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The world of sim racing continues to develop rapidly and more and more manufacturers are entering this market. A ls passionate sim racing enthusiasts, we are always looking for the latest and best equipment to take our virtual racing experience to the next level. Recently, we were approached by Conspit, an emerging player in the market of sim racing hardware, with their latest creation: the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals.

These pedals promise to combine innovation and performance to give us the most realistic riding experience. I am therefore very proud and honoured that Conspit came to me on air asking if I wanted to test and reviewen the new Conspit CPP Lite Pedals for them. Well, of course I would! In this review I share - completely objectively - all my experiences of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals and we will discover whether they can really live up to the high expectations.


Conspit is a relatively new player in the sim racing market and has quickly attracted attention with a range of intriguing products. The company was founded in 2020 and has its roots in Shanghai, China. A professional simulation racing manufacturer, Conspit is made up of a team of passionate sim racing enthusiasts with extensive experience in actual racing and product development. It is a young and dynamic company bursting with ambition and proud of their motto: "The Choice of Professional Drivers."

They have quickly established themselves as an emerging player in the world of simulation racing and are particularly well known in China and Asia. Conspit aims to provide consumers with the most realistic racing experience. Conspit's products are designed to deliver a realistic and immersive racing experience to avid gamers and sim racing enthusiasts. With their emphasis on quality and innovation, Conspit has attracted the attention of racing enthusiasts worldwide. In a competitive landscape, they stand out with their distinctive brand identity, characterised by striking purple colours. With their striking looks, they claim a clear and prominent position.

Conspit is now mainly trying to gain a foothold in Europe and other parts of the world. They are therefore also looking for distributors to help them with this. The products are currently hard to come by in Europe. Conspit offers various products for sim racers including pedals, steering wheels, cockpits, halo screen and more including their absolute eye-catcher the Formula Cockpit FC-Pro.

conspit formula cockpit fc-pro

Packaging and Content: A Breathtaking Experience

The packaging and contents of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals are truly breathtaking. The attention to detail is evident and it is a true delight to the eye. Rarely have I had such an impressive experience when unpacking a (sim racing) product. In this, Conspit is clearly setting new standards in packaging design, resulting in an extremely enjoyable experience.

Simulator racing is all about the experience. Many manufacturers neglect the packaging, while this first impression is essential and instantly creates a perception. Conspit understands this and has perfected the art of pampering their customers to perfection. This underlines their commitment to delivering a complete and immersive sim racing experience from the very first moment of unpacking.

In the package you will find:

  • Pedal set (accelerator pedal, brake pedal and clutch pedal)
  • Baseplate
  • Sketch Show Board
  • Conspit Stickers
  • Instruction manual
  • Power and USB cable
  • Mon1TP3Screws and fasteners (Allen keys, 6x M8x12mm and 4x M8x16mm)
  • A warranty and quality control card

Prices and Compatibility of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals offer choices for both novice and experienced sim racers. The pedals can only be used on a PC. You can choose between a two-piece pedal set or a three-piece pedal set, available in a striking purple or stylish silver finish. The two-piece set is priced at a retail recommended retail price of ? 479 Euros excluding VAT, while the three-piece set is available for ? 569 Euro. Also exclusive of tax.

These competitive and competitive prices make the CPP Lite Pedals an excellent option for sim racers of different levels, whether you are just starting out or an experienced pro. With their versatility and affordability, these pedals are an attractive choice for anyone looking for enhanced performance in simulation racing.

Conspit CPP Lite Pedals Design and Materials

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals offer an impressive combination of materials and construction that provide a high-quality sim racing experience. A notable feature is the high rigidity integrated CNC fixed bracket, which ensures stable vibration feedback during racing. Every component of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals has been subjected to strict design requirements, simulations and testing to meet the demands of drivers striving for perfection and stability on the (virtual) track.

Durability and Stylish Design

The design of the pedals is eye-catching thanks to the black aluminium with purple colour accents. The pedal plates look playful and dynamic, making these pedals instantly eye-catching with their different and slightly thin design with flattened corners.

The pedals are made with the utmost care, using high-quality materials. They are manufactured from a special T6 aluminium alloy that is heat-treated for extra strength and precision. Moreover, the surface of the pedals is treated in a special way. First, they are carefully sandblasted and then undergo an anodisation process. This results in a beautiful texture and ensures that the pedals not only look good, but are also exceptionally durable and offer great grip.

Accelerator pedal with Hall-Sensor

The accelerator pedal in the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals uses an advanced technology with a hidden non-contact Hall sensor. This sensor is an electronic device that detects the position of the pedal without making physical contact. In the case of the accelerator pedal, this means there is no friction or weartage between moving parts, increasing the durability of the pedal.

One of the main advantages of a Hall sensor is the highly accurate measurement of the accelerator pedal. This results in an improvement in accelerator pedal accuracy by as much as 300%. What do you notice about this yourself I hear you thinking. Firstly, you benefit from a more responsive accelerator pedal that reacts more directly and accurately to your input. This allows you to optimise throttle precision and make more subtle adjustments, which is of course crucial in the world of sim racing. In a nutshell, the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals' hidden non-contact Hall sensor contributes to a more realistic and precise driving experience, allowing you to control your virtual race car with the highest precision.

