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In an earlier article, we mentioned that the GSI Hyper P1 was a impressive choice was. Now, several months later, we have finally had a chance to extensively test and reviewen this masterpiece from Gomez Sim Industries. My thanks to GSI for that is huge. Just how good is this flagship GSI game really? And is the hype surrounding this impressive steering wheel true? In this comprehensive - and entirely objective - GSI Hyper P1 Review I take you through all my honest findings and answer whether this weapon from GSI is a true masterpiece as well as why you too should have a Hyper P1 in your simulator. And at the end of the article, we have another exclusive verrassing 😉 BOOOM! Let’s go.

Gomez Sim Industries

Gomez Sim Industries, or GSI, really needs no more introduction. Gomez Sim Industries is a leading simulation hardware company and is known for its innovative approach to high-quality steering wheels for sim racing. In a very short space of time, they have conquered the sim racing community with some very good and popular products, including the Hyper P1, X-29, Hyper SL and, of course, the recently introduced FPE V2.

With a focus on detail, quality and technological advancement, Gomez Sim Industries delivers products like the Hyper P1 that set standards. The company has established itself as a trusted name in the world of simulation racing, with their dedication to performance and user experience evident in every product they produce.

GSI Hyper P1 Unboxing: What's In The Box?

Unboxing the GSI Hyper P1 is a true experience in itself. Upon opening the beautifully designed box, you are greeted with a carefully curated experience. Besides the impressive wheel itself, you will find the robust and sturdy GSI Spec 3 coiled USB2 cable. The Hyper P1 is carefully packaged and presented in a nice box. Scanning the QR code on the box takes you straight to the setup manual on the website. This is super and everything you need! Time to install the Hyper P1.

GSI Hyper P1 Review

Installation of the Hyper P1

Installing the Hyper P1 is easy. Attach the handlebars to a wheel platform with a 70MM Pitch Circle Diameter. In my case, I had to use the GSI AH50 Hub and my Fanatec Podium Hub assemble. This is quite simple and took little effort. Provide at least 50MM space between the handlebar and the platform to avoid conflicts with the coiled USB cable. Note: Use Captive Screws to avoid damage when connecting items. When mounting the hub, place the non-weathered side on the handlebar with the GSI logo facing up and tighten the screws in a star pattern. For a stable USB connection, use the GSI Coiled USB cable, connect it to a powered USB hub and then to your PC.


For the software, download simOS and SimHub. SimOS is a powerful and intuitive software for all your GSI hardware. With SimOS, you optimise the performance and settings of your GSI Hyper P1 wheel. Adjust settings, update firmware and get the most out of your simulation hardware with SimOS from GSI. The software is intuitive and looks nice and does what you expect of it, but I won't use it much - as far as I can judge right now - because most of it is customisable in SimHub. Tip: be sure to check out the extensive video of Dan Suzuki about the possibilities with this software.

In SimHub, you can easily and quickly add your Hyper P1 device. To do this, go to 'devices', click on add and select Gomez Sim Industries and choose the recommended 'Simple Profile' or the 'Advanced Profile' for more control. You can change profiles at any time by deleting the device and adding it again. In SimHub, you can add the dashboard for your LCD screen and many cool presets and gradient LED profiles, among other things. But more on that later!

The price of the GSI Hyper P1

We needn't beat around the bush, but with a starting price well above the $ €1,650 / €1,550 (excluding VAT and shipping) is, the GSI Hyper P1 far from a cheap investment. I am aware that this price point is not immediately attainable for many. However, behind this hefty price is a conscious choice for durability and unmatched quality.

The GSI Hyper P1 is in a exclusive price range, but this investment translates directly to the handlebar's durability and performance. By opting for high-quality materials and advanced technologies, the Hyper P1 guarantees not only long-lasting durability but also a superior riding experience. The price tag therefore reflects not only the cost of the product, but also the value it adds to the user experience, with a focus on reliability and exceptional performance.

GSI Hyper P1 Review

Features Hyper P1

Weighing 1.86 kg for the 6-paddle variant (1. 68 kg for the 4 paddles), the GSI Hyper P1 is not exactly light and only high-quality durable materials are used. Manufactured with 6061 Aluminium Components, the Hyper P1 exudes class and offers durability. Direct-Injected Silicone Handles provide comfort and grip, while the 5mm Carbon Fibre Faceplate adds luxury and strength. With an ideal diameter of 300 mm, the Hyper P1 offers a perfect balance between handling and comfort. The easy installation, thanks to its 70 mm thread pattern, makes the handlebar compatible with various mounting options, such as the Fanatec Podium Hub.

