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Sim racing has undergone a real revolution in recent years with the introduction of advanced telemetry tools that help players improve their skills and achieve faster lap times. The most famous examples of this are Virtual Racing School, as well as the newer application Track Titan is growing fast and gaining prominence. This tool is not just another addition to your racing arsenal; it is an essential application that takes your racing skills to the next level. Since October, we have been a loyal (affiliate) partner of Track Titan. High time to take a closer look at this application! Let's go!

Track Titan: The Game-Changer in Sim Racing

If you are passionate about sim racing, then you know how important it is to constantly improve your sim racing skills. Good hardware is of course important, but technique is essential. Are you looking for ways to get better and find that extra edge over your competitors? Then you need the right hardware and tools like Track Titan's telemetry app. Track Titan is a relatively new player in the sim racing community. The app is an innovative tool designed specifically to help sim racers of any level improve their performance on the track.

The importance of skills in sim racing

Sim racing is not just a game; it requires real skills such as precision, practice and extreme dedication. It may be a cliché, but every tenth of a second counts. It is precisely by improving your driving skills and technique that you can make the difference between winning and losing. With the right training and tools, you can significantly improve your reaction speed, track understanding and overall driving skills. Track Titan will improve your lap times by at least 5 tenths. The application gives you great insights into where you can and should improve yourself. For example, you can see that you are losing over 3 tenths in Turn 6 compared to the competition. By analysing the data, you will know exactly whether you need to include more rotation in the corner, take a different line or get on the gas earlier.

Track Titan, as far as I am concerned, is at the dawn of a new era in sim racing, with data analysis and insights becoming increasingly important. This groundbreaking tool completely changes the way you train and learn to drive as a sim racer! It provides unparalleled analysis and valuable feedback, allowing you as a driver to take your skills to a new and unprecedented level.

Track Titan: More than just speed

Track Titan is no ordinary sim racing tool. It is an advanced platform that offers all kinds of features to take your driving experience to the next level. Some cool features include:

  • Detailed data analysis: Track Titan analyses your driving data and offers insights into where you can improve.
  • Personal coaching: Based on your driving style and performance, you will receive personalised coaching.
  • Community and competition: Connect with other racers, share tips and take part in online competitions.

Track Titan is not only good at increasing your speed, but it also gives you valuable information in other important areas of sim racing. Think strategy, controlling your vehicle and assessing your opponents. With all these different features, Track Titan really is a must-have tool for any serious racer. And the cool thing is that you can now test this application for free for 30 days because we are an affiliate partner of Track Titan!

Deep insights into sim racing with Track Titan

Track Titan goes far beyond the standard tools. It provides real sim racers with in-depth insights and analysis that are indispensable. These insights can help you to:

  • Optimise your racing lines: Learn the fastest routes on different tracks.
  • Improve your braking technique: Discover how to be more efficient and effective brakes.
  • Refine your overall racing tactics: Understand the strategies that will help you win races.
Track Titan

Support Track Titan

The big advantage of Track Titan is that the software is supported on both PC and consoles (Xbox and Playstation). The following games are currently supported:

Choice of 3 Memberships

Track Titan has three special memberships that are completely tailored to every simracer, regardless of their experience level. Whether you're just starting out, want to improve your skills or want to go professional, there's a package to suit you perfectly. Community membership is a cool way to get started for free and master the basics. For those who want more, the Plus membership offers advanced analysis tools for a small monthly fee. And for serious racers, we have the Premium membership, which offers the most comprehensive training and personal coaching. Choose the membership that suits your ambitions and start your journey to racing success with Track Titan!

Track Titan Community

If you are just starting out in sim racing, the Track Titan Community the ideal place to start. This free entry offers a great starting point to develop your skills. You can:

  • Record up to 50 rounds per month across different games and platforms.
  • Analyse important aspects of your racing, such as your racing line and pedal input.
  • Discover how fast you could be with help from Track Titan.
  • Participate in community challenges and leadership boards.

Track Titan Plus

With Track Titan Plus take your skills to the next level for only $6.99 per month. These tools provide detailed feedback on your driving style and help you continuously improve. Are you ready for more? With Track Titan Plus you get:

  • All community membership features, plus unlimited rounds.
  • Instant insight into which corners you lose the most time.
  • Specific fault analysis at every turn with Track Titan's Focus Zone.
  • Compare your rounds with thousands of top-quality reference rounds.

Track Titan Premium

For the serious racers, there is Track Titan Premium. Become a racing champion for $14.99 per month. This comprehensive package is perfect for anyone serious about sim racing. This package includes:

  • All community features and Plus memberships.
  • A personalised training plan every fortnight, tailored to your goals.
  • Practical advice from certified Track Titan instructors, including pro racers and Porsche instructors.

Try Track Titan 30 Days Free Now!

As a partner of Track Titan, we have a special offer for all our readers. Use the code 'SIMRACINGHUB' and you not only get the standard 14 days, but even 30 days FREE access to Track Titan. In addition, you will also receive 30% discount! That's nice, right! Signing up is super easy and done within seconds. Just click the button below and start right away. That way, you too will become an even better sim racer in no time.

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