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Gomes Sim Industries continues to amaze and surprise the sim racing community. Following the recent introduction of the GSI Hyper LS GSI comes again with exciting news about a new product: the GSI Formula Pro Elite V2. Or in other words; the FPE V2. This announcement not only generates interest, but also underlines GSI's ongoing commitment to innovation and high-quality products within the sim racing community. And in doing so, they - once again - set the bar high. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the new Gomez Sim Industries FPE V2.

A New Era Begins with the GSI FPE V2

By 2020, GSI set the tone with the launch of Formula Pro Elite, a product that exceeded all expectations and was driven by the enthusiastic feedback and insights from the sim racing community. With valuable feedback, GSI today introduces a new era with the GSI FPE V2! The Formula Pro Elite V2 carefully refined and perfected, it stands out for its compact 300 mm design and a weight of just 1.42 kg. The customised 6.5 nm rotary controllers redefine tactility, while the programmable LEDs offer endless customisation options.

Quality down to the last detail: GSI's trademark

The FPE V2 is a product that sets the standard. The Formula Pro Elite V2 is built with only the best materials for the high-end serious sim racer. That GSI does not make plastic toys is clear. With a starting price of $1250, the FPE V2 is not just another product; it is a testament to Gomes Sim Industries' ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in which perfection has been executed to perfection.

New and improved

In the world of racing simulation equipment, the FPE V2 marks a significant advance over its predecessor, with improvements that take both versatility and immersion to new heights. This section highlights the key features that set the FPE V2 apart, each carefully designed to enhance the racing experience.

#1 Assignable inputs

The FPE V2 jumps forward with a total of 57 assignable inputs, up from 46 in the original model. This increase offers users unprecedented customisation options, allowing you to arrange your inputs exactly how you want, for optimal control over your racing experience.

#2 RGB LED lighting

With 66 addressable RGB LEDs, the FPE V2 takes lighting to a new level. Customise the look and feel of your wheel in real-time and let telemetry data influence the function of the LEDs, for dynamic and visually stunning interaction.

#3 Rotary Encoders

The integration of 6.5 Ncm rotary encoders, the same as used in the Hyper SL, ensures that the FPE V2 is equipped with our most tactile and responsive dials yet, for precise adjustments during racing.

#4 RGB LED Push-Buttons

Each of the 10 RGB LED pushbuttons is designed for tactile responsiveness, with an activation force of 500g and 2 fully addressable RGB LEDs per button, for both functionality and aesthetics.

#5 Seven-way switches

Two seven-way switches, strategically placed next to your thumbs, facilitate navigation through menus, black boxes and auto settings, making adjusting settings while racing easier and more intuitive than ever before.

#6 Dust-resistant handles

Building on the robust ergonomics of the original, the silicone grips have been made slimmer and now contain a new formula that resists dirt and dust for durability and comfort.

#7 Thumb encoders

Two thumb coders, placed next to the natural resting position of your thumbs, provide quick access and adjustment options for settings, for seamless adjustments without losing focus.

#8 Telemetry LEDs

With 3 + 14 + 3 telemetry LEDs, the FPE V2 adds new dimensions of feedback, with side indicators that can be assigned to multiple functions such as traction control, ABS, flags, and more, for a richer flow of information.

#9 Weight reduction

A 20% weight reduction, to 1.53 Kg with double clutches, makes the Formula Pro Elite lighter than ever. This improvement translates into an increased sense of detail and responsiveness from your wheelbase.

#10 Diameter

With a diameter of 300 mm, the FPE V2 is more versatile across different car classes. It provides the perfect balance for both open-wheel and GT-style race cars, and ensures the wheel fits a wide range of racing simulation environments.

The FPE V2 represents an evolution in racing simulation technology, with every feature carefully designed to provide the user with an immersive and customisable racing experience. This chapter has highlighted the versatile and innovative features that distinguish the FPE V2 as a top choice for racing simulation enthusiasts.


With the introduction of the GSI FPE V2 Gomez Sim Industries reaffirms their position as pioneers in the sim racing world. The Formula Pro Elite V2 not only exceeds expectations, but also sets a new standard for innovation and high quality within this exciting industry. By constantly listening to the community and responding to valuable feedback, GSI continues to set the standard for what is possible in sim racing. With a starting price of $1250, the FPE V2 becomes not only a preferred choice for the serious sim racer, but also a symbol of GSI's continued pursuit of excellence and perfection. And they have succeeded once again! What a beautiful steering wheel. Pre-orders open soon! So keep an eye on this page for the latest news!

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