The Hydraulic Brake Pedal

The Conspit CPP Lite pedal set features an advanced hydraulic braking system that offers significant advantages over load cell pedals. Unlike load cell pedals, where resistance is measured based on the force applied to the pedal, a hydraulic braking system creates resistance by using hydraulic fluid. This pedal set was my first experience with a hydraulic brake system and my experience has been astonishing. WHAT unprecedented precision and control. But more on that later!

New and Innovative Design

Conspit's newly designed hydraulic brake pedal is a true feat of technological innovation. The hydraulic brake system of the Conspit CPP pedals features an innovative and new design for the internal oil passage. The optimised piston structure combined with the hydraulic chamber coating means you don't have to worry about hydraulic brake fluid leaks. Moreover, the redesign of the internal hydraulic chamber provides an improved feel of hydraulic damping during pedal use. In addition, the improved compression medium minimises the weartage of the entire system, ensuring durability and performance. Conspit's hydraulic brake pedal is an outstanding example of advanced engineering in the world of simulation racing.

Realistic Resistance and Feeling

The hydraulic brake system in the CPP pedal set offers realistic resistance and feel, similar to a real brake pedal in a car, allowing you to dose the braking force very precisely. This is crucial for sim racers where precision and realism are key to a successful racing experience. The immersion and realism offered by this system make it an excellent choice for serious sim racers, who appreciate the precise control and realistic feedback of a hydraulic system, thereby improving their performance in competitive races.

The clutch pedal

The clutch pedal of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals, like the other pedals, is made with high-quality materials and has a beautiful finish. With its striking purple details and eye-catching design, this pedal is a real eye-catcher. What makes this clutch pedal extra special is the way it responds. The force you apply and the distance you press have a special relationship, giving you a realistic and pleasant feeling when pressing the pedal.

Moreover, the clutch pedal - like the accelerator pedal - has an advanced Hall sensor that makes no physical contact. This provides an accuracy of no less than 300% when using the pedal. This gives you a very precise and fast response while racing, which is of course invaluable. The CPP Lite Pedals' clutch pedal significantly enhances the racing experience and offers impressive performance.

Pedal Rumble Kit with Multi Dynamic Vibration Feedback

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals come with the Multi-Dynamic Vibration Feedback system (abbreviated M-DVF or popularly called sim racing pedal rumbles), which supports custom triggers. Using the included software, you have full control over when and how you want to receive feedback in the form of vibrations. This gives you the freedom to customise the feedback to your preferences and makes your simulation racing even more immersive and exciting. For example, you can make the brake pedal vibrate when the wheel is locked. These pedal rumbles add an exciting dimension to your racing experience.

Innovative Haptic Feedback

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals bring the impressive multi-dynamic vibration feedback system to sim racing, a remarkably innovative addition previously available mainly in the form of DIY solutions. With this, Conspit clearly sets itself up against the highly respected and popular Simagic P1000 Pedals, known for its modular Haptic Pedals Reactor. Although I have not yet had a chance to test the P1000, the question remains open whether the CPP Lite Pedals will perform as well, or even better. This competition between leading brands promises a lot and makes the world of simulation racing even more exciting. If you are looking for pedals with integrated and innovative haptic feedback, the CPP Lite and P1000 are the pedals that will take your racing experience to the next level.

Montage and Adaptability

The montage of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals is exceptionally simple. Each pedal is attached using just two screws. These screws can be effortlessly inserted into the integrated holes of the base plate. Multiple holes are available for mounting, allowing you to position the pedals according to your needs and preferences. Mounting the pedals is a piece of cake.

Each pedal comes with two cables: one for the pedal vibration electronics (vibration) and the other is for connecting the pedals to the integrated controller attached to the bottom of the base plate. After all the pedals are attached, it's time to put the whole thing on a Sim Lab P1X assemble. This process is also extremely simple. The pedal set is attached with four screws, ensuring a sturdy and stable installation. The entire montage process is smooth and hassle-free.

Perfect Adaptability For Your Comfort

The CPP Lite pedals are very easy to adapt to different types of cars. You can easily remove the pin from the lock and place it in the spot that best suits the type of car you are racing. This ensures that you have a comfortable and efficient driving experience, no matter what type of car you choose. This customisability allows you to tailor the pedals to your specific needs and driving style. And this is essential for an optimal sim racing experience. You have the following options:

  • 800N for Formula racing
  • 690N for GT racing
  • 560N for competitive race cars
  • 430N for civilian cars.
Conspit CPP Lite Pedals

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals are specially designed with customisability in mind. They allow you to adjust the pedals to your personal preferences. For example, you can easily adjust the angle and height of the pedal plates to your personal preference. With just two screws, you can mount the pedals at no less than 4 different heights.

