive.

Fanatec DD Pro: there is no turning back

Because the steering wheel is mounted directly to the motor shaft, there is no use of belts or gears that weaken the force feedback effects. Direct Drive is the undisputed choice of professional drivers and passionate sim racers, and is now available to a wider audience.

Fanatec DD Pro with incredible power

The Gran Turismo DD Pro wheelbase package comes with the Boost Kit 180, a powerful 180W power supply that exploits the full potential of the direct drive motor.

Peak torque of 8 Nm

Thanks to the included Boost Kit 180, the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base can operate with a peak torque of 8 Nm. This provides significantly more powerful feedback, allowing you to feel the subtlest of cues more clearly than ever before.

Compact size, impressive performance

High torque is maintained without the need for active cooling. The extruded and CNC-machined aluminium housing acts as both a structural chassis and a heat sink.

Powerfully tangible

The 100% custom-made engine was developed specifically for sim racing in Germany. It delivers sensational performance thanks to its patented FluxBarrier technology, which transfers the nuances of force feedback details to your hands with remarkable clarity.

Efficiency and responsiveness

Our patented FluxBarrier technology provides incredible force-feedback performance in a compact size. The low rotational mass of the internal components, including a steering shaft reinforced with carbon fibre, ensures optimal response and acceleration.

Advanced settings

Enjoy balanced force feedback with the Standard Tuning Menu without worrying about settings. The Advanced Tuning menu lets you unlock all the filters, allowing you to adjust the force feedback's strength, smoothness and mechanical feel, even while driving.

Get the ultimate racing experience with the Fanatec GT DD Pro. Experience the power, precision and responsiveness of Direct Drive technology and immerse yourself in the world of Gran Turismo like never before. Enhance your racing simulation experience with this state-of-the-art wheelbase and reach new speeds on the virtual track.


The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro is compatible with PC, Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5) and Xbox.

Fanatec DD Pro bundle

Due to the huge popularity of the Fanatec DD Pro, Fanatec has several interesting bundles for this wheelbase: