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Finally! Fanatec recently released the highly anticipated QR2 (Quick Release) adapter in several versions to improve the compatibility and flexibility of their product line. In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about the new Fanatec QR2! Let's go ?

What is the Fanatec QR2?

The Fanatec QR2 (Quick Release 2), is an advanced and innovative quick release system designed specifically for racing wheels. It is the successor to the popular Fanatec QR1. The Fanatec QR2 adapter is an essential accessory for sim racers using Fanatec steering wheels and bases. This adapter allows you to swap steering wheels quickly and safely without having to dismantle the whole wheel.

Fanatec is known for its commitment to realism and precision, and the QR2 is no exception. With the introduction of the QR2 adapter, Fanatec aims to make life easier for sim racers, allowing them to quickly change steering wheels depending on the race car or simulation game they are playing.

Fanatec QR2 Features

The QR2 Pro Wheel-Side is the first quick coupler designed for both real and virtual motorsport applications. It features fully CNC-machined solid aluminium parts, designed to meet the demands of the real motorsport world. Ready for motorsport. The QR2 Pro Wheel-Side is designed to meet FIA standards for use in real motorsport. It was originally used for the 2022 BMW M4 GT3 race car and has since been further improved for sim racing and future motorsport applications.

Perfect fit

The taper is milled from a single aluminium block, using 5-axis CNC technology. Precise manufacturing tolerances result in a robust connection between your handlebars and wheelbase. The self-aligning mechanism ensures that electrical contacts are always protected.

Hot-swap technique

Upgrade compatible Fanatec handlebars with an interchangeable quick release to QR2. Spring-loaded locking pins combined with an ultra-low-wear PTFE coating ensure quick and safe handlebar changes. Quickly switch between different handlebar designs without having to restart the simulation or your wheelbase.

Precision engineering

Every part of the QR2 has been designed with precision. The result is an ultra-smooth and highly responsive connection between the handlebars and the base, giving you unrivalled control.

Materials and Performance

Fanatec is known for its high-quality sim racing products, and the QR2 adapter is no exception. It is a valuable addition to Fanatec's range, allowing sim racers to enhance their experience and fully immerse themselves in the world of simulation racing.

Only the Fanatec QR2 Lite seems to be made of plastic, both other versions look like metal parts. This should allow simracers to unlock high torque mode from the likes of the Fanatec DD1/DD2. The plastic version of the older adapter did fit higher torque bases, but could not unlock their full power.

Fanatec QR2

Different versions of the Fanatec QR2

The QR2 adapter is available in different versions to meet the diverse needs of simracers. This variety of options ensures that simracers can choose the right adapter that best suits their setup. Like the QR1, the new adapter comes in different versions. The Pro version seems to be aimed at the Podium range of wheels and wheelbases, while the QR2 and QR2 Lite examples have likely been introduced to pair with the CSL DD- and Fanatec DD Pro bases. The non-Pro and Lite models are also available in an M-version and a USB C-type version.

Upgrade options

Fanatec's QR2 adapter allows sim racers to change steering wheels quickly and easily, without wasting valuable time disassembling and reassembling parts. To use the QR2 system, both the wheel and wheelbase must be equipped with QR2 components: 'Wheel-Side' components for handlebars and 'Base-Side' components for wheelbases.

Fanatec QR2 Pro Wheel-Side

The Fanatec QR2 Pro Wheel-Side is a motorsport-ready QR that meets FIA requirements. It is a fully CNC-machined part made from a single block of aviation-grade solid aluminium, designed for use in real race cars and sim racing. All Fanatec steering wheels with an interchangeable quick disconnect can be upgraded to QR2 Pro Wheel-Side.

Fanatec QR2 Wheel-Side

The Fanatec QR2 Wheel-Side Is all-aluminium QR for Fanatec handlebars. Injection-moulded aluminium with CNC machining and black anodised finish. All Fanatec handlebars with an interchangeable quick disconnect can be upgraded to QR2 Wheel-Side.

Fanatec QR2 Lite Wheel-Side

The Fanatec QR2 Lite Wheel-Side Is designed for CSL handlebars. Made of carbon fibre-reinforced composite, designed to replace the QR1 Lite Wheel-Side. See below for the full list of compatible handlebars.

Why should I upgrade to the Fanatec QR2?

The Fanatec QR2 is a major upgrade to the Fanatec ecosystem, improving on the QR1 in terms of strength, stability, ease of use and precision fit. The use of retention bolts and locknuts that were present in our QR1 solutions has been eliminated.

Thanks to the new design and precise manufacturing processes, you should also experience a reduction in mechanical noise while driving, as well as an improvement in the details of the force feedback. Steering wheels with QR2 can be attached to a Fanatec Wheel Base without touching the spring-loaded cuff, making it faster and easier to start racing. The new design also makes the electronic connection for data and power more secure. The Pro version is CNC-machined from a single block of solid aluminium. This motorsport-ready clutch meets FIA requirements and brings real racing and sim racing closer together.

The QR1 disappears from the Fanatec ecosystem

The current quick release (QR1) used across the entire range of Fanatec handlebars and wheelbases, with a round shaft and spring-loaded metal balls, will be phased out. All relevant Fanatec products, in all Series (e.g. CSL, ClubSport, Podium), will transition to the QR2 system. The transition period will last 1-2 years. Future handlebars and wheelbases will come with QR2 as standard, with the option to select a suitable QR1 accessory (available during the transition period).

Fanatec QR2 prices

Ahead of the launch of the long-awaited Quick Release 2, Fanatec has reduced the bundles in price. So be quick! If you want to know more about the Fanatec QR2 adapter and the different versions available, check out the official website from Fanatec for more information.

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