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Today we dive deep into a new and innovative sim racing accessory that shows great promise: the Getail Design G1 Hub. Imagine sitting in your sim racing cockpit, with your hands firmly on the wheel. Everything feels just right, every detail is right and you are completely immersed in the virtual racing world of your favourite racing game. That's exactly what the G1 Hub offers you. But what makes this sim racing hub extension adaper so special and unique? And why should you add it to your setup? In this review, you will discover the unique features, pros and cons of the Getail Design G1 Hub and find out why this hub contributes to a perfect FOV.

Are you curious about the G1 Hub? Then read on quickly! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this product. Among other things, we explain why this hub is a gamechanger and why you need it in your setup! And at the end of the article there is another exclusive surprise!

getail design g1 hub

Getail Design

Getail Design no doubt needs an introduction, as Getail Design is still a relatively unknown name in the sim racing world. Getail Design is a small-scale company founded in 2023 in Italy by Gianpaolo Filippo Cristini.

The company aims to redefine the high-end sim racing world. They do this by pushing its boundaries with unique products and a mix of design and attention to detail. This combination leads to unique and functional products with unprecedented features that support sim racers in their path to success. The name Getail Design is an amalgamation of the core values the company stands for: detail and design, with the D in detail replaced by a G to give the name a unique touch.

For example, some time ago Gianpaolo Filippo of Getail Design approached me asking if I would like to see their new Getail Design G1 Hub wanted to test and reviewen. This, of course, I am happy to do! Having once started small myself, I know how important and valuable any help is. So I like to support and help smaller companies that have new and surprising innovations that make the sim racing community even better and more versatile.

A small disclaimer: this review is - like all other reviews - originated from my own objective experience. Getail Design had no say in my experience and findings.

Packaging & design

It's time to unwrap the Getail Design G1 Hub! What immediately stands out about the G1 Hub is the beautifully simplistic and green designed packaging with a retro look. Gorgeous! I love it. You can tell from everything that Gianpaolo has an eye for detail and is a true perfectionist. What I love is the personal attention that Getail Design has given to this. For example, every order is manually checked and signed with a biro by Gianpaolo, so you know that your G1 Hub has been packed with utmost care, love and passion. I can really appreciate this kind of personal attention in smaller entrepreneurs and I like this detail.

What's in the box?

The hub comes with M5 screws and lock nuts and can be used with different handlebars and direct drive wheelbases. The design ensures a better fit and easy installation with offset screw brackets. In summary, you will find in the box:

  • Getail Design G1 Hub (70mm or 123mm in raw aluminium or black)
  • 3x M5 lock nuts
  • 3x M5x12mm screws
  • 3x M5x20mm screws
getail design g1 hub

What Is The Getail Design G1 Hub?

The Getail Design G1 Hub is not just another accessory. It is an essential addition that comes in handy in any sim racing cockpit. This revolutionary Sim Racing Hub Extension Adapter, as Getail Design calls it, is for using a direct drive wheelbase and extends the axle by 70mm or 123mm without sacrificing wheelbase performance.

Price Of The G1 Hub

What does the Getail Design G1 Hub cost? The 70mm G1 Hub will cost you €90 and for the 123mm you will pay a whopping €160. By the way, this includes VAT and excludes shipping costs. In all honesty, I think it's a hefty sum, especially for the 123mm veriant. As an affiliate partner of Getail Design, we are allowed an exclusive 5% discount offer on your order! That's nice, right?

Available In Two Colours

As mentioned, the Getail G1 Hub is available in two sizes: the 70mm and 123mm. With both variants, you can choose from a tough raw aluminium finish or fully black anodised. The choice in this is of course personal and, in my opinion, depends on what you want to use it for.

Kies je ervoor om de G1 Hub als extension hub te gebruiken dan is in mijn optiek de zwarte variant het mooist. Kies je er echter voor om de G1 te gebruiken als extension tussen je wheelbase en je monitor, waardoor de wheelbase achter je je monitor wordt geplaatst, dan volstaat een rauwe aluminium afwerking aangezien je deze toch niet ziet. Anyway, kies wat je mooi vind 🙂

Lightweight design

The G1 Hub is made of premium 6061 aluminium, making it both robust and lightweight. The G1 Hub's design is unique because of its 'single-pillar' design, which ensures a sturdy and lightweight construction. And light it is. The 70mm G1 weighs just 116g and the 123mm 165g. The lightweight construction ensures optimum performance and durability.

Performance and sustainability

The G1 Hub has been designed with ruggedness and durability in mind. Thanks to numerous CAD simulations, the design is not only robust but also optimised for best performance. Compatibility with both 70mm and Simucube PCD means you don't need additional adapters, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

Simple Montage

The simplistic design of the G1 Hub allows you to mount it easily and quickly. The helix design means you can easily reach anything with a screwdriver at any time. And that's a relief! In my experience, with most extension hubs, it is incredibly complicated to attach them because usually the shift flippers on the back of the handlebars are in the web. So with the Getail Design G1 Hub, that frustration is a thing of the past. Do you have a Simucube Wheelbase? Then be sure to check out the montage manual.