Customisable Dashboard and Hi-Res Touchscreen

The Hi-Res 4.3″ LCD touchscreen offers a crystal-clear interface for intuitive access to crucial information. The design of the dashboard combined with the somewhat smaller LCD screen means that information can sometimes be a bit difficult to take in during racing. For those less enthusiastic about GSI's included dashboard, customisation is possible in SimHub. Personally, I prefer the more intuitive and tighter dashboard of Lovely Dashboard.

Advanced Controls and Visual Indicators

With no fewer than three Seven-Way Multi-Switches, the P1 offers unprecedented control options. The visual spectacle is enhanced by 3 forward, 14 sideways and 3 backwards RGB LED Rev Lights, making essential information clear at a glance. Equipped with advanced "CEMS N52" V2 Switches, the Hyper P1 guarantees reliability and precise response. Five illuminated RGB LED Pushbutton Rotary-Encoders offer customisable control, while the optional 6-paddle configuration of the "HSE" Dual Clutches allows for additional personalisation.

A visual LED spectacle

The visual spectacle of the GSI Hyper P1 is enhanced by the presence of various LED lights that add an aesthetic delight to the driving experience. With different LED profiles, such as Gradient Profiles (Ascent, Horizon, Prime, TKX, Luxe, Suzuki, Scarlet) and Base Profiles (Ascent, Horizon, Prime, TKX, Luxe, Suzuki, Scarlet), you have the freedom to customise the lighting to suit your preference and mood. Whether you choose the subtle transitions of Gradient Profiles or the sleek look of Base Profiles, the LED lighting on the Hyper P1 offers an unprecedented visual spectacle.

The standard defined LED animations, for example when starting and turning on your race car, are a real spectacle and beautifully programmed. Even track flags and indicators are displayed. The GSI Hyper P1 not only sets the standard in terms of functionality, but also offers a visual feast that adapts to your personal style. In any case, the possibilities are unprecedented!

Responsive Operation and Sustainability

Twelve Momentary RGB LED Pushbuttons with an activation force of 500g provide responsive and finely tuned control. The "Spec 3" Wrapped Cable guarantees durability and optimal signal transmission, even under heavy use. The GSI Hyper P1 is not just another wheel; it is a advanced instrument designed for the real enthusiasts, with an uncompromising focus on performance, comfort and adaptability.

Unprecedented Adaptability

With an impressive total of 72 Mappable Inputs the Hyper P1 offers an unprecedented degree of customisability, giving users the freedom to assign each function to their own preference. The 88 Addressable RGB LEDs add a colourful and customisable element to the Hyper P1's aesthetics. In terms of input options, there is certainly no shortage. Frankly, the GSI Hyper P1 even offers a plethora of mappable inputs, leaving me to sincerely consider the most optimal allocation for all of them. Incidentally, this by no means constitutes a disadvantage, but rather a luxury problem.

Design and build quality

The design of the GSI Hyper P1 is undoubtedly impressive. Every aspect exudes luxury, from the high-quality materials to the expertly designed details. The GSI Hyper P1 is not just another steering wheel for simulation racing; it is a work of art in itself. Each component has been carefully chosen to ensure not only durability, but also to convey a sense of exclusivity. The combination of metals and carbon creates a tactile and visual sensation of premium quality. It is clear that great attention was paid to aesthetics and durability when designing the GSI Hyper P1.

Fully customisable Experience and Finishing

The Hyper P1 offers a fully customisable experience. As standard, you can choose from several configurations, including colour options such as Ascent, Blackout, Prime, TKX, Luxe, Suzuki, Scarlet, and Custom. The latter allows you to configure your Hyper P1 just the way you want it. This way, you can make your own GSI Hyper P1 completely unique. I think this is a very cool addition and feature.

In addition, you can customise the wheel with 4 or 6 shifters at the back, made of carbon or aluminium. So you can tailor the wheel to your unique preferences and driving style, and add a personal touch to your sim racing experience with the Hyper P1. The flippers have a nice, robust and tough design. They are very pleasant in size, making them perfectly accessible with your fingers. Again, you notice that Gomez Sim Industries did not compromise on materials and quality. The flippers produce a nice and - but certainly not too loud - full sound with every shift, which I personally like.

The refined finish of every detail is testament to the craftsmanship that has gone into the GSI Hyper P1. Even the smallest elements, such as buttons and connectors, are seamlessly integrated into the overall design and perfectly positioned. It is this attention to detail that sets the GSI Hyper P1 apart from the crowd and makes it a statement of style. Even the inside of the GSI Hyper P1 looks impressive and is fascinating to look at how refined and with an eye for the tail the finishing here is.