The purple knob allows you to easily adjust each pedal, allowing you to customise the movement (travel) and engagement point of the accelerator and clutch pedals. Also for the hydraulic brake pedal, you can easily adjust the oil pressure using the purple ring screw. This makes for a very personal and comfortable racing experience.

The Conspit Link software, available on the website of Conspit, offers a range of rich software features for simulated racing. Before you start, it is important to install the right drivers and firmware and calibrate the pedals for an optimal racing experience.

Developed in conjunction with Inspeed Racing for tuning, the software includes useful features such as the ability to monitor track performance, perform a 0-100 acceleration test and real-time display of throttle and brake curve telemetry. The Conspit Link software also offers handy widgets, including reaction time during race starts. Conspit is fully developing the software and promises to add more useful and new functionalities in the future.

An upcoming feature is the ability to set custom pedal mapping curves based on different car models and personal preferences. Although the software feels intuitive, it is still under development. You have a choice between Chinese and English language. Once you are familiar with the software, you will be able to handle it well.

In the tab Accessory Settings you can choose different vibration settings for each pedal/channel. So you can choose from TC, ABS, CarSlip, TyreLock, ClutchSemiLinkage or no vibration.

User experience

After several weeks of intensive use of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals, I cannot help but be impressed with this pedal set. They are remarkably sturdy and solid, offering a sense of confidence while racing. It took me some time to get used to this type of pedals, especially the hydraulic brake pedal. But what a surprising experience! After just a few laps, you already gain a lot of confidence to accurately control and shift your braking point. The feel of the braking is downright sublime and feels very realistic and precise. With this, Conspit has created a very impressive and updated hydraulic brake pedal.

The point at which the clutch engages is also realistic and feels nice. The resistance is fully adjustable to personal preferences. For both the clutch and the accelerator, I like adjusting the resistance, as I personally prefer a bit more resistance when depressing or releasing the pedal. The only drawback I have found is that the springs in both the clutch and accelerator pedals look a bit cheap and flimsy and can sometimes produce a slight creaking and scraping noise. While this is not a problem while wearing headphones while gaming, a better finish on the springs would be desirable so that the pedals are noiseless.

In any case, the pedals offer plenty of customisation options. For instance, you can easily adjust the height, the angle of the pedal pads and the distance between the pedals. This is ideal for adjusting to individual preferences and ensures an excellent racing experience.

However, the pedals are not perfect. One drawback I have personally experienced is the pedals' slim design. After several weeks of intensive use, I can unfortunately conclude nothing but that the design is anything but comfortable. This has led to pain and irritation in my foot, especially at the accelerator pedal. My fat toe falls exactly over the flattened and thinner edge, causing the accelerator pedal to cut into my foot. This is very uncomfortable and prevents me from racing for long sessions. It seems these pedals are less suitable for people with longer or wider feet. This problem occurred with socks on, so I did not test this with sim racing shoes on. My preference is clearly for pedals with a flatter and wider design, and this would definitely be something in which Conspit could optimise the CPP Lite Pedals in my opinion either by offering optional wider pedal pads.


  • Renewed hydraulic brake pedal
  • Advanced Hall-Sensor pedals
  • Extensive Adaptability
  • Multi-Dynamic Vibration Feedback
  • Sharp Price-Quality


  • Ergonomics and Slim Pedal Design
  • Limited Availability

Final assessment of the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals

In summary, the Conspit CPP Lite Pedals offer an unprecedented level of precision and realism, especially thanks to the redesigned hydraulic brake system and advanced Hall-sensor throttle. Their customisability and innovative features, such as the pedal rumble kit with multi-dynamic vibration feedback, take the racing experience to the next level with even more depth and experience. Despite some design flaws, these pedals offer great potential for serious sim racers who crave the perfect balance between performance and realism.

The CPP Lite Pedals fall into a very interesting price range making these pedals very interesting for both novice and more seasoned sim racers looking for a realistic pedal set with hydraulic braking system. If Conspit manages to improve the ergonomics of these pedals, they would undoubtedly be a top choice in the world of simulation racing. In any case, we are very impressed with this still young manufacturer of sim racing hardware and are very curious to see what else Conspit can offer in the future. Because one thing is for sure; Conspit definitely makes a statement with these new pedals and is definitely a name to be reckoned with!

Our verdict

Conspit CPP Lite Pedals

Top Choice
Conspit cpp lite pedals

Conspit CPP Lite Pedals

An Excellent Choice

The Conspit CPP Lite Pedals are an excellent choice for serious sim racers. With their high-quality construction, innovative hydraulic braking system and customisability, they offer an impressive racing experience. The hydraulic brake pedal provides precise control, while the advanced pedal design gives realistic feedback.

Wilco Verhaegh

For more than 15 years, I have been a passionate sim racer. My love for racing, motorsport photography and gaming are boundless. I am also proud of my book 'Mastering The Art Of Sim Racing', in which I share my knowledge and insights with aspiring sim racers worldwide!

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