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Gomez Sim Industries has lifted the curtain on their latest creation: the GSI Hyper SL. Gomez Sim Industries adds yet another new weapon to their arsenal with the Hyper SL. And what a one! This exciting addition to their range promises to revolutionise the world of sim racing. The Hyper SL is a screenless version of the immensely popular and high-tech GSI Hyper P1. In this article, we tell you everything we currently know about the unveiling of this spectacular Hyper SL.

GSI Hyper SL: Impressive Design and Functionality

Like its big brother, the GSI Hyper SL has an impressive design, outstanding build quality and lots of functionality. At GSI, quality is paramount and this is reflected in every detail. The Hyper SL's features include a 5mm carbon fibre front plate, 12 sturdy RGB LED pushbuttons, five illuminated five-way RGB LED pushbutton rotary encoders, three seven-way multi-switches and the 'CEMS N52' paddle-shift levers. With its sleek and stunningly beautiful design with advanced features, Gomez Sim Industries continues to raise the bar in sim racing technology.

GSI Hyper SL

Features of the GSI Hyper SL

This long-awaited addition to the GSI range omits the 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen and introduces a more accessible option for sim racing enthusiasts. Although the price has not yet been officially announced, it is expected to be competitive against the top models in the market. The price is expected to be around $1300, positioning the Hyper SL between the entry-level model the GSI X-29 and the absolute top model the Hyper P1.

As a manufacturer of high-quality PC-only products, GSI has carefully designed its range to integrate seamlessly with leading systems such as Simucube, Simmagic, Fanatec and other leading brands. However, it is important to note that to use GSI equipment in combination with products from the German manufacturer, a Fanatec Podium Hub required. This ensures a smooth and optimised experience for any sim racing fanatic.

Main features

  • V3 silicone soundproof switches
  • Five customised 6.5 - 7 newton centimetre force turn-encoders
  • Four (4 Ncm) thumb encoders
  • Optional configuration with 6 paddles
  • 88 addressable LEDs with integrated RPM SLI
  • Diameter of 299 mm
  • Twelve LED buttons with a power of 500g
  • Three multifunction switches
  • Silicone handles with no flexibility at the bottom.
  • The list goes on and on!
GSI Hyper SL

Pre-Orders from 10 November 2023

Delivery dates for the GSI Hyper SL may yet to be confirmed, but sim racing enthusiasts have something to look forward to. From 10 November 2023 pre-orders for this impressive steering wheel will be available on the GSI website, and that with an attractive discount of 10%. So don't wait too long, because this chance to be one of the first to get your hands on the Hyper SL is obviously not to be missed. Be quick as this offer is only available for a limited time.

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For more than 15 years, I have been a passionate sim racer. My love for racing, motorsport photography and gaming are boundless. I am also proud of my book 'Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing', in which I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring sim racers worldwide!

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