F1 PRO DIY Files


Pokornyi Engineering's F1 PRO is a realistic F1 steering wheel. Build the steering wheel that contains everything you need to control an F1 car. After purchase, you can download all the files provided for this steering wheel and make it step-by-step (DIY).

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The F1 Pro by Pokornyi Engineering is a realistic replica of a Formula 1 steering wheel. With this DIY kit, you will receive a digital file with which you can make this steering wheel step by step.

F1 Pro Features

- Full carbon fibre/metal structure
- 280mm diameter, 1550g
- 4.3″ 800×480 LCD display (VoCore)
- 25 RGB LEDs (24 programmable, 1 dedicated for dual-clutch system)
- Ergonomic, authentic grips
- Magnetic paddle shifters and extra quick adjust paddles
- Hall-sensor clutch paddle with dual-clutch function (bite-point adjustable)
- 4x side CTS288 rotary encoders
- 5x Front rotaries (12 position switches)
- Mulit-function rotary pair
- 2x Funky switches (optional, can be assembled with buttons instead)
- 70mm PCD Quick-Release compatibility

- Adjustable button backlight (can be turned off)

F1 Pro Content

- Detailed assembly manual
- Full BOM (bill of materials: parts required, eg. screws, connectors, magnets, ...)
- Files for 3D printing (.stl files)
- Files for carbon fibre/aluminum parts manufacturing (.step files)
- Ready to order fabrication files for cutsom PCB
- Firmware for the PCB (.hex binary)
- Decal designs (printable)

- SimHub dash and LED profile


- Fanatec (with Podium HUB or SRM emulator)
- Simucube (with SQR)
- Simagic (with Simagic QR)
- MOZA (with Moza QR)
- Thrustmaster (with 70mm adapter)
- Any other bases with 70mm PCD mounting system