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ButtKicker Gamer PLUS And PRO: Sim Racing On A New Level

ButtKicker has released no less than three new products, including two new bass shakers and a new (HaptiConnect) control software. ButtKicker's two new devices, the new Gamer PLUS and Gamer PRO, cost €329 and €379 euros respectively.


Buttkicker gamer
The new ButtKicker Gamer Series

In this article, we cover the products and differences and why you need these new ButtKickers for your sim rig! We couldn't agree more. A ButtKicker (or bass shaker) takes sim racing to an unprecedented level and is an absolute game-changer and highly recommended as far as we are concerned.


Some background

ButtKicker's products are used worldwide by leading and professional sim racers taking sim racing to an unprecedented level. ButtKicker is an established name and market leader in haptic feedback.

The ButtKicker is an ideal product to turn your chair into a real racing car and ensures that your racing chair comes to life. This is done by means of low-frequency sound that is converted into bass. Mount this bass shaker simulator under your seat and you will feel the power of the engine, shifting and even collisions!



ButtKicker Gamer PLUS

The new Gamer PLUS has a 90W amplifier and comes with a universal montagek clip on the speaker. You can easily attach this to your sim rig. By means of the mon1TP3Holes, you can easily mount the ButtKicker. The Gamer PLUS is especially suitable for game chairs and smaller sim rig setups. The Gamer PLUS features an aluminium housing with a frequency response of 5 - 200Hz.

What else is new is that amp has a digital volume display that automatically saves your last settings. The transducer has a revised clamp and a new stark design. Installation of the Buttkicker Setup is child's play!


Buttkicker Game Plus


ButtKicker Gamer PRO

The ButtKicker Gamer PRO has an amplifier of 150W compared to the Gamer PLUS's 90W amplifier. The speaker is ideally suited to the more advanced sim rigs. Think of the sim-rigs from Sim Lab or Trak Racer with Fanatec hardware. In terms of weight, the PRO has a bit more to add and has double the weight of the PLUS.

More moving mass lowers the resonant frequency, which equals more bass. This is necessary to reduce the somewhat more heavy and advanced sim rigs provide sufficient haptic feedback and bass. A good thing for more powerful and realistic haptic feedback!


ButtKicker Gamer PRO


HaptiConnect software


HaptiConnect is ButtKicker's new haptic software package with three price levels. These are:


  • Base - free
  • Standard - this version costs $29.99
  • Ultimate - this version for $59.99

The Base subscription is included as standard with all Gamer PLUS and PRO purchases. HaptiConnect uses in-game telemetry to translate suspension and track surface data directly to your sim-rig. The software features plug-ins to add your favourite racing games. Currently, it Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally and iRacing supported. More games will be added in the future.



ButtKicker Review

Whether you choose the ButtKicker Game PLUS or the PRO, each amplifier brings completely revised and updated electronics with a digital display and wireless remote control. The Gamer PLUS and PRO run on the new HaptiConnect platform. The Gamer PLUS and PRO are an absolute improvement over the previous product the Gamer 2.

Conclusion: we are raving about the new ButtKicker Gamer PLUS and PRO and as far as we are concerned it is an absolute must-have. Check out the review below and be convinced!

Buy ButtKicker?

The Gamer PLUS and PRO are not currently available in the Netherlands. On ButtKicker's official website, you can buy a pre-order places for delivery from May 2022. For now, please be patient!

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