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Rumours are becoming increasingly persistent that PC hardware maker Corsair will take on the distressed German Fanatec acquires. This makes Corsair a major player in the sim racing niche in one fell swoop. That Corsair recently - out of nowhere - launched its own Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit announced then may come as a surprise to many. Partly because Fanatec also recently released a new sim racing cockpit announced. With this, the company is competing with the likes of Trak Racer, Sim Lab and other players in this market and clearly wants a piece of this pie.

And that in itself makes sense, with the company about to acquire one of the largest manufacturers of sim racing hardware. What Corsair's new sim racing rig is called is not clear at the time of writing, but in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the new Corsair Sim Rig.

Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit

As mentioned, Corsair is entering the sim racing market for the first time and they are doing so with the Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit. The new cockpit will be compatible with various (Fanatec, among others) accessories, aiming to create a completely new eco-system.

According to Corsair's announcement, the rig will support both a GT-style and Formula-style seating position. Wheelbases with up to 27Nm of torque and a brake pedal set with a braking force of up to 150kg will be supported. This makes the new Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit suitable for high-end sim racing equipment. Corsair's new cockpit is available in black and white.

Integrated monitor mount

Unlike many other sim racing cockpits, the (as yet unnamed) Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit comes with an integrated single monitor mount that can carry monitors from 27" to 49" ultrawide monitors. For this, the basic configuration features a 100mm VESA mount. You can upgrade this basic configuration to a freestanding monitor mount that supports monitors up to 65″. In addition, a freestanding triple monitor mount is planned which supports three monitors from 27″ to as much as 55″, where you can also attach a fourth overhead monitor.

Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit Triple Monitor

Flexible configurations

The Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit is offered with several options to perfect your sim racing setup completely to your liking. Thus, the basic configuration is an excellent starting point for your sim racing career and journey. Do you already have sim racing hardware from other manufacturers? You can easily mount these to this new cockpit to suit your needs.

Solid construction

The Corsair cockpit is made of 50 mm thick steel tubing. This ensures solid construction and stability you can rely on. The cockpit is designed for people from 1.5m to 2.0m and few tools are needed to adjust the riding position to your liking.

Optional Accessories

Corsair is going to offer several optional accessories that you can mount on the Corsair cockpit. These include a sturdy tray to place your gaming PC or console, as well as a sturdy construction for your direct drive wheelbase and for your gear lever. Finally, Corsair indicates that it is also possible to mount a reverse pedal system for a truly authentic racing experience. Of course, Elgato products such as Stream Decks, lights or cameras can also be mounted.

Price Of The Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit and More!

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the price of the new Corsair Sim Racing Cockpit yet. As soon as this is announced by Corsair, we will update this article with the latest information. So keep a close eye on! Because Corsair promises that they will show a lot more in the coming months. So that bodes well. What do you think. Will the new Corsair Cockpit be a serious competitor to the established names Sim Lab or Trak Racer?

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