An Unrivalled and Sublime Driving Experience

The Hyper P1's slim profile and refined finish elevate this device to the level of a visual masterpiece, a true feast for the eyes. In addition, thanks to its slightly thicker moulded grips, the Hyper P1 provides an exceptionally comfortable grip. This results in an unparalleled experience while racing, where you feel in full control of the car and at one with the road. My advice though is to sim racing gloves to use for maximum grip. I have already experienced on a few occasions that in severe force feedback and without gloves, the grips did not provide enough grip so I lost control.

With its excellent grip and comfortable feel in the hands, the Hyper P1 allows you to adopt a more relaxed and controlled driving style. This light-handed technique, known from the Motor Racing Checklist, contributes to improved car handling. The Hyper P1 allows you to keep your hands on the wheel in a relaxed and controlled manner with all buttons and encoders within easy reach. This results in a smoother and more effective driving experience.

Hyper P1 User experience

I have owned and extensively tested the GSI Hyper P1 for several weeks now. After testing several handlebars, I can confidently say that the Hyper P1 offers a unique experience and can conclude nothing but that my experience with the Hyper P1 is nothing short of astonishing. With the Hyper P1, Gomez Sim Industries has set a new standard in quality, durability and comfort. The P1 exudes class in every detail, with no concessions made in any area.

What really stands out is the ergonomics of the steering wheel. It is a steering wheel where I really feel at one with the car. The feeling of grip and the precise position in my hands are of a sublime quality. From the moment I put my hands around the thicker grips, I felt a direct connection with the virtual car on the screen. My hands feel like a natural extension of the car's steering wheel and wheels. The wheel fits fantastically in the hand, making long racing sessions a real pleasure.

The plethora of buttons, decoders and funky switches is impressive, but also a little overwhelming at first. The design and compact housing probably won't allow it, but despite the huge range of mappable inputs, I still feel like I'm missing a pair of otto P9 push buttons on the back of the wheel. I personally find this a miss, as this position is ideal for signalling with the lights, for example.

gsi hyper p1

Fortunately, the included LED profiles offer a fun way to give the wheel a personal touch and I enjoy giving my P1 new looks all the time. All 72 mappable inputs are perfectly positioned and within easy reach, allowing me to fully concentrate on racing without having to search for extra accessories like button boxes. For fans of Formula or endurance cars, such as Hypercars or LMP2, the Hyper P1 is an absolute must-have.

Yes, it's a hefty investment, but the durability and unrivalled driving experience make it worth it. With the Hyper P1 in your hands, you no longer need any extra accessories or even other steering wheels - this is simply the ultimate choice for serious sim racers.

GSI Hyper P1 Ascent

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The pros and cons

It's time to take stock of the Hyper P1. The GSI Hyper P1 offers an impressive range of benefits for the discerning sim racer. With its luxurious and tough design, excellent build quality and customisable features, this wheel stands out as an excellent choice. However, its price of over $ €1,650 / €1,550 puts it in a category that may not be feasible for some. Nevertheless, the Hyper P1's durability, quality and performance justify this investment for those striving for an unrivalled simulation experience.


  • Luxurious and Bold Design
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Comfortable Grips
  • Adaptability
  • High-quality materials (Durable)


  • The High Price
  • Not For Casual Users

GSI Hyper P1 Review: Last Word

The GSI Hyper P1 has exceeded expectations, proving itself to be an unrivalled steering wheel in the world of sim racing. With its tough and robust design, the Hyper P1 is a real eye-catcher and the central focal point of your simulator. The P1 stands head and shoulders above the competition and GSI has created a true masterpiece with this weapon. I can therefore conclude nothing but that the hype around GSI and the P1 is real.

GSI Hyper P1 Review

"The Hype(r) is real! The P1 is without doubt one of - if not - the best steering wheels"

Chapeau, Gomez Sim Industries: The Hyper P1 is without doubt one of, if not, the best steering wheels at the moment. The P1 excels on every level. An innovative masterpiece with an eye for detail, quality and comfort. You have to see it, feel it and experience it to believe it. Every time I step into my simulator this Hyper P1 puts an incredible smile on my face and I think like Sebastian Vettel (right?) "P1, Baby. P1!" Because yes, the thrill is real.

The P1 excels on all fronts and there is therefore quite little to discount, apart from the price. But should you have the budget, the GSI Hyper P1 is undoubtedly worth every penny. It is a lifetime investment, because with this steering wheel you are assured of quality, comfort and adaptability which translates into many years of playing pleasure.

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    • Comfortable Grips
    • Outstanding Performance
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