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We recently received a very cool product to test and reviewen: the EPLAB Race Display Pro S (or RDP-S). Italian EPLAB, one of our proud partners, has sent us a new and greatly improved version of their popular Race Display Pro lap timer.

It is a replica that builds on the popular Racelogic laptimers. At Sim Racing Hub, we have the scoop to test this new version extensively and share the findings with you. Curious about the final verdict on whether this is the best Racelogic replica out there? Then read on quickly!

Unboxing: what's in the box?

The Race Display Pro S comes in a sturdy and compact box marked with EPLAB's logo. On opening the box, the passion of this relatively small Italian manufacturer immediately shines through. There is an eye for detail! For instance, everything is neatly packed and the bottom has a soft material to prevent damage. Fantastic! In the box, you will find everything you need to get started right away.

Standard box includes:

  • 1x Race Display Pro S with 4″ vocore display and alcantara finish
  • 1x USB GX12 5A cable
  • 1x Standard montagebracket
  • 1x Fastening bolts (two M8*16 screws and two t-slots)
  • 1x EPLab sticker

Race Display Pro S

The EPLab Race Display Pro S is a Vocore (touch) display that displays telemetry data. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the product consists of a 3D printed housing with a laser-cut plastic front panel. The display is available in black, red and blue. You buy it directly from EPLab from €219 euros.

With the included GX-12 USB cable, you easily connect it to your PC's USB port. You don't need an external power adapter for this. What's important to know is that the race display is PC compatible and only recognised on USB 2.0 and 3.0. On USB 3.1 and 3.2 ports, the display will not be recognised.

What's new about the RDP S?

The Race Display Pro S is a vastly improved version over its predecessor. The 2023 version comes with a number of new and super cool options and functionalities. We briefly cover the main upgrades to this new model.

Difference Race Display Pro & Race Display Pro S 2023

1. Larger screen

The first major modification to the new Race Display Pro S is the larger Vocore display. The main screen is a whopping 10 mm higher than its predecessor. The Vocore display has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels as well as a touchscreen. The second advantage is that the screen features a split screen. This gives an extra screen 85 mm wide and 0.8 mm high.

EPLAB Sim Racing Race Display Pro S

2. Split screen

The split screen, for example, provides a much clearer display of delta lap times, among other things. This is definitely a plus as far as we are concerned! By separating this delta information from the main screen, you are less easily distracted and have more space for other information. This benefits the user interface, making the information on the main screen much clearer, tighter and cleaner.

3. New and improved software

Not only has the look of the Race Display Pro been updated, but the software has also received a major upgrade. It looks very uncluttered, beautiful and stable. At the time of writing, the current software is still a beta version and certainly needs to be polished and optimised in some UX areas.

The dashboard runs on the (free) software of SimHub. This is a requirement. Note that if you use the free version then your frame rate speed is limited. Therefore, a premium licence from SimHub is recommended. You can choose how much you want to pay for a premium licence.

The new dashboard contains no less than eight pages with a large and diverse range of information to choose from. Some examples are:

  • Best Session Delta
  • Best All Time Delta
  • Current Session
  • Tyre (temperature) information
  • ABS and Brake Bias Value
  • Hole to the driver in front and behind you
  • Fuel and lap times information
  • Speed and pit lane information
  • Track Live Map
  • En nog veel meer 🙂

Construction quality

The updated Race Display, unlike its predecessor, is fitted and finished with black alcantara as standard. You used to pay extra for this. A smart choice. This makes for a very stylish finish and premium look. We are very pleased with this!

You can tell from everything that EPLab is a perfectionist and a hugely passionate motorsport enthusiast. The build quality can be called impressive and is characterised by the fantastically beautiful finish. The print quality of the housing is very good and the stylish Italian flag on the back completes the product. Everything has been thought of!

So are there areas of concern that we are critical of? Yes, absolutely. Fortunately, these are minimal, negligible and seem easily resolved to me. Honestly naming and addressing them is important to me. The finish of the front panel is less than attractive. If you look at the Race Display Pro S up close, you will notice blue print or laser streaks in the panel. These are minuscule and from a distance you fortunately hardly see it, but it is still a detail that looks less attractive.

Another small detail is the weight of the casing. The plastic casing makes the display feel light. And I personally find that a shame. The lightweight casing negates the premium and alcantara-trimmed look. A shame! A slightly heavier housing would definitely improve the quality and experience of a racing display in this price segment.

Race Display Pro S


The RDP-S comes with the standard montage bracket. This can be simply and easily mounted to your sim rig. In most cases, this bracket will be sufficient. However, this does limit(er) how you mount the display to your sim rig. This is something we have experienced ourselves. So think carefully beforehand about where you want to place this display! The acrylic montage bracket does not feel very strong, which results in movement and flexibility.

During checkout, you can opt for an additional mounting bracket. The additional cost of this is €19. This bracket allows you to rotate 180 degrees and thus offers more montage flexibility. As far as we are concerned, this is definitely recommended. In doubt about where to mount the Race Display Pro S? Then you better opt for the additional mounting bracket.

Final verdict EPLAB Race Display Pro S

After several days of intensive testing of the RDP S, we are very excited! It is a relatively small and simple accessory, but it has enormous power and added value for immersion and experience. It does what it needs to do and quickly provides you with the right information you need. Without too many unnecessary features and functions. I really like the touch display, although in practice I am less likely to use it because I prefer buttons on the handlebars. Mounting it properly and correctly was a bit of a challenge. The standard montage bracket unfortunately just doesn't live up to expectations. As far as we are concerned, it would be better if the rotatable additional montage bracket was included in the package as standard. Although I understand this choice from an up-sell point of view.

The Race Display Pro S is fantastic

The EPLAB Race Display Pro S is a fantastic device and an insane addition to your sim rig. The build quality is sublime and the small downsides do not outweigh the big advantages of this updated version. The larger screen is a hugely valuable improvement. In fact, I couldn't live without or with a smaller screen. The software and interface feel very nice and clear and provide you with exactly the information you need.

High-grade quality and finish

At €219 (excluding additional montage bracket), the Race Display Pro S is on the pricey side. The products are all handmade from high-quality materials. The workmanship is very good! In my opinion, this does justify the price segment. Quality has its price, and in this case it is well worth it. It is without doubt one of - if not the best - Racelogic replica at the moment!

A valuable addition for your simulator

Is it a must-have? No, it isn't. It is a great product and a valuable addition to your simulator. It adds just a bit more realism and experience, which is something we sim racers are constantly looking for. Once you get used to this product, you can't live without it!

Ordering Race Display Pro S

We hope that after reading this article, you will be as excited as we are! Italian EPLAB's products are pleasing to the eye and one of the best in terms of quality. In any case, we are extremely excited! Would you like to order the Race Display Pro S? Then order it directly from EPLAB's webshop. As a partner, we may 5% discount give on EPLAB's products. To do so, use the code 'SRH2022' at checkout.

Stay tuned!

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