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Yes, it's finally here! The long-awaited rain update has appeared today in the popular sim iRacing. On 5 March 2024, iRacing was enriched with a long-awaited innovation: the introduction of the Tempest Weather System in the update for iRacing Season 2 2024! This innovation marks an exciting chapter for iRacing that fans have been hoping to see for some time. After several weather delays, the Tempest Weather System has finally made its way to iRacing. But, there's more! Read all about this year's new second season in this article.

Rain racing: A New Challenge in iRacing

The concept of racing in the rain has been around for a while within iRacing, but until recently it was just a dream. The update for Season 2 of 2024 brings this dream to life with the full integration of the Tempest Weather System . This system introduces a whole new element to the game where racers have to take into account changing weather conditions. These can drastically change the track surface during a race.

Racing in the rain is a completely different experience from racing on a dry track. Players of iRacing now have to adjust their driving style when the skies turn over during a session. Heavy rain and fog can also affect visibility, making it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead.

2024 iRacing Season 2: New Circuits and Cars

Besides the Tempest weather system, iRacing also welcomes three new tracks and three new cars in the 2024 Season 2 update. These additions, including the Dirt Micro Sprint, SRX and Super Formula Lights, come with iRacing's new Damage Model, which increases realism on the track.

The New Circuits

Three new tracks have also been created for iRacing: the Algarve International Circuit (four configurations), Millbridge Speedway and Misano's Marco Simoncelli World Circuit (five configurations). A new configuration has been added to Kokomo Speedway (Tires Out) to provide an alternative racing line, and Lime Rock Park (School) has also been given a new configuration as part of a new educational experience. These expansions offer iRacing members new challenges and enrich the racing experience.

  1. Algarve International Circuit: This circuit is available in four configurations, including the Grand Prix and Moto layouts.
  2. Millbridge Speedway
  3. Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli: Available in five configurations, including the Grand Prix and Truck layouts.

iRacing Membership

Remember, you can join iRacing by click here. Not a member yet? Try iRacing today!

The New Cars

Following the addition of new cars in previous season updates iRacing is adding some fun cars again this season. Three new cars have been introduced in the iRacing paddock: the Dirt Micro Sprint (two models), SRX and Super Formula Lights.

  1. Dirt Micro Sprint (with and without wings) [FREE!]
  2. SRX (suitable for asphalt and dirt)
  3. Super Formula Lights

Improvements and Adjustments

The update also brings changes to existing tracks. Kokomo Speedway and Lime Rock Park have received new layouts that improve the racing experience. In addition, Dirt Micro Sprint, Circuit de Ledenon, Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Snetterton Circuit, and Winton Motor Raceway have been added to iRacing's base package, making them FREE available to all members.

Split Road Licence

In March 2024, iRacing will undergo a major change regarding its licence structure, specifically the Road or road licence type. This change creates a split into two distinctive licences: Sports Car and Formula. This change is designed to both encourage participation in different forms of racing and provide a more accurate picture of the skill levels of drivers in each segment while putting together races.

From the rollout of the update for Season 2 of 2024 on 5 March, users will notice that in addition to their existing Oval, Dirt Oval and Dirt Road licences, two new licences will be visible: Sports Car and Formula. The existing Road licence type is hereby phased out. With this change, the current iRating, Safety assessment, and MPR (Minimum Participation Requirements) values of racers for the Road licence type duplicated to both Sportscar and Formula licences.

New race results and statistics, as well as awards and the Time Trial Rating (ttRating), will be collected from scratch under the new licence types. This provides a clean slate for drivers to develop and showcase their skills specifically within sports car and formula racing.

Important Updates in Season 2 of 2024

The update includes an impressive list of highlights, including:

  • Dirt Micro Sprint (with and without wings) [FREE!]
  • SRX (suitable for asphalt and dirt)
  • Super Formula Lights
  • New damage model for 19 vehicle models
  • AI-Ready rain races
  • AI racing for Super Formula Lights and on 11 track configurations

The introduction of the Tempest Weather System, along with new tracks and cars, brings a breath of fresh air to iRacing. Racers can now take on the challenge of racing in various weather conditions, taking the game's realism and excitement to a new level. Are you excited about the arrival of rain in iRacing? And what do you think of the new tracks and cars? We can't wait to test out the new content. Have fun racing!

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