Perfect FOV

It is no surprise that the field of view (FOV) is crucial in sim racing. An optimally set FOV ensures that the display on the screen matches as closely as possible what the driver would see in the real world. This contributes to a more realistic and immersive racing experience, where you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual racing world.

The G1 Hub is precisely designed to achieve the perfect FOV. A properly set FOV ensures that what you see on the screen accurately matches the real world. The G1 Hub's single pillar allows you to mount your monitor as low as you like, ensuring a perfect and immersive racing experience.

perfect sim racing fov

User experience

You can use the G1 Hub for two applications. On the one hand, as an extension between your wheelbase and race handlebars. This is similar to other adapters. The big advantage of the G1 Hub as an extension is that it is one of, if not the lightest adapter on the market without having to compromise on the performance of the force feedback of your direct drive wheelbase. This is how I have been using and extensively testing the G1 Hub for some time now.

On the other hand, you can use the Getail Design G1 Hub as an extension hub, so you place the wheelbase behind your monitor and place the monitor in the centre of the G1 Hub. In this, the G1 Hub is unique where you have the great advantage of simulating the perfect FOV.

It is a pity that what the G1 Hub really excels at, as an adapter to place your wheelbase behind your monitor, is not yet an option for me personally. This is because I often use an external DDU mounted on my Simucube wheelbase and also have various sim racing accessories mounted on the horizonetal mount of my Sim Lab P1X. So I need this space. No doubt there will be a way to still move my DDU forward and mount it in front of the screen, but I haven't found a suitable solution for this (yet). As soon as I have found one, I will of course update this article.

For now, I can only use the G1 Hub as an extension of the axis of my wheelbase. And for that, I find this application less attractive because the extended axle between the wheelbase and my handlebars now does not look like one unit, but rather has an interruption. So for me, the G1 Hub adapter can only be used as an extension adapter. Would I buy it just for that application? Probably and in all honesty, no. I personally find it just a bit too expensive for that and there are cheaper and nicer options.

Nevertheless, I can definitely see the added value of this product and it has many advantages why this product is a good choice. For now, I'll have to figure out how to (re)set up my current setup properly. Unfortunately, I don't yet have access to a test simulator, which would make testing a lot easier. For now, I have to make too many concessions and rebuild half my setup, but this is definitely something I will fine-tune in the coming months. I will therefore keep updating this article and my experience in it.

The pros and cons

The advantages of the G1 Hub are numerous. Its lightweight design (116g or 165g) ensures optimal performance without adding extra load to your setup. Available in two sizes (70mm and 123mm), the hub offers flexibility and adapts to your specific needs. The stylish finishes, in sleek black anodised or raw, add aesthetic value to your racing setup. Moreover, the seamless integration with 70mm and Simucube PCD ensures an easy and perfect connection without the need for additional adapters. The innovative design, with the offset double helix system, makes the montage simple and fast.

Still, there are some drawbacks. The relatively high price makes the G1 Hub an investment, which can make it less accessible to budget-conscious sim racers. In addition, compatibility depends on your setup; not all wheelbases support this hub, meaning some sim racers may not be able to take advantage of these benefits.


  • Lightweight design
  • Available in two sizes
  • Stylish Finishes
  • Seamless Integration
  • Innovative design


  • The Price
  • Compatibility Depending on Your Setup

Exclusive Discount G1 Hub

Being a recent (affilite) partner of Getail Design, we are allowed to offer an exclusive discount to our readers. With the coupon 'SIMRHUBNL5' get 5% discount on your order. So don't delay and buy your G1 hub today and guarantee yourself the many benefits the Getail Design G1 Hub has to offer, including a perfect FOV for a more immersive racing experience.

  • 5% OFF
    getail design g1 hub

    Getail Design G1 Hub: Now With Exclusive Discount!

    • Lightweight design
    • Available in two sizes
    • Stylish Finishes
    • Seamless Integration
    • Innovative design


Whereas I was initially a bit skeptical about this accessory, the Getail Design G1 Hub has positively surprised me on several levels. It is undoubtedly an impressive and innovative product. With its premium construction made of 6061 aluminium and innovative offset double helix design, the G1 Hub offers both durability and ease of use. The single-pillar design ensures a perfect field of view (FOV) by allowing you to position the monitor as low as possible. This makes your racing experience more realistic and immersive.

In short, if you are willing to invest in quality, innovation for a perfect FOV ánd want to invest in a new and smaller passionate entrepreneur then the Getail Design G1 Hub is without a doubt a valuable upgrade to your setup.

Top Pick
getail design g1 hub black

Getail Design G1 Hub

For The Ultimate FOV

The Getail Design G1 Hub is a high-end sim racing hub extension adapter for a direct drive wheelbase. The G1 Hub is made of premium 6061 aluminium and it extends your axle by 70mm or 123mm without performance loss. The single-pillar design provides a perfect field of view and the lightweight construction ensures optimal performance.

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